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What will Ohio's medical marijuana program look like?

Jessie Balmert , jbalmert@enquirer.com 11:04 a.m. EST December 24, 2016

COLUMBUS - Ohio lawmakers legalized medical marijuana three months ago, but figuring out who can grow it, sell it and use it will take another couple years.


Right now, the people overseeing Ohio's new medical marijuana program are creating rules on how many companies can grow medical marijuana, how many stores can sell it and how doctors can recommend it. These people, who are spread across several government agencies, estimate their rules will be written and implemented by September 2018 – two years after Ohio lawmakers legalized medical marijuana.


In the meantime, patients can use medical marijuana obtained from other states. But many doctors are wary of recommending medical marijuana while Ohio works out its guidelines and the federal government still considers marijuana among the most dangerous drugs.....





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Ohio has a medical cannabis (OMMP) website. Our dispensaries are supposed to be open in December. But it will take a while longer to find the doctors who will want to participate. Ohio has been behind the times for many years as being a conservative state.

Web address for Ohio medical cannabis program.


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