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What Happens When You Eat Animals Who Eat Drugs

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What Happens When You Eat Animals Who Eat Drugs


By Chris Roberts  August 18, 2017


Earlier this summer, Sanderson Farms, the nation’s third-largest poultry producer and the supplier of more than 10.6 million chickens to supermarkets throughout the South every week, was accused of false advertising. Sanderson is up-front and even “proud” about its industry-leading use of antibiotics, but the company’s “100 percent natural” chicken, consumer advocates claim, also contains pesticides, hormones, steroids, other pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs, including ketamine.


Sanderson is fighting for the right to call its chickens natural. But what happens when you eat an animal who enjoys regular access to prescription drugs—better access than the people who eat it, in some cases? (Most Sanders Farms factories are located in states that rejected the Medicaid expansion.).....










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