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Dr Kate Welch and Skunkpharmers at PSU ~

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I'll Be Back For More. Thank You EK Very Much. I Keep Finding Several Posts I've Missed Of Yours And Purples.

You Both Are Hard To Even Think Of Catching Up To With All These Great Posts. Lol ! Gonna Lay Down Now,

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Watching Right Now... Pausing @ 4:17... It's Almost 4:20.  Ahhh Nice. O.K. Back To This Nice Video.

10 More Minutes...  That Was Most Excellent. Everyone Presented Super Well. This Video Should Be 

At The Top Of Everyone's List. Especially If You Think You Know Everything About Cannabis And Extraction Methods.


Thanks Very Much-Too Bad This Video Can't Be Mandatory Lol !  Hat's Off To Everyone Who Starred In It And Who Made It.

Loved It. Will... :lightning:

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