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Immune diseases, Anxiety, ADHD, & Alzheimers cure?

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I have/had Lupus which is an immune disease, allergies, brain fog, eczema, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and hashimotos. Now I feel I do not have fibromyalgia or lupus. I have eliminated gluten from my diet. I have heard of others having the same results. It wasn't until I read the book "Grain Brain" by Dr. Pulmutter when I understood how much gluten is in everything and his long list of gluten foods to avoid that I finally truly tested myself. 


What you need to know about gluten is that Wheat, Barley, & Rye have been genetically altered so that gluten is now 40% larger and your body sees it as a foreign invader which ramps up your inflammation levels and eventually alters your immune system which brings on autoimmune disorders. So my Lupus developed then fibromyalgia and diabetes because my immune system started attacking my pancreas then my thyroid (hashimotos). Now I do not have Hashimotos and my diabetes is about gone. I am still working on my immune system, trying to repair it with supplements.


In his book he says he thinks the other disorders listed in topic title can be caused by gluten intolerance. My aunt died of alzheimers and I found out that she liked to have toast with every meal. I believe that killed her brain. I believe I am smarter now that I am off the gluten. I can think clearer.


I have 2 cousins with Rheumatoid arthritis which makes sense to me that gluten intolerance runs in my family.


I felt I had to share this with others. I know when I was first told to go on a gluten free diet I told my naturopath she was full of crap. Some of you probably feel that way too. I get it. But if you are suffering, you have to at least give it a try. Don't do like I did and eliminate the cereal, bread, and pasta. You really have to research what foods to avoid like baked beans (who'd a thought) and chocolate milk. They use it as a thickener so look out for puddings and gravy etc!


This is why genetically altered foods are not good for about at least 40% of the population. Some doctors are now saying that nobody should be eating this crap! Because it has been genetically altered, it is now a high glycemic food which is tough on brains. They are coming out with what they call ancient grains which are the old farmer grain strains with the lower levels of gluten which your body recognizes and are not high glycemic grains. Even some hemp products have gluten in them but we're lucky in that hemp gluten has not been genetically altered. So i have no problem eating hemp (which we should all be having in our diets because it's so healthy for you because of the fiber, protein, omegas, plus helps cannabis work better etc.


ok i'll shut up now….here's to your health!


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Wooow ! I Really Enjoyed This...


Edited by Brother Will

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Ooops, Thank You Mednurse Very Much ! Does Anyone Know Where Our Mednurse Is These Days ? {PM's Are Welcome}

I Feel Like I've Been Gone For Years---> LOL ! Well Oh Silly Me ! I HAVE Been Gone For Years Upon Years HaHa !

I Sure Hope Mednurse Is Doing Fine ? She Was Such An Asset. Sister Purple You Must Have Been Here... Yes, Of Course.

Other Friends/Members Too...Some Whom Are Still Here. Thank You For Any Input. Peace/Great Health/Happiness And Love... 

Sincerely, Brother Will

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I've not seen her log  in for years. I'm pretty sure she is on Twitter or Instagram. She also may have a Facebook page. 

When you find her,  Let her know she's missed. 


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