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Found 13 results

  1. Caedmon Michael

    Jazz ~

    Jazz is a cross of Jack Herer and Raspberry OG. I bought it on a whim because I wanted Jack Herer, but the dispensary's strain was higher THC than I was looking for. I'm glad I did. The bouquet is piney and sweet. Very pleasant. The pine of the Jack really comes through when smoking as a joint, with a strong vanilla undertone. As a migraine sufferer, it's the pine I was looking for. Pinene is the cannabinoid that helps more than anything with a migraine, making Jack Herer one of my go to strains. However, I like to be able to sleep once the pain is down and Jack tends to keep me up. Crossing Jack with Raspberry keeps the strong pinene levels—the medicine I am looking for—while softening the energetic effect. The Jazz didn't knock me out, but it allowed me to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep well. It also knocked a moderate migraine out as fast as anything I've smoked. The head high came on fast and hard, but felt more like a clarity high than a stoned high (though I was definitely both). If it wasn't for the migraine and just wanting to get to bed, I would have been comfortable doing business or holding a conversation with a non-smoker For the moment, this strain is a one off. I found it at Local Herb Collective at SE 160th and Division. I hope it's a strain that takes off and sticks around, as I'd like to make it a regular piece of my medicine cabinet.
  2. The Green Review

    PAX Dry Herb Vaporizer: Elegant Simplicity

    PAX Dry Herb Vaporizer: Elegant Simplicity At $199 for a simple tube with a noticable lack of buttons, displays, and space-aged design features, what exactly am I getting for my money? The PAX, itself, is a simple, elegant, tube that looks and feels like it could have come from the designers of 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, CA (the place our iPhones and iPads are designed). The exterior column is a single wrap of metal with a discreet light on the front and a tiny screw on the back. The width, depth, and curvature is just right for holding in the curve of my cadet medium-large fingers. Resting in my fingers, about 1" of the top is sticking out. The PAX comes in black (the most discreet option), silver, blue, green, and purple. The three colors are deep, not the pastel or candy shades found on other devices. I chose the green because it's just plain nice to look at and, as it's nearly the shade of my local soccer team's primary color, the second most discreet color choice in Portland. Standing on the shelf, it's nice to look at and people who didn't know would be more likely to think it some sort of mp3 player. The bottom of the unit is a magnetic cap for the heating chamber. The magnets concerned me at first, but they hold tight. I've never felt it was going to come off in use, yet it's the easiest opening method I've found. The top of the unit is a spring loaded mouthpiece. Operating a bit like a ball point pen, one click pops the mouthpiece out and another locks it back in. The multi-function mouthpiece is also the on/off switch. When the mouthpiece is extended, the unit is on. Also in the box are a power cord, charging base, and cleaning kit. Using the PAX When I left the vape store, I thought the full usage cycle of the PAX was this: 1. Charge 2. Load 3. Heat 4. Vape 5. Clean Charge Charging is a bit awkward. If you close the mouthpiece and look inside the tube, you will see a couple metal connections. To charge, plug the base into the wall and set the PAX upside down on the charging base. The light on the front of the unit tells you it's charging and turns green when it's done. Why is this awkward? For one, there's no possibility of using the unit while it's on the charger. For a recreational device, that might not be as big an issue. As a medical device, realizing the battery is dead and having to wait to medicate can be a real pain. Literally. Fortunately, battery life is good. I normally put the PAX on the charger at night, after using it for two or three extended sessions. As long as I do this, I don't have a problem. But when I forget, it gets tricky. Shaking the PAX gives you a green/yellow/red level indicator but, since you have to stop and shake to see it, it's easy to forget until it flashes red and just stops working. The bigger issue with charging upside down is related to cleaning issues that we'll get to later. Load Loading the PAX couldn't be more simple. A fine grind is preferable (though don't powderize it if you're using a coffee grinder; I use a RAW joint grinder). When you remove the heating chamber cap, you will see a metal chamber inside the plastic housing. I like to pour in my ground herbs until they're just above the top of the chamber, lightly tamp them in, and put the cap back on. If you look at the inside of the cap, you will see a slightly rounded surface that seals the heating chamber. It works to further press the herbs into place. Heat Click the moutpiece up and the light