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Ducting size for proper airflow requirements

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I have been working on why my room is hot.

My 6" hoods are cheap, so about 60% of the vent on one end is blocked by the socket, and the brace. With GOOD 6" hoods, you can maybe get 3 in a row, but usually, more than 2 on a single 6" fan, allows heat to build into the garden.

I ran multiple rows of lights, with a single large intake line, and a single large exhaust line, 12 inches each. I can put 4 "saddles" on each side: a 12" duct is capable of the same airflow as 4- 6" ducts. 4 - 8" ducts will feed a 16.

so, rule of thumb, double the size duct (4" -> 8") will handle 4 times the airflow, or 4 of that size... 4x4" in a single 8" line, etc.


it's like the inverse square rule, but different. And for airflow, not lights. so yeah, different.

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