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Purple Power

Meth-Laced Soda Makes A Comeback Just In Time For The Holidays

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Meth-Laced Soda Makes A Comeback Just In Time For The Holidays

Mike Adams


It is certainly not uncommon for the average caffeine addicted American to grab a cold soda at some point throughout the course of the day to put a little pep in their step. For some, it’s a midday ritual that keeps them from unleashing savagery on their co-workers between the hours of 2-and-5 p.m. But most of these hardcore cola consumers have likely never once considered the possibility that the beverages they have come to rely on to get over the hump of the daily grind may contain a powerful mystery stimulant that could potentially turn even the most passive office putz into a wild freaking animal.


There have been a number of reports trickling in over here at High Times for the past few months suggesting that methamphetamine is being discovered in popular soft drinks. Although this bizarre occurrence seems to be taking place predominately in Mexico, meth-laced soda could be on the verge of infiltrating this twisted little nation of ours, contributing to a new, more appropriate credo, “the Land of the Speed Fiends.”......






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