starts pulsing purple. That means it's heating. When it's hot, the light turns green. That's all there is to it…until you read the advanced directions. When I bought the PAX, the store owner demonstrated it to me pretty much as above. Charge. Load. Heat. Vape. Clean. And, out of the box, that's all you ever have to do. But, if you open the instruction manual, you will find a few more secrets. That mouthpiece is more than a mouthpiece. As noted earlier, it's also the on/off switch. If you pull it out (while extended, just pull it straight up; there's a notch on one side you can use to hook a fingernail), the heat turns off and you'll see a hidden button pulsing white. That button offers temperature control. By default, the machine is set to medium heat which is just fine for most people. One click of that button turns the light from orange to red. Another drops it down to low. PAX doesn't offer exact temperatures, but it is a significant difference from one setting to the next. Vaping temperature isn't just about comfort, but about the cannabinoid ratio. Different elements are released at different temperatures. Generally speaking, lower temperatures lend themselves more toward "head highs." Higher temperatures lend themselves to "body highs." I vape on the low temperature because that's what my condition requires, but I have bumped it up to high a couple times. It's hot. It only takes a few good draws to turn those freshly ground herbs into toasty ABV and the mouthpiece got a little warm, but so did my body. Vape This is the easiest unit to vape that I have tried. The oblong mouthpiece is a more natural shape than a round tube and creates a more gentle draw. I don't have to think so hard about how hard I'm drawing in order to create the perfect vapor; the unit has somehow done this for me. Repeat until you've had enough. For me, that means repeat until the unit is too hot to handle. It does get warm, but you'll be well medicated by the time it gets hot. Rumor has it the PAX doesn't put out visible vapor. That rumor just isn't true. The PAX does put out far less vapor than other methods and devices I have used to vaporize herbs or concentrates. The amount of released vapor is affected by moisture content of the material, vape temperature, and even how you hold the vapor before letting it go. With dry herbs, on low setting, using a double-clutch draw method that ensures as much vape as possible is taken in by my lungs, the visible vapor is less than I have seen with any other method. Clean Between uses, all you have to do is dump out the ABV. Sometimes a little bit sticks to the inside of the chamber cover, but it brushes right off with a finger. Upending the ABV with a little shake dumps out the rest. No tools necessary. If a little piece gets stuck, a puff of air is enough to dislodge it. It's the easiest vaporizer to empty that I've used. The unit needs a more thorough cleaning every four or five uses or every four or five days, depending on how you use it (more on this a little later). The PAX comes with a cleaning kit and detailed instructions. Remove the mouthpiece and chamber cap. Moisten a pipe cleaner with an alcohol wipe and clean the vapor path. A little spot cleaning of the other two parts and you're done. For extra credit, drop the chamber screen into a shallow dish of isopropyl and use that iso with the pipe cleaner to clean the exterior of the mouthpiece, cover, and unit. The Shadow Side The PAX is an amazing device, but the Sweet Baby Jesus Descended from on High, it is not. The PAX does come with some annoyances. Some are just just that - annoyances. Some might be a little more significant depending on how you utilize the PAX in your daily routine. All are the shadow sides of the really great features above. Let's start with an annoyance. The PAX has an internal accellerometer. That's the little rattle you hear when you shake the unit. It tells when you're shaking and displays the remaining battery life and is also used to turn the unit off when not in use. Overall, I love the motion-based cut-off. With a timer, your session either gets cut off before you're done or you leave your unit sitting around baking itself. A timer is a good backup system against leaving it running for hours, but not all that practical. The motion sensor is practical. When I set the unit down, it knows I'm not vaping, displays a blue light, and goes into standby mode. In standby mode, the chamber stops heating, but all I have to do is pick the unit back up and the motion sensor tells it to turn back on. The light switches to green or purple to let me know if it's still hot or needs to warm back up. If I'm sitting in bed and set the unit on my nightstand between draws, the standby system works great. If I'm taking regular draws, it doesn't cool down enough to be noticable, but when I set it down and get caught up in whatever else I'm doing, it shuts itself down. Where I sometimes get frustrated with this feature is when I turn it on in the morning and set it on my stand while I get dressed. If