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replacement for butane and propane extraction processes

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Quoted from web site:

"It was designed with one purpose in mind: superior extraction, superior safety and superior end product quality. MZ-12X pulls both terpenes and CBDs from the whole cannabis flower while maintaining incredible product taste, smell, clarity and high THC values.

Our di-methyl ether solvent is organic, non-toxic, contains no heavy metals, leaves no residue and is only as flammable as cooking sherry. Making it the safest solvent on the market for oil extraction.

Our product is far superior at extracting terpenes, a chemical with known medicinal benefits. While other methods of extraction are achieving mediocre results by only focusing on THC extraction, MZ-12X is whole plant extraction. There is no loss of other valuable properties of the plant, such as THC, CBD, terpenes and polyphenols."





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We tried it and it doesn't do any better than BHO, is still flammable, and costs more. 


It is hell on gaskets and seals, so finding a recovery pump is problematic.


It also requires predistillation, as it contains a foul smelling mystery oil.

A Posse ad Esse. From Possibility to realization.


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