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Found 1 result

  1. Difinitive Facts On The ONLY 100% Organic And Cheapest Cloning Method Known To Mankind If YOU dont see the sugnificance to my research and experiments....... To each thier OWN....... yes? Hope you don't feel it's a "waste" of time.....I assure you the time I spent in these "projects" is a LOT more then it takes to view these videos so presenting THIS info to the collective as a gift. NOT many individuals have had clones at day say 80+........with NOTHING BUT TAP WATER THE ENTIRE TIME......lol Least NOT that I have seen/heard. As far as I know this is NEW information/ideas that NO ONE IN THE WORLD HAS EVER POSTED/PUBLISIZED NOT that I am aware....so....anyhow my gift of knowlge....... Bless All good people with clean hearts! Dj FarrOut First.... water only clones and the adults from them Now the clones...... FORGOTEN ABOUT WATER ONLY CLONES DAY 7 FORGOTEN ABOUT WATER ONLY CLONES DAY 14 DAY 56 Water ONLY Cloning (propagation) of high grade Matter Propagation The ONLY 100% Organic Marijuana Cloning Method At Day 87 THE ONLY 100% organic cloning method there is plus 100% success every time AND if further info to my methods ...with THIS.....Here is a 45 min video where I may not be 100% on EVERYTHING as I have no formal background or schooling in this shit.......I'm NOT stupid though and have done YEARS of indipendent research.... These are the things I believe at THIS time. If I'm wrong about something feel free to point it out...I would actually appreciate it as I want to "KEEP IT REAL"....... Period....... 45min on water/matter cloning And if after ALL this your still board....... play,like,share a few of my songs..... would be appreciated... ;-) Bless - Dj FarrOut http://www.reverbnation.com/djfarrout