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The Green Review

Dispensary Review: CannaDaddy's ~

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17020 SE Division Street

Portland, OR

The Space
CannaDaddy’s recently moved. It’s so recent the exterior of their property is still under construction. It doesn’t look like much from the street, but they’ve done a wonderful job with the interior. 
It is a large, busy shop, and the waiting room is built to comfortably hold all who are waiting and includes cold water and hot coffee for the wait. 
Clients are called to the back room one at a time, with medical users receiving front of the line privileges. CannaDaddy’s is setup to help six people (or groups) at a time. 
The space is well designed and welcoming, but what sets CannaDaddy’s apart from the rest is their selection. 
The Product
In addition to as large a selection of strains and price points as I’ve seen in a single dispensary, they boast a beautiful extracts case, a variety of edibles, and even a small smoke shop in back with papers, pipes, and anything else you need to walk out of the shop ready to enjoy some fine cannabis.
CannaDaddy’s offers pricing for both medical and recreational on their Leafly page and the recreational pricing includes tax to make it clear what you’re paying. Their prices, from budget to primo are fairly standard, but their weekly specials are out of this world.
Every Friday, they put up to a dozen strains on sale for as low as $15/quarter (plus tax if applicable) and sell it until it runs out. It’s not just budget weed, either. Last weekend, I purchased a quarter ounce of top-shelf Trainwreck for only $40.
Their sales extend to extracts and edibles and, for those of you looking for more than just marijuana, they sell bundles including anything from papers to sweatshirts.
The Hesitation
CannaDaddy’s has built a great space and filled it with top product, but your experience is only as good as your budtender and in my experience, the tenders at CannaDaddy’s are lacking.
I’m pretty sure my tender two weeks ago was stoned and it took fifteen minutes to checkout yesterday because the tender couldn’t figure out how to work the system. Hopefully, that just means they have a crop of new tenders to go along with their new building.
The Recommendation
CannaDaddy’s on a Friday morning is my primary dispensary. I can’t believe they offer such good weed at such great prices. It reminds me of dispensary shopping in the time before recreational.
Even if you don’t make it to the sale, it’s one of the top dispensaries in town. Just don’t be afraid to educate your budtender if they’re acting green around the ears.

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