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Caedmon Michael

My First Visit: Pure Oregon

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I walk past Pure Oregon a few times a week, but I never would have gone in if I hadn't been in need that evening. The shop is in one of those old, small, strip malls that run perpendicular to the main road and the shop was in the inside corner of the "L" where the lighting wasn't all that great. I never would have seen it if it wasn't for a small A-board sign by the sidewalk.

Outside appearance matters to me. This shop didn't look bad - like something to be avoided - but with so many options with better curb appeal, I kept walking by.
I'm glad I stopped in. The exterior isn't much and the interior is more utilitarian than posh, but it's a well-stocked shop with a good variety of products and staff who work well together. I had some specific questions about concentrates and edibles. No one person is going to be an expert in all areas and the staff were good at sharing the questions around.
The shop felt like the community market that was around for years before the big box and boutique shops came in. They talked about "donations" instead of "prices," were friendly and informal (even coming out on my side of the counter to help when it made more sense), and made me feel like family. They were eager to answer my newbie questions and appeared to enjoy helping me.
I only have one complaint. Their online (Leafly) menu hadn't been updated in months. As I write this a week after my visit, their Leafly menu says it was updated two days ago and certain products I was looking for that weren't in stock are no longer listed. That would be great if they're updating again, but I'd recommend calling ahead if you're looking for something specific off the menu.
I really like Pure Oregon. Lots of product. Room to breathe in the shop. Great, great staff. If I wasn't moving next month, this would easily be my regular, neighborhood dispensary.
P.S. I appreciate the thought behind the free pre-roll that many shops offer to new patients. As a non-smoker, I really like Pure Oregon's "free gram to new patients" promotion. They gave me a gram of my choice to use however I like. That was a real treat.


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