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Purple Power

New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

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A few days ago, Nut Nibbler noticed some birds at the feeder


2 3 2017 Nibbler watching birds.jpg



She was meowing and jumping at them for a bit. One bird watched her.




2 3 2017 Nibbler jumping up.jpg




Today, I got some new chicks. One of each: Red sex Link, Rhode Island Red, and a Plymouth Rock.



2 9 0017 the chicks.jpg


2 9 17 chicks on hand 2.jpg



Next week, I'll be getting some more


2 9 17 naptime chicks.jpg


2 9 17 chicks waking up .jpg



These cute little fluffy balls are about the size of an egg. Enjoy how cute they are, they'll go through a ugly duckling phase.


2 9 2017 chicks 1st picture.jpg



It didn't take long for Nut Nibbler to hear the chicks chirping and come out


2 9 2017 chicks and Nibbler.jpg


2 9 2017 Nibbler having thoughts.jpg


I'm sure she's plotting, she watched them for 2 1/2 hours straight until she went for a nap



2 9 2017 Nibbler watching chicks.jpg







Her eyes kinda look glazed over,.... or is that the frustration building up?




2 9 2017 Nibbler.jpg







Moose came out and looked where all the chirping was coming from then went back to bed. A few years ago, he ran scared (fluffed and run low to the ground) from a baby chick roughly the same size as these. I still don't know if I should feel bad for him,.... really a 20lb cat running for a chick the size of an egg,.... or just laugh at him.






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They've been eating, drinking, figuring out their pecking order, and napping,.... lots of napping


The Plymouth Rock is just stretched out napping


2 9 2017 Chicks naptime.JPG




2 9 17 waking up chicks.jpg



I've already taught them when they see my hand that means food, so they come and see what food I brought, normally chick food.


2 9 17 chicks on hand 3.jpg


Look at the wing of the red chick on my hand, you can can see the feathers starting to grow


2 9 17 chicks on hand.jpg


One of them already stole a moth from Nibbler. Nibbler injured the moths wing, it was able to get away from my cat. but as bad luck would have it, the moth landed in the chicks bin and lasted maybe 1 second.



2 9 2017 Nibblers view.jpg




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The Rhode Island red is starting to get tail feathers. The other 2 and getting the wing feathers.



When they are in the perfect spot the cast a shadow that Nibbler can see,. Poor Nibbler has either hit the tub with her paws/claws or nose. The chicks don't seem to notice.  She gets so excited watching them. it could be worse, the 1st year Nibbler saw chicks in this tub, she ran full speed into the tub (Nibbler was under 6 months old at the time). Moose is unfazed by them. Other then the first day they got here, he smelled the tub and looked at the chicks for maybe 30 seconds. other then that he's ignored them. 


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I love birds. If it were me i would have a spray bottle on hand and anytime my cat went near the chicks, I'd spray em with the sprayer. Then after a few times of that, a few sounds with my mouth "pssst" would make my cat think water was coming next. :D That's just me though. I know your cats are fine with adult chickens. I just worry about "Nibbler's" predator instincts,


Am I over reacting? My cat would kill a small bird.  :D


How are the babies?



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True, Nut Nibbler's predator instincts are still strong. She just watches them, or their shadows. She doesn't try to paw that them through the wire. The chicken wire isn't to keep her out, its for keeping the chicks in. They will jump on the food/water bottles, and be able to jump/fly out once they are big enough.



2 9 2017 Nibblers view.jpg







The chicks are fine. They are taking a nap right now. They don't seem to notice or care about the cats.



2 12 2017 napping chicks.jpg







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I got 2 more chicks today, Welsummer and a Wyandotte. They are about the size of an egg and about the sized the other 3 were when I got them. I knew they were growing, but wow didn't think or relies how much they grew in a week.


2 15 2017 the chicks.jpg


2 16 2017 Walsummer.jpg


2 16 2017 Wyandotte.jpg


I cleaned their water once everyone was settled.


