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snow hash

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Snow hash


Ya’ll have made ice hash.


I lived in NW central Washington, in the foothills of the north cascades…badk side of mount baker on hyway 20 just west of where the highway closed for winter. I had made the dreaded error of neeming my buds, destroying their flavor…unsmokeable. That was in 2003.


I used that three pounds to learn to make kitchen aide hash. At that time all internet information was for sale, but there was strong competition. Each website would give a reason their method was the best. Armed with varietal tips for all different stages of the process, I began testing and came up with:


1. grind flowers pushing through a sieve (leave leaf whole to minimize contamination with plant matter) and soak for minimum 12 hours. This is to rehydrate.

2. place material and fresh water in kitchen aide mixer with paddle ( not the traditional flat metal beater that breaks the material into fines which pass through a filter) with two cups or less of ice****.

3. mix through the melting (which hyoerchills the water, bringing the temperature below freezing) until there is substantial foam, the beginning of the emulsion (indicating a warming of the water, while the oil in the trichome heads is still cold and hard, it breaks off easily), generally 10 minutes after melt. This is critical for yield. the difference in freezing temperatures of oil and water helps to remove trichomes. The bending of the organic material will remove the trichomes so abrasion is unnecessary.

4. sieve off material and gently squeeze into balls to freeze for second process.. third run is not worth the time.

5. filter water

6. refrigerate overnight

7. carefully pour off translucent green liquid reserving broken trichomes settled on the bottom.

8. filter the remaining liquid and trichomes through filter.

9. reserve the trichomes and press or air dry.

10. enjoy!


I used metal silk screen mesh and coffee filters along with patience. Today I would use bubble bags for filtering


I was getting great results using this method, but, always looking to improve, I checked the internet for new tips when I found a posting on snow hash. Why had I not thought of that? The perfect size for a quick thaw( we did it all the time in the mountains for alcoholic beverages), with those sharp little edges to help break off the trichomes!


Being an old snow pro (instructor) I went to bed thinking of my mountain friends and how I needed to tell them about this new find. I woke up the next morning to 1 and ½ feet of fresh powder snow (cascade concrete)! It stayed for a month and a half. I converted all 3 pounds replacing ice (****) with snow!!!! Yummmmm……..

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