I take too long, it goes into standby and cools down. It almost needs to be held while heating up. Fortunately, it doesn't take long to heat. The bigger issues relate to the mouthpiece. To keep the design so simple, parts have to do multiple things. Clicking on the mouthpiece to power on/off means the vapor path and the power switch are now connected. Residue from the vaped oils further complicates this. Oils run more easily when warm. If your unit is still warm from use and you turn it upside down, oils are going to migrate toward the mouthpiece. When oils deposit near the mouthpiece and then cool, the moving parts can get stuck. If you let it get bad enough and the mouthpiece sticks in the closed position, your only option is to send it in for repair. There are two things you can do to keep the mouthpiece mechanism clear: keep the unit upright as much as possible and definitely when warm, and clean according to the manufacturer's specifications. Keeping the unit upright isn't as easy as it sounds. Do you remember how the unit charges? Upside down on the charging base. The base does snap on well enough you can stand the PAX upright and place the charging base on top, but you will want to find some way to help prop the whole thing up. Or, you can just wait until the unit is completely cool to charge. The real issue is travel. This is a portable vaporizer and many of us are going to use it for its portability. If you only use it at home and work and can keep it standing upright everywhere you go, then you won't need to worry about it so much. But, if it goes in a pocket so you can keep it with you during the day, it becomes a challenge. My cargo pants have a pocket-within-a-pocket that's sized just right to keep it upright…until I sit down and what was once vertical is now horizontal. My only solution so far has been to be a little careful about it when the unit is warm and accept that some of those oils are going to make it into my pocket. Not enough to ruin anything, but enough to notice a thin film on my fingers and everything in that pocket. My advice is to clean well and clean often. If you feel any stick in the mouthpiece mechanism, it's time to clean. The PAX is going to require a little more attention than lesser units, but high-end items are always this way. A BMW is going to need more servicing than a Corolla, but look what you're getting out of all those precision parts. A Precision Tool The PAX is not a luxury item. That is, you aren't buying it for the name. You aren't buying it for the looks. You aren't buying it to impress the people around you with a status symbol that doesn't do anything different than its mundane cousins. The PAX is a precision tool. The PAX name is solid, the looks are impressive, and people who know will recognize you own a quality dry herb vaporizer. They know this because it works and it works well. Where other vaporizers required two or three loads to fully medicate, the efficiency of the PAX medicate me completely with a single load. The PAX medicates quickly, efficiently, and discreetly, saving me time, medicine, and headaches. This is the only portable, dry herb vaporizer you need, unless you want to try out Ploom's recently released PAX2.
  3. The Green Review

    Gorilla Glue

    The Indica side really comes through in this oak and vanilla hybrid. The massage sets in around the temples, flows to the peak, and cascades down the head and face into the shoulders, arms, and back. As the high mellows a second masseuse enters and works the lower body. The Sativa side isn't left out. That slight pinch behind the bridge of the nose and visor effect are downplayed, but the cerebral effects are not. Energy is neutral and creativity and clarity are up, but short-term memory is down. Every now and then, I have to stop and remember where that sentence was going. Compared to others, the Gorilla Glue seems to take a little longer to set in, has a smaller initial peak, and settles into a really nice, extended high. The physical and cerebral benefits are strong and plenty, but without the haze and confusion that often accompanies strong medicine. Gorilla Glue gives us pain relief, muscle relaxation, creativity, and clarity in a single package, along with the sensation of a really nice, full body hug. For many of us, this could be the daily go to, jack of all trades, swiss army knife medicine. Unfortunately, it isn't mine. This strain makes me cough like I'm escaping the ruins of Gomorrah. It's so bad I didn't always finish what I started. That would be great if I was getting the relief I needed, but I wasn't. I am planning to turn the rest of my allotment into a tincture, though, to see if it might work out for me. The medicine is worth the extra effort if I can find a suitable consumption method. Other testers reported above average coughing, but none to the level it stopped them from smoking it. Gorilla Glue is that good. If you have access, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. If it makes you cough, it's worth trying other methods.
