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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys I'm starting this thread as a place for those interested in learning about how they can start growing organically and get away from bottled nutrient! Increasing you health, potency flavor and reducing the amount of money on inputs for the garden. I have been thankful to be friends with some very knowledgeable people and have gained a good amount of knowledge from them as well as learned how to apply it myself! So my goal is to help others on the path to organics and towards better health for you! I believe in living organic soil and working with microorganisms to help break down organic matter and make it into plant available nutrients this way you are not measuring Nutrients and checking PH or PPMs! Utilizing the proper soil mix ratio as well as good quality soil ingredients will ensure you get started the right way. I do have a recipe I would like to share, this recipe is from a good friend of mine that taught me Alot of what I know about living organic soil and still helps me to this day! Even helped with my most recent batch of soil which came out great! So I'll get this started with this introduction post and then within the next day or two I will put up a soil mix recipe as well! And then we will get going from there! Here's my Hell's angel OG in the new soil mix I made up! Just a example of the health were looking for in our plants and this is just the start!
  2. MedicalManny

    Manny’s 2018 Outdoor Grow

    Greetings Green Thumbs. New Round with a new grow, so I’m starting a new thread. I will try to update this one a little more often than the last one. This is an outdoor grow- in my backyard. I started all plants from seed (most of them haven’t shown sex yet) I started a bunch of other seeds, but these are the ones that made it. Genetics: Beldia (Morroccan Heirloom) x 3 (Critical Impact x Hash Bomb) x 2 Toxic Healer x 1 “Alice” (Snow Dogg x Gobstopper) x 1 Omega Star (Cannabis Family Seeds) x 1 1 plant is in a pot, the rest are in holes in the ground. 4 of the holes are 3ft deep w/ 12” diameter 1 hole is 12” deep w/ a 3ft diameter Grow Medium: Compost + Amended Soil Compost: I honestly don’t know how many years this material has been composting. There was a big pile of brush/yard waste that had been composting in our backyard when we bought it. When we had the majority of it hauled away, there was a layer of fine brown composted plant matter on the ground left behind. It had the color of coffee and the consistency of sawdust. Amended soil- I used a base of ProMix, Filthy Rich, Earthworm Castings, Vermicompost, and Perlite, and I amended that mix with: Humic Acid, Bone Meal, Kelp Meal, Green Sand, Bat Guano, Epsom Salts, Oyster Shell Flour. (I let this mix sit and cook for a few weeks before mixing it with the compost in the ground, and then waited another couple weeks before planting the seedlings) Feeding Schedule: So far I have given them 3 applications of LABS, 1 compost tea, and, 2 feedings with ALaska Fish fertilizer. The plants have received 3 foliar applications of LABS, and 2 foliar applications of Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap. Along with the Bokashi and LABS, I have been trying my luck at making some FFJ’s and FPJ’s, using food/plant scraps from my kitchen and yard. I always try to mix the fruit scraps from the grocery store with at least one plant from the yard, to get some of the local microbial life in to the mix. Last night 6/24/18, they got their first feeding of Nectar for the Gods + Microbe Life Photosynthesis Plus THANK YOU to the Jedi KarrMcDebt and the PAy it Forward Family for donating the (Critical impact x Hash Bomb) seeds Thank You to Martin From Cannabis Family Seeds for donating the Omega Star. Thank You to my Homie “Morganik” for donating the Toxic Healer and “Alice” (Toxic Healer is a High CBD strain- which usually tests at a ratio of 1:1 THC:CBd, which is a highly effective ratio for treating my specific kind of Muscular Dystrophy)
