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OMMP/OHA multnomah proof of zoning requirements. ~

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OMMP/OHA multnomah county proof of zoning requirements.

We filed the normal application for OMMP to renew our cards, They sent a paper out saying we had 14 days to prove our zoning codes. This was not asked for on our application, They said we did not fill out the application correctly because the application was incomplete. I google searched the Portland zoning codes and found the following info online.






I used the first link www.portlandmaps.com

I placed my address in and got our space unit and zoning codes which also included our personal names and make and model of our MF home.

We came up R2.5

We printed the page and have mailed it back.


Everyone is going to be asked this. Please realize that this was NOT on the application and you must include this info before mailing your OMMP application in. Otherwise you will not get your card/s.


Please ask me questions if your unsure of how to proceed.





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