  4. CuredGreen Strain Review: Cannatonic Strain: Cannatonic Farm: Jade Gardens Dispensary: Cured Green THC: 15% CBD: 11.8% Nose Fresh meadow with raspberry vinegrate and a waft of walnut in the background. Taste (PAX Vaporizer) Take the nose, which is sharp and bold, and bring it down to a fading pastel. Taste (Glass Pipe) Pure nothingness with a tart chaser. As soon as I started my exhale, I knew something was different. I didn't taste any smoke. I didn't taste anything at all. I don't mean I tasted the same as the air outside, but my mouth was utterly devoid of flavor. And then, just as it faded out, something tart and tangy for desert. Effect (PAX) I vaporized two full loads through the PAX thirty minutes apart. The first was on low setting and the second on medium. With two loads, I maybe began to notice pain relief in my lower back. Or maybe I just really wanted it to do something. I tried a couple more times to the same result. Update: On high setting, the vaporizer worked great, which makes sense, as higher heat settings in vaping tend to encourage body highs. It took about 30 minutes, but when it kicked in, massage pads appeared everywhere I was sore and kept kneading for hours. Effect (Glass Pipe) Putting aside the immediate effects of smoking, the medicinal effects came on quickly and softly. Initially, I feel heaviness and that tiny tingling in my forehead and sinuses. Within ten minutes, my head is feeling heavy, especially around the eyes and nose, and my mouth felt like I had been smiling all day. The heaviness weakened in effect as it traveled down my shoulders and arms. And the room might be a little quieter. This effect settled in nicely. Within twenty minutes, I had the sensation of large oval pads being applied to my back, first across the shoulders, then at that spot where it curves when I sit lazy in my office chair, and finally in the lower back where the tall part connects to the curvy part and I have some structural damage from a car accident. As the pads sat in place, I felt the tension in my back release and the aches diminish. At one hour, more pads have been applied in areas where I experience soreness and the total effects are the same as I described just above. My head and arms still feel heavy, as does my chest. However, my brain is lucid, I'm not losing my train of thought any worse than usual, and I have both the dexterity and ability to touch type as quickly as ever. It took me a couple hours to realize something even more important. My normal - and very strong - feelings of anxiety were gone. Now, I haven't tried this while joining a raucous protest in downtown PDX to see how it handles the Real Big anxieties, but that general sense that something bad is right around the corner isn't there. It's like the part of me anxiety attaches to has gone from sticky to slippery. That thought tries to take hold, but before I can even register it, the anxiety disappears and doesn't come right back. This might not be the strain you want to use on the job if you're an EMT or your finger is on the launch button of our ICBMs. My head does feel a little slow. Getting a new sentence started or switching to a new task has an added hesitation, but once I'm going on that thought or project, I'm fine. As a writer, this might be a great work strain. That probably goes for most of us who sit at desks or stand in place. For heavy jobs, the heavy head might drag. Time to full effect was on the quicker side, which can be important on a busy day. The pain relief isn't going to kill an intergalactic migraine, but it's doing a hell of a lot better than an OTC NSAID. I would keep some in the medicine cabinet just for those days when the ache sets in. And for me, the anxiety benefits are even better. That could put this in my regular lineup. You can find Cannatonic in Portland, OR at: CuredGreen In Store: 3715 N Lombard St Unit B Online: http://curedgreen.com
  5. Method: .2g in Pax vaporizer at low temp setting Nose: Sweet, but not pungent or cloying. Light. Nothing skunky about it. Taste: Grass. No, I don't mean cannabis. It tastes like my front lawn on a warm, spring afternoon. Young, tender shoots. Very crisp and refreshing. Underneath, some quality northwest soil. Effect: It took a few minutes to feel anything, then started with my face, taking 20 minutes to wrap itself around and over my head. It then moved into my shoulders and down to my hands. It's a strange effect. Normally when the physical sensations originate in my head, it turns into a "head high," but this is more like having a body high in my head and shoulders. It kills run of the mill headaches and I can feel the tension leave my upper spine. It's like a vaped a masseuse. It helped enough with the head pain of an acute migraine to get through it, but didn't do much for the migraine, itself. That further supports the body high on fizzy lifting drink theory. The high hit at a moderate level and then stayed there - a pleasant ramp up for medication. I love the flavor and that masseuse action is significantly reducing felt stress, which goes a long ways toward relieving most of my conditions.