2 16 2017 new chicks 1st pic.jpg


2 16 2017 new chicks .jpg


2 16 2017 chicks.jpg



Natually Nut Nibbler had to come out since the chicks were noisier then normal. She stared at their shadows for a few minutes then took her frustrations out on a scratching post ( luckily my cats have 2 and a cat tree) and has been running through the house (being a thorn in Moose's side)


2 16 2017 Nut Nibbler.jpg


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This is really cool watching them grow up!  I remember going to the feed store when I was a kid (have no idea why..we just had domesticated pets)

Got a chick for Easter once, and this neighborhood boy killed it...so cruel...bet he turned out to be a piece of work...so young and mean.


Thanks for sharing their progress!

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Today, the chicks where given a few maple bugs. They chased each other around for a bit. Since they're babies, I call this pee-wee football. The 2 smallest I remove while the other 3 chased and rammed each other...... never mind there where enough bugs for all



2 19 2017 all chicks.jpg


2 19 2017 RIR and wyandotte.jpg


2 19 2017 wyandotte and PBR.jpg


They finally got up on their own


2 19 2017 GSL and PBR.jpg


2 19 2017 PBR on feeder.jpg



















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It's amazing how fast they change.  This may be a dumb question, but can chickens fly?



At this age, kinda yes. Right now some (the 3 oldest) can make it about 16 inches off the ground with little control (not enough tail feathers yet). My chicks will run around flapping the wings and hop here and there. Sometimes they go up, sometimes not. hinds why there is wire on top of tub.


When they are fluff balls they can't, but they start getting the wing feathers to fly. The girls sometimes have their wing feathers starting by the time they hatch. Girls have a fast feather growing gene whereas the boys don't. Their tail feathers are next to come in then back, and body feathers. In the past I've had chicks fly about 15-20 feet away from me. Anywhere from a few feet above the ground to touching the ceiling.


Once they start gaining some weight they be to heavy to fly like most breeds. light breeds like Leghorns  (7 1/5lbs when grown) can fly,.... least high enough to get over the fence and I had to trim the wing feathers for that breed. most glide from a high spot like from their coop when the side is opened up. my Buff Orpingtons (Sweet and Sour) don't go far since they are mature and roughly 7lbs- 8 1/2 each. I will have to trim all of their wings for at least a year. The Welsummer is 1/2 Leghorn, so I may be trimming her wings for life.


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I might of found out why Nibbler watches the chicks a bit more intensely licking her lips more this year.


2 21 2017 Moose.jpg



Moose has been stealing her dinner, so she has a new spot for dinner time


2 20 2017 Nibbler eating.jpg


She seems more satisfied the last couple nights


2 21 2017 Nut Nibbler.jpg


I put up a T-5 light for some herbs

2 21 2017 herbs.jpg


update on the chicks


they've been eating


2 20 2017 chicks eating.jpg


2 20 2017 3 chicks eating.jpg


and napping


2 21 2017 naptime.jpg


2 20 2017 wyandotte and Welsummer.jpg


The Rhode Island was walking all over me while trying to take pictures


2 21 2017 RIR 1.jpg


2 21 2017 RIR 4.jpg


2 21 2017 RIR 2.jpg


and she pecked my camera lens


2 21 2017 RIR 3.jpg


The Plymouth Barred Rock


2 21 2017 PBR.jpg


2 21 2017 PBR 3.jpg


The red sexlink


2 21 2017 GSL 1.jpg


2 21 2017 GSL 2.jpg


2 21 2017 GSL.jpg


the wyandotte

2 21 2017 wyandotte 2.jpg


2 21 2017 wyandotte 3.jpg


the Welsummer


2 21 2017 Welsummer 1.jpg


2 21 2017 Welsummer.jpg


2 21 2017 Welsummer 3.jpg


I was able to catch Sweet and Sour befor they went to bed


2 21 2017 hens 2.jpg


2 21 2017 hen.jpg


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getting bigger...



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