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The Green Review

"Glass Water" oil vape w/ perc

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I mean, it works. Atop my iStick 30, the dabs vaporized and the vapor percolated nicely through a single-branch tree perc. The perc even worked to cool and mellow the vapor. However, even at $20, I would not recommend it to anyone for two reasons:


1. The glass is designed to be leak proof. This is good if you want to stick it in a bag or your pocket. It is not good if you accidentally overfill the perc. It's near impossible to pour out the excess water. However, as soon as you use the device, that excess somehow finds its way back through the perc, into the vape chamber, making a wet, nasty mess.


2. That mess is a pain to clean. Further, resin builds quickly inside the leak proof bowl and the amount of work it takes to clean just isn't worth it. I used the glass until it was too dirty, then threw it away.


If you're looking for a cheap vape rig for wax and shatter, stick to a simple globe. It will cost less and last longer.



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