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SSH + Wreckedberry & Chrome Diesel + Pineapple Princess

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Canopy shot;  4'X6'  Lighting = 1 RAB (https://www.rabweb.com/product.php?product=BAYLED78NW), 1 500w red LED panel (generic), and one Lush Luminator X2 (http://blastedgenetics.com/product/lumenator2x-190watt-led-grow-light/)

Super Silver Haze + Wreckedberry

Super Silver Haze = {(Haze x Haze) x Skunk #1} x {(Haze x Haze) x NL #5} 
Wreckedberry = Arcata E32 Trainwreck + Plushberry 

Plushberry =  BlackCherrySoda + SpaceQueen


DSCN0629.jpg DSCN0630.jpg
DSCN0631.jpg DSCN0632.jpg
Chrome Diesel + Pineapple Princess
DSCN0633.jpg DSCN0634.jpg




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