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New 2018 Granny Storm Crow's List

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It doesn't matter if you are a medical patient, a student wanting to
do an extraordinary paper, a recreational user, a medical
professional, or just someone who loves learning about our favorite
herb - this List is something you need.

My List is more of a library than a list- this edition is over 5,100
pages of links to just about everything related to cannabis, the
cannabinoids, and the endocannabinoid system. Because of its size, I
have divided it into sections of roughly 1000 pages.

When you download a link to a section and open it, you will need to
click the "bookmark" icon on the left side to get the handy navigation
index. (It looks like a ribbon) The index makes finding what you need
MUCH easier!

You don't need a Ph.D. to use my List. This first section is just news
articles and covers most of the subjects in the sections below. It's a
good place to start your (or Aunt Sally's) education about this
wonderful herb. There's a little dictionary at the end to help you
with the new words you may encounter. There is a LOT more to cannabis
than just "getting high" (although that is fun!: GettingStoned: ).

Next section is the most recent studies. A lot of these are abstracts-
short summaries of the study that are (usually) understandable, but
there are quite a few full studies, too. Because new studies are
coming out so fast, this section contains only the studies from 2015 -

This is a new section, 2010- 2014, split off from the "most recent
studies" section. Don't ignore these because they are "older"- there's
a lot of good info in them!

Then there are the pre-2010 studies and articles. These have much of
the basic research on cannabis, along with some of the early
jaw-dropping "reefer
madness" articles.

This section is really two smaller sections stuck together- the
"Endocannabinoids" (cannabinoids that your body makes) and the
"Phytocannabinoids" (the plant cannabinoids).

The last section is on the synthetic cannabinoids. I include them only
because researchers are forced to use the synthetic cannabinoids
because of our prohibitionist laws. They are often made in countries
where quality control is "optional", so unlike the synthetics that the
scientists are using, the actual chemical composition can vary.  These
black market synthetics are NOT as safe as the natural cannabinoids
and have caused several deaths.

I hope you will find my List to be interesting and worth sharing with
your friends.

Love ya all,


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Geez I Don't Mean To Be Rude... But I Had Thought Granny Passed ? Or Is This That Original List Of The 2016-2017 ?

Either EK Gave To Me Or I Gave To Him/I Tend To Think It Originated Here. Who Knows With My SUPER Bad Memory Lol !

Either Way EK---> GREAT 2018 Update !!!  At The Last Site We Used It A Bunch.

Super Handy And Hey Everyone Check Out Granny's Updated List Of 2018/Nice Job EK. It's Invaluable..

Thank You Brother Again Very Much. This Is One Of The Best Posts We Have Aside From All Of The Ones Sister Purple Brings In...

May Much Peace, Joy And True Happiness Always Be With Us And Pass It On... I'm Sincerely Grateful For Each And Everyday.

{Reminder-To Bump This Post Up A Bit More} Take Great Care... Will

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