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New to Making RSO tar

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I am completely new but I am on my way to making a batch, I have watched videos etc. Right now I have two questions.


First, does anyone shred the plant before processing and

second, has anymore used a pressure cooker at low temps to break down the tissue/cell walls?



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The tissue/cell walls are completely inert and have no medicinal value. Same goes with the plant wax and chlorophyll.


I would advise taking a peek at our extraction forums here. All the medicinal product from your material can be extracted with everclear 190 proof alcohol in 6 or 7 minutes just by mixing. No need to shred the material, i would break it into popcorn sized bits so it is easier to filter.

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Recipe for everclear 190 proof.


Put your herbal material in a mason jar and put it in the freezer.

put your alcohol in a second mason jar and place in the freezer.

48 hours later mix the two jars and shake hard.

replace the jar in the freezer for 3 minutes.

remove and filter. (Strainer and coffee filter)


You can do this twice to capture all the cannabinoids without extracting things that will dilute your medicine.

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