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RSO with plants that are infested with mites

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Harvesting of the spider mite infested plants will be occurring soon. Harvesting will occur in the same tent they were grown in to avoid cross contamination. Could y'all please critique the following plan of action:


Experience level = 0


1.Chop down all plants in tent and cut out all large stems in same tent they were grown in to keep from spreading the mites

2. Start water cure process - Place rest of plant in jars then fill with water

3.Replace water everyday for 7 days

4.Place in dehydrator 

5.Start RSO process - Once dry place in jar then place jar in freezer 

5.Place in jars and fill with 190 proof everclear that has been sitting in freezer

6. Stir 3-5 minutes then place in freezer for 5 minutes

7. Strain material through strainer

8. Strain remaining alcohol/oil through coffee filter

9. Pour filtered alcohol into air still

10. Once slight amount of alcohol remains pour into pyrex dish

11. Add 10 drops of water to pyrex dish

12. Place pyrex dish in dehydrator

13. When bubbling is done, use syringe with .2 micron filter to collect oil

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I would freeze your buds for 12 hours in the freezer before mixing, itll help lock up the last bit of water solubles and aid in a cleaner extraction. Once you are ready to mix you can start a timer, i like doing two 3 minute extractions. The reduced contact time with the alcohol prevents polar nasties from being picked up and two washes grabs everything.

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Also i never add water to check if its done. Ethanol is safe to inhale and consume and its easy enough to do a tiny taste test to make sure it's finished. Water is such a pain in the butt to remove.

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