  6. Yes, I can palm it in my hand so all anyone can see is the stem. Yes, I can comfortably toss it in my pants pocket with my iPhone and a dog treat I forgot was there. Yes, the storage space for the mouthpiece can be used as a stash if needed. Yes, I can use it to recharge my phone while riding the bus. On paper, this should be one of the greatest vape devices made to date. But it isn't. Forget that the sliders covering the chamber and stash don't always stay closed. Forget that as nice as it looks, it feels like a second rate, plastic knockoff. Forget that the charging cable it comes with isn't long enough to run straight up the wall from outlet to desktop. It smokes like my first car climbing the desert mountains of Southern California. I knew the pancake spiral element was exposed, but technology is getting closer to circuits that keep the coil below combustion and Atmos' own website says it vaporizes material. Um, no. It is not one of those fancy new models. It's an exposed coil and an exposed coil means combustion. The Atmos Liv is not a vaporizer; it is an electric pipe. And a cheap one, at that.
  7. Caedmon Michael

    My First Visit: Nectar on 122nd Ave

    I travel past this dispensary regularly, it looks really nice on the outside, and they had a good website. On the day of my visit, the dispensary was as nice to visit as it was to pass by. The grounds were well maintained with lush grass, pruned plants, and a cute fence. My service dog really enjoyed the trees and lawn.The waiting room was clean and large enough for a half-dozen people to wait comfortably, if necessary. The receptionist was friendly, efficient, and polite. She made me feel welcome and at ease. Nectar was cash only at the time (and may still be), though the signage made it seem that might be a temporary condition. There was no ATM, but the receptionist pointed me toward two. One was easy walking (two blocks). The shop was nice, with lots of room to wander and look while others are being helped. Even though I was the only one there, I asked for a moment to look around before asking for help. Here's where things got weird. The guy helping me was either clueless, misinformed, or deceitful. First, he tried telling me that high CBD is for pain, indica is for everything else, and sativa is for recreation. What!? When I called him on it, he didn't acknowledge what I said, but then started showing me sativa products. Then, he kept calling strains, "flavors." In his sales pitch, the only difference from one strain to another is flavor and you should pick the one that tastes the best. Then, he sold me vape products that didn't work together. I didn't think they would, but he promised and I was tired of fighting him. They didn't work, which pissed me off a bit, but it also gave me an excuse to go back and see if it was the shop or just him. When I went back, I was greeted warmly and sent back. There were three different employees behind the counter, but all were helping people. That was fine until the door opened and the guy from the day before came out to help me. He was totally confused about the vape. When I asked him the best way to solve it, he just looked at me. I suggested we swap batteries, which he agreed to. He didn't think it would work, but it was a good first step. I asked him if there was a price difference or if it was an even swap and he just looked at me. At this point, I knew they had to be within $5 of one another, so I just put it in my bag and asked him if we needed to do any paperwork. He shook his head and waved, so I walked out.
