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Dispensary Dictionary: Cannabis Definitions For Rookies

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Dispensary Dictionary: Cannabis Definitions For Rookies


Whether you employ cannabis medically or recreationally, there are particular phrases it’s important to know. The extra educated you’re on these phrases and definitions will assist ensure you’re getting a reasonably priced, fulfilling expertise – and it is good to stroll in a dispensary armed with data, so there’s no miscommunication between you and the budtender. Some of this might sound a little bit remedial to these with expertise, however consider it or not, lots of people truly ask us about these things.

This can work as considerably of a dictionary for transplants and new marijuana customers alike. Knowing what’s in your cannabis is vital, identical to figuring out what’s in your meals. It additionally arms you with information to cross alongside to different individuals who might need questions, as a result of the extra you realize…

For on a regular basis customers to curious first-timers, know these definitions to start your ascension as an knowledgeable cannabis shopper:

Pot, weed, bud, grass – no matter you wish to name it, all of them discuss with the precise flower of the cannabis plant. Flowers are essentially the most valued and consumed a part of the plant as they include the best quantities of cannabinoids.

A naming conference used to determine sure styles of the cannabis plant, usually combining the lineage of the dad or mum within the identify. All strains have totally different smells, tastes, constructions and results.

A cannabis species that’s recognized for producing an uplifting, energetic excessive. The plant is mostly tall and lanky. (There have been research that recommend sativa and indica plant designations solely apply to plant top and bud construction, however not results and taste – nonetheless, dispensaries nonetheless use the indica and sativa labels, so it is all we have to run with proper now.)

A cannabis species recognized for it’s enjoyable, mellow excessive. The plant is normally quick and busy.


A cannabis plant that has each sativa and indica plant genes......






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