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Bud worms

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My friend got bud worms. We figured that they come from a moth.


Can sometime enlighten me please?



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3 summers ago they were epidemic down here in the valley.  I cleaned the bud out, and then sprayed with OxiDate to stop the mold from spreading.  I think diluted hydrogen peroxide works about the same.  Last 2 summers have had a dryer Spring, and the moths(I always called them cabbage moths) scarce.  Did find some eggs earlier, but have only seen 1 worm so far.

Fingers crossed as I am still trimming.

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Even down here in oz we have the dreaded white cabbage butterfly, they lay their almost invisible eggs and the grub will eat out all the growing shoots of a plant, leaving it alive but useless.

Constant vigilance is needed...IF you see one of these ba$!@rds it's most probably too late and you have an egg on your plant ready to hatch.

There are sprays and treatments for them, and for the most part they work.

ONE thing to note though, is they are generally pretty territorial, so some ppl use [and I have too with some success] a scarecrow-butterfly cut from white plastic and sited near each plant.


Read the above link and you will find you can ID the age of the larvae by its size and colour.


I find an old squash racket great to swat the butterfly's as they fly.




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For a friend of mine this year, everything that was kept outside and brought in had the developing cabbage larvae die and then the botrytis started around their corpses -- almost total loss on 'Iced Grapefruit' before it was caught.  Everything that stayed outside was fine and everything that stayed inside was fine.


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