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What do you put in the water?

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i've been reading through a lot of threads, here and other online, and I cannot find a guide about when and how to add nutes to my dwc bucket. 


I have dynagrow nutes fyi,


do i start seedlings in regular water? when do you add the nutrients? 


i think i have a good handle on when to change, add or top off the bucket. 



i'm having a terrible time getting my seedlings off the ground, so I don't want to harm them, but I also want them to grow well. I am way behind this growing season. i've already had 3 seedlings die and one busted seed. I'm a bit tense at this point


thank in advance



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Don't feed seedling until they have at least a couple sets of leaves (in my opinion) if not wait a little longer until they show signs of needing them.
They need a little heft before in taking nutrients.
When you do start using nutrients add them every few waterings. Are you using dirt?
Are you having a hard time germinating them?

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You might find help on this thread




Also don't be worried about PM'ing Kak directly, PM him and he will get an email saying someone "quoted" and or PM'ed him.


I hope this helps. I personally know nothing about DWC



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No worries, I've got you. Dynagrow and bloom are great. No need to add anything until you have two sets of real leaves.  Be sure to keep the water pH in the proper range, and that you have plenty of air in the water.  Small, round and tall Tupperware containers make great domes and you can often find ones that fit right over your net pots. 


When you do have 2 sets of leaves, start with 2.5 ml per gallon of each, or a half teaspoon. Check pH, and also add CalMag if you are using RO water. 


That's it, easy peasy.  I'll post more later on

recipes for later growth stages. Please let me know what equipment you are working with.



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This is the prettiest plant I've ever grown and i have no idea what it is. The seed sprouted in my dirt and since I'm having terrible luck with sprouting I used it in my dwc, since it's an experiment. Now I'm convinced that dwc is awesome.


Anyway. Here she is. I think she's showing signs of being a girl. I also took clone cuttings last night. Also my first try.


I didn't think it woukd survive, so I never cropped the top! I'm guessing it's too late?


Also, if I scrog how do I empty and refill the bucket?




it's so hot here that I'm using frozen liters of water to keep it cool. This turned out to be the key to healthy and voluminous roots! I guess I won't be able to change the ice with scrog.


So maybe I can't scrog?


Maybe I could trellis?



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