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Consuming RSO

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I have a friend with lung cancer. She has a hard time swallowing so she couldn't use the bread method and eating made it stick to her teeth. I may have come up with a solution for that.


Make a cup of hot tea. Put a small dab (if jut starting out) or whatever amount you take on a toothpick and stir it into the tea. The hot water will instantly melt. You will see an oil residue on top. You can skim that off with a spoon and drink it that way but my test said that it still kind of stuck to her teeth in tht she wanted to go brush her teeth. Myidea is to continue to stir that oiily r into the tea and drinkit that way. My friend said it almost instantly relieved the back pain she was having.. Sp here is another consumption method for those of you who cannot swallow the bread and doesn't like it all over their teeth.


Hope this helps you.



"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance --That principle is contempt prior to investigation."Herbert Spencer


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Do you have a recommendation on a dispensary to pick up genesis pharms preferably in the beaverton area?


I'll check right now.


Yes Cured green has one left, $15.00 and I have it on a 24 hour hold,  (Say eddie Kirk from PIF sent you)


If you do not want it, I will call back in 24 hours and take it off hold.


Here is their number

1 503-928-7767



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I'm sure you did not hear but genesis had a large fire at his house this past mouth and is setting up again. I doubt that very many people (Clubs) have ALL his products on the shelves as they just got set back after the fire.




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I sent a message to genesis / although the link did not work. Like it says we can contact the distributor.


Let me know how to proceed. :)



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