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Restless leg~Pain~Arthritis~Eczema~Joint~Nerve Pain and MORE!

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SM $2. Med $4. Lg $6 

Set of each size above $10. 




I have worked on this salve for over 10 years, I have tried various herbs, and pulling different compounds.... NO I GOT IT!!!

This salve is amazing, I obtained a lump out fishing don't know how, rubbed it on and was gone in a couple hours, the Neighbors use it for restless leg syndrome.  I have given over 100 Samples away most with amazing results...   This price is super low compared to the cost and time it takes to make it... Get it now and you will sure to return before you run out, this works that well.  I also have some SAMPLES of some with some Monkshood in it.  This is to repair nerves not just help with pain.  I would like to find some severely effected individuals to test this out on.  Major Nerve pain patients will get a FREE Sample of salve with nerve repair herb in it... 


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