  3. People globally enjoy partaking in the pungent flowers of the Cannabis plant, seeking the euphoric psycho-activity unique to this plant, whether for pain relief, pleasure or pastime. Many people though are unaware of the amazing benefits of Raw, organic Cannabis Juice. In raw form, Cannabis leaves and the tri-chrome covered flowers are concentrated with non-psychoactive, anti-biotic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune-regulating and anti-cancer nutrient compounds including lesser-known Tetrahydrocannabicannabidiol (CBD), and Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) both of which are proving to be therapeutic substances capable of preventing and/or reversing a plethora of chronic and debilitating illnesses. When you begin juicing “raw” cannabis, you will consume cannabinoids in their acid forms. The raw form of CBD is CBDA or cannabidiolic acid. The raw form of THC is THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. These are the A arrangements of the molecules, the non-psychoactive forms. The acids of this plant are not psychoactive unless they are decarboxylated, or heated. When decarboxylation takes place the acids are converted to Δ9-THC and CBD. Recently CBD is making waves in research, being regarding as a highly medicinal substance with unique immune-regulating capabilities. The human body already contains an endogenous cannabinoid system, complete with different types of cannabinoid receptors, introducing cannabinoids to your systems can help normalize the body's functions, including cellular communication, regeneration and repair, as well as regulating immune function. JUICING WORKS! Because it provides the cannabinoid acids, which are potent anti-inflammatory compounds that help activate and regulate the endocannabinoid system. When you juicing is done properly, you should not have to worry about psycho-activity. Though preparing the juice improperly may lead to heating the solution and causing THC to form, this can be said of pasteurization, even flash pasteurization. I utilize the power of raw Cannabis in juiced form myself. This juice possesses a powerful grassy taste, definitely lacking in the flavor department. It is best mixed into a smoothie for those with sensitive palates, chased with apple juice or lemonade or just straight for veterans and die-hards. No matter the taste, it is worth the power-house of nutrients found within. Canna Juicers will notice a strong increase in energy levels, feeling invigorated almost immediately. I am unsure as to why this amount of energy is produced, I am pretty sure it has something to do with the metabolism of the acid components of the juice, leaving it exceptionally beneficial to those with chronic-fatigue issues. This juice has appetite suppressant qualities, as you do not feel the urge to eat as often, and there are no “munchies” associated with raw Cannabis juice. One downfall is, in its raw form Cannabis Juice does not have a long-shelf life. The neon-green juice begins to turn the mucky-brown of oxidation about as quickly as an apple once bitten into. I would not recommend keeping juice longer than 12 hours as the nutritional value begins to degrade. You are able to store the juice in the freezer for a period of 6-12 months, though fresh is best! My friend and Juicing Guru, Dr. William Courtney, of Mendocino County California recommends that patients juice 15-20 leaves per day. Cannabis leaves have the highest CBD levels, and therefore are the best for juicing. Prime juicing material is found when the plants are between 70-85 days old. He believes that individuals with compromised immune systems from autoimmune disorders, cellular dysfunction, chronic inflammation, cancer and various other illnesses can derive a wide range of health-promoting benefits by consuming organic raw Cannabis Juice. I believe that Cannabis, and the compounds found within are vital nutrients missing from our modern, prohibitionist, western diet. Give raw, organic Cannabis juicing a try, feel the benefits for yourself, and then share the news with your friends and loved ones. Don’t be afraid to cure yourself! Cannadad
  4. popeye!