  8. Caedmon Michael

    My First Visit: Pure Oregon

    I walk past Pure Oregon a few times a week, but I never would have gone in if I hadn't been in need that evening. The shop is in one of those old, small, strip malls that run perpendicular to the main road and the shop was in the inside corner of the "L" where the lighting wasn't all that great. I never would have seen it if it wasn't for a small A-board sign by the sidewalk. Outside appearance matters to me. This shop didn't look bad - like something to be avoided - but with so many options with better curb appeal, I kept walking by. I'm glad I stopped in. The exterior isn't much and the interior is more utilitarian than posh, but it's a well-stocked shop with a good variety of products and staff who work well together. I had some specific questions about concentrates and edibles. No one person is going to be an expert in all areas and the staff were good at sharing the questions around. The shop felt like the community market that was around for years before the big box and boutique shops came in. They talked about "donations" instead of "prices," were friendly and informal (even coming out on my side of the counter to help when it made more sense), and made me feel like family. They were eager to answer my newbie questions and appeared to enjoy helping me. I only have one complaint. Their online (Leafly) menu hadn't been updated in months. As I write this a week after my visit, their Leafly menu says it was updated two days ago and certain products I was looking for that weren't in stock are no longer listed. That would be great if they're updating again, but I'd recommend calling ahead if you're looking for something specific off the menu. I really like Pure Oregon. Lots of product. Room to breathe in the shop. Great, great staff. If I wasn't moving next month, this would easily be my regular, neighborhood dispensary. P.S. I appreciate the thought behind the free pre-roll that many shops offer to new patients. As a non-smoker, I really like Pure Oregon's "free gram to new patients" promotion. They gave me a gram of my choice to use however I like. That was a real treat.
  9. I like to vape dry herb. I vape because I can't smoke (asthma), but the lungs are my best intake system. I vape dry herb because medicine is easiest to procure in that form with the greatest variety and I don't want to go to the trouble of converting it to something else. With some Internet research in hand, I visited the head shop claiming the largest vape selection in town, looking for a simple, dependable vape device that would allow me to set a temperature and not combust material. The Ascent was second on my list of three devices and the only one the shop carried. Purchase I like the choices of shiny and selected the "carbon" option. It's pretty. Before selling the vape, the shop put it on a charger and gave it a careful inspection. One of the glass oil cups was cracked, so they put it aside and opened a second. The physical check passed and the unit charged enough to power up and heat. Unboxing The Ascent is packaged well. It came with two sets of glass pipe (one installed in the unit and a spare in the box), two glass canisters for vaping oil, two metal toothpicks (one stored in the unit and a spare in the box), barely usable instructions, and a carry pouch. I really like the spares that were included. I would hate to break the glass in the first week and have to wait to order a replacement and the toothpick is small enough to lose easily. As the unit cost ~$100 more than the other two on my list, I don't think of these as freebies so much as pre-ordering supplies I know I'll need in the future. A nod to the oil canisters. I wasn't looking to buy an oil vaporizer and didn't even realize the unit came with them. I wouldn't have purchased it for them, but since it has them, I'll probably use it. It's a simple, glass cup that fits the inside of the heating chamber. Charging The first charge was awkward. The charger plugs in to a hole on the bottom of the unit. For aesthetics, the manufacturer placed a matching hole symmetrically on the bottom grill. It looks nice, but if you don't know the machine, you can't tell where to plug it in without holding it upside down under a good light. Once I got the right hole, I found my unit wasn't taking a charge. It turns out the charge connection is a little bit loose. When I plug it in and set it down, I have to wait just a moment to make sure the connection is steady. If so, it charges great. If not, it shuts off and six hours later, you still have a dead vaporizer. Loading The bottom portion of the unit swings out and there's a ceramic