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True Terpenes "Super Lemon Haze" giveaway (Completed)


The contest concluded December 31st, 2017 at midnight.

The winner is BerRag Greymane, with #702


Message added by OMMP PAY IT FORWARD

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Here it is, the contest you have all been waiting for. I am giving away .5 ml of True Terpene's (https://buy-terpenes.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/TrueTerpenes/) "Super Lemon Haze".
Pick a random # between 1-1000, CLOSEST NUMBER (over or under) wins. Post your guesses in the comments of this post. Numbers are first come first serve so check to be sure your number hasn't already been chosen. If there is a tie we will have a tiebreaker challenge.
There are 4 possible chances as I will make this same post in 4 different places; 
First is on my personal page: (https://www.facebook.com/freemygreen.pdx/)
Second, on OMMP Oregon Medical Marijuana P.I.F. 
Third , on Ommp Pay It Forwad
And lastly on the actual OMMP PIF page

I will ship the winner the sample, and a micro dropper, and I'll cover the shipping.

Contest begins now and ends December 31st at midnight. 
And GO!







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I'm guessing between 50 and 80 people have made guesses. One of you has won. 


Just for kicks, (Beings I don't know the number,) I'm going to try and imagine what a Jedi Master would choose.






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