    Oregon Organic Elites

    Hey farmer's I just wanted to start a Lil post I'm gonna be updating it as often as I can. I'm a Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient and Grower who appreciates quality medicine grown in quality organic methods! I like to do AACT (Activated Aerated Compost Teas) and I use dry raw organic nutrients no bottles. In the garden right now I have King Louis XIII OG, Katsu`s Bubba Kush, East Coast Sour Diesel, Platinum Animal Cookies aka 09 cut, Critical Jack and Violet Delight the critical jack and violet will be verging a while longer and will be in the next round. I appreciate quality organic cannabis and I'm always striving to get better I hope to get to know people at the farm more and I hope to make some new like minded friends! I will be working on posting a few pictures later today or tomorrow so please stay tuned thank you
  5. HeavyMicroGrow

    Oregon Summer Greenhouse Grow

    Oregon Summer Greenhouse Grow Growing cannabis outdoors is something a lot of growers either wish for or can’t wait year after year to let the sun to bathe over their babies. This year will be my first “outdoor” grow although technically I am in a greenhouse that I had constructed so I will reward myself by calling it an outdoor grow. Looking around on social media I have seen some amazing outdoor garden’s from 5 gallon patios to 200 gallon monsters. It’s now early June and most outdoor growers have had their plants out for about a month now but I went a little different Being my first outdoor season and knowing the unpredictability of the Oregon weather I chose to go with a PVC hoop house to protect against any unforeseen storms. During the second week of May there was three days of rain and I was grateful for my planning. I transplanted my 2 ft high PineSol, Pineapple Chunk x lemon haze in a 50 gallon fabric pot I handmade. I used Down to Earth Pro Mix Soil for my vegging along with Down to Earth Bio-Live fertilizer mix. I got put on to Down to Earth product by my friend Dave at Everwood Farm in Brooks, OR. My plant was healthy right from the seed and I had topped my plant a few times and super cropped her. Along with the Down to Earth products I feed her compost tea and Epson salt along with kelp . With the PinSol transplanted I wanted to test out how a young seedling would do vegging outside in the greenhouse so I chose a mystery Indica I had gotten from my friends at Blackbird Indica Dispensary in Independence,OR. The seedling was suffering from over heating so I 10 gallon pots ready for some single colas.Mystery Indica I gave the plants a good soak with straight out of the hose water. I was worried about any bugs or larvae in the outdoor dirt so I was hoping the chlorine would help clean the soil a little. A few days later both PineSol and Mystery Indica were reaching and having some new growth. The bottom leaves felt the effect of the chlorinated water with yellow and drying leaves. After removing a half dozen leaves their were looking alright and recovering fast. A big mistake I made was super cropping days after transplant. The branch on the east side never fully reached up like I hope. The tops are pointing up but the branch is still leaning. I will be putting cages in this week to help it with the weight and rapid growth. Two weeks after test plants went out I wanted to add another plant to the mix so I transplant a 2 ft AK-48 into a 50 gallon fabric pot. This time I had 2 gallons ph water and a gallon of light compost tea. It’s been about a week and we have two new nodes on the AK. PineSol is on it’s 3rd new nodes and the bent branch has new tops coming from lower stem. My greenhouse is an open end and loose bottom hoop house to help with heat and ventilation . The 6 mil poly is not transparent and blocks about 30% of the light but I plan on going convertible later on in the summer. The heat gets up to 80’s and humidity around 60% but I think that’s ok especially by looking at the new growth. Plus the fabric pot will keep the soil temp low. I’m not planning on filling up the greenhouse right away. I am starting a total of six strains from seed so I have a lot of decisions to make. I have my plants about a month behind each other to spread out harvest and these later plants will be single colas and veg much faster. So far I have PineSol, AK-48, Blue Mountain, Big Skunk, Lamb Breath. and Mystery. The Mystery and Big Skunk seeds were normal so sex to be determined. I will be making updates later in the summer and maybe visit some other ommp grow sites and see how their outdoor grows are going. Please subscribe to my Youtube, Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and get some grow tips on Pinterest.
  6. terranova

    Living Soil Cannabis - Omni Naturals

    Terranova here, From a new land far far away where there are no "products" and "enhancers" just nature, and smart observation. :Big Grin: Been anxious to start posting on the local forums. I'm looking forward to helping people out with getting symbiotic gardens going where you plug in to nature, and the true needs of your plants. This first post will be just a few shots of the plants in the flower room. Everything here is owned by my good friend @kushsyndicate but I am running the living soil plants this round, and its a pleasure to share a peek into our garden.. Check out some of the cuts in rotation...Around day 10 flower. ECSD - East Coast Sour Diesel (Gift from Khaosgardenz aka popeye! himself, one of my most prized plants for a long time no doubt) Platinum Animal Cookies '09 Cut Skywalker OG - G Cut Rez's Sour - Reservoir Seeds Cinex - The other cut Mango - BCBD or Soma...no idea I'll post an update with my next enzyme application. If anybody has questions, please feel free I'm all ears. Thanks again for having me, and a special thanks to Khaosgardenz for pointing me in this direction. TN
  7. CatManMoo

    Organic Master Kush Skunk

    These seeds are Master Kush Skunk from Mr. Nice Seeds. Master Kush x Skunk (Hindu Kush x Hindu Kush= Master Kush x Skunk#1(Afghan-Colombia-Mexican)). These will be organiclly grown in my modified Vic High soil and teas. I got a 5 pack of M/F seeds and will be running all 5. Website says for indoors expect the more skunk phenotypes to be finished in 7 weeks and the others to be finished around 9 weeks maximum. I even read on their forum of a 6 week phenotype. I popped these bad girls into water 2 days ago and paper towels yesterday. Today they have come out of their shells. I also got a new seedling heat mat this morning that really made them stick out Thanks for stopping by! Peace
  8. Hope ya'll are in the mood for a good read! Found this while tucked away in the internet. I believe the article came from members on ICmag.