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Cold nights, Late Start, AMS and The Church strains questions

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I was hoping to have at least one plant outdoor this summer, but a lack of clones led to buying seeds, and now it's June and I'm just popping them.


I've been reading about these strains, AMS and church. The guidelines suggests that these strains are good for cooler climates and cool nights, as long as there is no frost. Since it is ungodly hot here until October, do you think I might try vegging these indoors and flowering outdoors into the late fall for a greater yield? We never have a frost here, but it we do it won't be before January.


Since we don't get more than. 12 hours of sun, even in summer, I do all my veg indoors, FYI.

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That sounds like it will work. You'll definitely have some colored leafs, Can t wait to see them in action. :)

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Should Be Fine, But I Disagree. Already It Seems Something Is Somewhat Off On Some Or Most Seeds {Am I Right ?}


With The Genetics. Please Correct Me If I Didn't Read The Other Post Properly I Think It Would Work Since Oct Is Very


Hot And If Nov. Mid Dec Works They Would Get Enough Light As Not To Possibly Shock Them. Nothing Indoors Comes


Close To A FULL Spectrum Sun.


I've Been Hearing And Seeing The Results Of Some Breeders Who've Know Next To Nothing For Years/Mainly As Of The Last 6-8 Months.


Just My Humble Opinion, BW/P.S. Personally, I've Never Had Any Genetic Break Down For Uncountable Years Any Mother Or Clone Thereof


For The Record.

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