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I talk to SS tomorrow

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I have a phone conversation with SS tomorrow with my advocate.  I get grouchy whenever I have to go downtown and do this work.  Hopefully it will be over soon.


Having to go downtown Portland makes everyone angry. This time of year the street are so busy. Do you have medical transportation or do you need to go by bus?



I hope everything goes smoothly for you. I hate going anywhere on Friday, Sat, Sun or Monday.


Lets us know how it goes. :)

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I was able to advocate to do a teleconference call so that worked out better.  I still have a hard time though talking about everything to a stranger, asking so many questions



I'm glad you did not need to go out in this weather,

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Having a list of questions and a space to write notes underneath each question helps me in these sort of circumstances.

Even simple questions to which you know the answers are worth writing down and asking as it gives you SOME idea of the knowledge and competency of the new person you are dealing with. IF THEY dont know or cannot answer questions th@they SHOULD know, this lets you get an idea if they are competent or up to date on facts.

Even something as simple as 'wh@is MY name....wh@is the reason you are talking to me, or wh@ are the laws regarding XXXX' can show up incompetence or competence.


IME @ least, this is so.



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