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Review of 24K CBD Plus CBD Isolate and Muscle Pain Salve

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I recently had the opportunity to test out a couple of products from https://24kcbdplus.com/. I was sent their Pure CBD crystals and their muscle pain salve, so I called a friend up that had been having some back problems to come over and play guineapig for me.
We started with dabbing some of the pure crystals. They produced a very smooth and cool hit that tasted like the smell of cherry chapstick. My guineapig noted an immediate relaxing of his back around the problem spot.
After dabs I had him try the muscle pain salve on the affected area. I have sensitivities to menthol/camphor so I abstained.
We continued our conversation for a few minutes and then my friend noticed happily that his back had relaxed. Moments later the vertebrae slipped back into place and his pain was completely gone. He attributed this to the relaxing properties of the CBD and the pain salve. While this was a best-case scenario, and not to be expected typically, I'd say that we both are convinced of the beneficial properties of both of the CBD products.
24KCBDPlus now also have the capability to take credit cards.
My only real criticism of the product was that the product labels, (not the company logo) were home printed, probably in an attempt to keep the prices lower, but would look more professional if they were ordered. I wouldn't let the home printed labels deter you, their products are high quality and with 24KCBDPlus' frequent discounts are competitively priced.




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I've Had The CBD Crystals And I Had About A Gram... After Just Tasting A Tiny Bit I Gave It Back To My Friend In Eugene-Never Knowing You Could Dab It.


Thanks Very Much For This Site Info-I'll Check It Out And Hopefully Find The Crystals There-Any More News As To Others You've Tried This Combo On ?


So Cool Your Friend Found Immediate Relief. Going Right Now To---> https://24kcbdplus.com/ 



Just Went Wooowy ! What A Selection---> 3,000 mg CBD Oil-To-5,000 mg Vape Oil mgs Man ! Thanks Again. Peace, BW

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