cup. Fill it with herb. Swing shut. It's pretty much as simple and easy as you can get for an electric vaporizer. I like to load loose, fine-ground herb to the top of the chamber, then use the top of the toothpick to lightly tamp it down about 1/3. I'm not pressing, just helping it settle a little bit. Heating The controls are minimal. A power button, a select button, and up and down buttons. Usage of them is easy enough once you understand the instructions. When you power on, it automatically starts heating to the last set temp or program. Once you get it figured out and set the way you want it, operation is simple. I turn it on, wait for it to get hot, and inhale. If the temperature isn't quite right, I nudge it and wait. It heats up faster than it cools down, though I haven't timed any of it. It feels like a reasonable (quick, but not instant) wait time. Between hits, I only need to wait 10 or 15 seconds for the next draw. The Draw The Ascent offers two distinct options for drawing air. The first is a traditional mouthpiece. In this case, that means the upper half of the glass tubing. Pull it up through the rubber seal to your preferred mouthpiece length and suck the straw. Alternately, the funny shape of the top of the Ascent is intended to be a shareable mouthpiece. If you place your lips just inside the large opening, they form a good seal for more of an open-mouth draw. At first, the alternate method was clunky. As I've used it more, it's grown on me. The draw feels smoother and more natural, and you don't have to mess with pulling the glass mouthpiece out. The flavor is clean (once the temperature is set right). The first couple draws, I got some hint of rubber in the smoke. I'm chalking that up to a new machine and too much heat, since dialing in the proper temperature and using it a little bit, the chemical taste has gone away, leaving the full profile of the bud. Cleaning Design makes cleaning as easy as loading. I like to stir the ABV a bit with the pick to loosen it from the ceramic bowl, then turn the unit over and dump it out. It doesn't seem to need daily or per use cleaning. When it does, it's as simple pulling the glass out and letting it soak in a little alcohol. The Problems Overall, the unit feels solid. However, the functional buttons are not the quality expected in a $250 device. The select button on my unit isn't quite straight with the rest of the unit. The buttons on the face feel cheap and I have a feeling they will be the first piece of the unit to go. The buttons have to be pressed deeper than expected. For the first day, I thought the "down" button was broken because I couldn't get it to press. Whether it's a problem with the physical contact or the electronics, it often takes two presses of button to register. Overall, this problem is mostly an annoyance and a little bit of a let down. The experience of using the device is downgraded, as is the perceived dependability. The temperature is not properly calibrated. When I set the machine to 380˚, the medicine combusted, with significant smoke. To get rid of the smoke, I had to drop it below 360˚ and the right vape setting for me seems to be around 340-350˚. On the one hand, portable vaporizers aren't known for reliable thermometers and as long as the temperature is consistent to itself, it's more important that I know where to set my vaporizer than the actual temperature. On the other, at this price point, I expect a little more quality control. The downside to the Ascent's double mouthpiece is that there is no hard cover for the top. Other vaporizers in this class offer ways to seal the unit. The Ascent comes with two rubbery plugs that can be used to close the end of the glass pipe, the glass is still exposed. One of the benefits of this style vaporizer is loading it, stuffing it in a pocket, and taking off for the day with just enough medicine ready to go if I need it, but I'm not as comfortable putting this in a pocket as the others. Verdict If the Da Vinci Ascent was sitting next to a Flowermate Vapormax V 5.0S, I would still buy the Flowermate. Even though I've never used it, the Flowermate's form factor is more amenable to pocket stowage, the mouthpiece is encased when not in use, and it's $100 less expensive. I would assume the risk of unknown problems and limitations for the benefits above. That said, I am happy with my purchase. I'm let down a bit by the buttons and lack of a cap, but the machine vaporizes dry herb well and that's what it's really about. It's not good enough to call off the search for a portable, dry herb vaporizer, but belongs on the short list of options. I can recommend this device fully and would buy it again.
