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Purple Power

‘Raining Needles’: Opioid Crisis Creates Major Syringe Threat

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‘Raining Needles’: Opioid Crisis Creates Major Syringe Threat

Adam Drury


The list of consequences stemming from the country’s rapidly worsening opioid crisis continues to grow. Opioid addiction and abuse is spilling out of the shadows of America’s most destitute communities, creating some pretty gnarly threats to public health and safety. From small manufacturing towns in New England to coastal California, communities hit by the opioid crisis are finding they have a new and serious threat on their hands.

“It’s Raining Needles:” How The Opioid Crisis Is Creating A Major Syringe Threat

The United States heavily criminalizes illegal opioid use. Yet addiction to opioids and the use of opioids is rapidly on the rise.....





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