  10. I have had mixed reviews about the RPD merchandise that I have tried, in the spirit of those experiences, allow me to compare and contrast the Juicy Jay's Brand Mango Papaya and Tropical Passion flavored blunt wraps. Before I even opened the package of the Tropical Passion blunt wrap, I began to wonder if the makers of this blunt wrap even knew what a Passion fruit was (for more information on the Passion Fruit, click here). On the wrapper, I see a pineapple, an orange slice, and some cherries, but not a passion fruit. I was very disappointed with the flavor of these blunt wraps. They didn't taste anything at all like a passion fruit; or even a pineapple, an orange, or a cherry either, for that matter. It smelled and tasted like a Fig Newton. (suggestion: some people like fig newtons, I don't mind the flavor of it, personally. But if you plan on keeping this flavor recipe around, I would definitely stop trying to pass it off as Passion fruit. Perhaps you could change the name of it to Fig flavor?) In comparison, the Mango Papaya flavor was spot-on. It tasted and smelled just like a fresh cut papaya (a taste that brought back memories of growing up with a papaya tree in the backyard). *Observations: -By the time each of these blunts were halfway smoked, the flavor was all but gone (either that, or I was too stoned to notice it anymore). -One thing that really bothered me was the was that each blunt wrap would bubble up as I smoked them. (I tried my best to capture it with these photos, but it's kinda hard to get a good close up with my camera phone while I have a lit blunt in my hand, lol.) -The blunts would not always stay rolled, and I sometimes had to reseal them a number of times. Usually I don't mind smoking my own slobber, but blunts are often shared between friends, and having to constantly lick the blunt again is not good smokers' etiquette. my overall impression: these blunt wraps were OKAY. (and by OKAY, I mean that they weren't the worst blunt wraps that I've ever rolled with, but they were nowhere near the best) I hope you enjoyed my reviews, as much as I enjoyed smoking the ganja
  11. Product: Juicy Cuban Mojito Blunt Wraps Date tested: March 26, 2014 Comments: I am starting to see a pattern of inconsistency. The Texture of the Cuban Mojito wrap was very different from that of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, or any other Juicy Blunt wrap that I've tried. It felt more like a brown paper bag than an incomplete cigar. The consistency of the paper was almost identical to that of a Black n Mild -As thin and papery as it was, it was a relatively easy wrap to work with. The trough held pretty well during rolling and never showed any signs of collapsing under the weight of the plant matter. In similar fashion to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough wrap, the Cuban Mojito required a little extra saliva to get it to seal. Usually, at this point you can pinch the end of the blunt wrap to seal it off and prevent any plant matter from leaking out the side. This basic technique is extremely difficult to execute with these wraps, given the consistency and quality of the paper. *I will admit that Cuban Mojito is a complicated drink to make, and must be an even more complicated flavor to capture. The flavor of this blunt was palatable, and I enjoyed it; however, it did not taste like, lime, mint, OR Mojito. Furthermore, by the time I had smoked two-thirds of the blunt, there was no flavor remaining, whatsoever. The first blunt had me pretty lit. So the second one went in to the Rolling Paper Depot Doob Tube Kudo's to the guys at Rolling Paper Depot!! the Doob Tube held the blunt perfectly! Thanks to the nifty hollowed out Tube Tip, I didn't have to clip off the edges or anything. It was a perfect fit
  12. Today, I am reviewing Juicy's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blunt Wraps... For this review, I'm rolling up some G13. I recommend breaking up your plant matter BEFORE opening your blunt wrap (this way, there is less likelihood of your wrap drying up while you break up your herb). I really wanted to put these wraps to the test, so cut up my bud with a pair of scissors, instead of a grinder- this is often a tough decision for blunt-wrollers; using grinder with grind the plant matter up a little too much, resulting in smaller particles leaking out, using the scissors means that you might miss a few stray stems, which can tend to poke holes in the side of the blunt). Upon opening the re-sealable packaging, the smell of chocolate filled my nostrils before I even got the blunt out of the wrapper (needless to say my mouth was watering as I rolled up this blunt) I was genuinely impressed by Juicy's New & Improved Blunt Packaging. Previous editions have come packaged around a plastic tube (this tube had it's own set of pro's and con's that I will not get in to at this time). The new (and better imho) packaging, has the wraps gently folded inside of a rolling guide (that works like a rolling machine for novice rollers). I didn't need the help of the disposable rolling machine, but I really felt better knowing it was there if I needed it. Loading the wrap went down without a hitch, however i did have to add a little extra saliva to get a good seal on the new ridged edges. The thin layer that used to be along the length of the blunt, has been relocated to the very tip of the blunt- my guess is that this is intended to allow the roller to seal up the end of the blunt - to 'roll and go' This Blunt burned evenly, all the way to the end. The thing that really left an impression is on me, during the smoke session, was that I could taste the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor all the way down to the end of the blunt. The wrap stayed lit, and burned at a nice,even rate. Overall Impression: This is a completely different blunt wrap from the Juicy's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blunt Wraps I was smoking just a couple of years ago. The re-sealable packaging, rolling guide, and innovative wrap design are all great improvements. -MD

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