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  1. Hi all, I have some questions that have been nagging me about Oregon mmj possession limits. But first, some background info: I am an OMMP patient and have designated myself as my grower and my grow site is my residence (I have both OMMP patient and OMMP grower cards). I only grow for myself, so my limit is 6 mature mj plants. For ommp growers, the OAR states: 333-008-0580 Usable Marijuana Possession Limits for a Person Designated to Produce Marijuana by a Patient (1) Subject to section (2) of this rule, a person designated to produce marijuana by a patient may possess the amount of usable marijuana that the person harvests from his or her mature marijuana plants, provided that the person may not possess usable marijuana in excess of the amount of usable marijuana in the person’s possession as reported to the Authority under OAR 333-008-0630. (2) A person designated to produce marijuana by a patient may not possess usable marijuana in excess of: (a) For a marijuana grow site located outdoors, 12 pounds of usable marijuana per mature marijuana plant; or ( For a marijuana grow site located indoors, six pounds of usable marijuana per mature marijuana plant. (3) Unless a PRMG falls within the definition of a person designated to produce marijuana by a patient the PRMG may only possess the amount of usable marijuana that is permitted under ORS 475B.245. (4) A PRMG producing marijuana at a grow site where there are multiple PRMGs registered must physically segregate the usable marijuana at the grow site address that is the property of the PRMG or the PRMG’s patients by placing the usable marijuana in a receptacle or multiple receptacles and attaching a label to the receptacle that includes the PRMG’s name, identification card number and patient identification number. (5) If during an investigation the Authority determines that usable marijuana has not been segregated in accordance with section (4) of this rule or that usable marijuana at the grow site is identified as belonging to an individual who is not registered at the grow site, the Authority may suspend or revoke the registration of the grow site address for all PRMGs producing at that grow site and the PRMG’s cards. Stat. Auth.: ORS 475B.525 Stats. Implemented: ORS 475B.430 Hist.: PH 9-2016, f. 2-26-16, cert. ef. 3-1-16 I feel like the OAR isn't super clear. My questions are as follows: 1. Is the possession limit 6 lbs per indoor plant grown and harvested? For example, say I grow one plant indoors and harvest a very optimistic 6 lbs of usable mmj from this plant and put every bit of the 6 lbs into storage and don't use any of it. Months later, say I grow and harvest 6 indoor plants, again, with each plant optimistically yielding 6 lbs each. I would then have 42 lbs total. Would this be in compliance? 2. Am I limited to a maximum total possession of 36 lbs (6 plant limit x 6 lbs = 36 lbs)? In other words, is the possession limit a simple cap at 36 lbs for a grower with a single patient? 3. Since I designated myself as my own grower, am I allowed to have my OMMP patient limits PLUS grower limits? Thanks! -Stubs
  2. Hello PIF Members, Please see the attached bulletin relating to the public comment period for new OMMP Administrative rules. I encourage PIF members to read the proposed rules on the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) web site and submit comments to the OHA before June 3rd. Below are the 2 comments that I sent into the OHA regarding new Administrative rules, and if you share my concerns, please email your comments to the program at, mailto:publichealth.rules@state.or.us. I would especially like to see an inexpensive Processor license class added for patients & growers to make "safe, non-extract type" concentrates from their own plant material. Basically, a Micro-processor who doesn't make high-heat or high-pressure type extracts, and only works from their own material. I hope that if you share this opinion, you will also send in your comments to the OHA or attend one of the OHA rule making meetings listed in the bulletin. -Psychokitty My submitted comments follow: Comments for 2016 OHA OMMP administrative rule making Micro-processor license #1 Concern: Small OMMP growers and patients will no longer be able to do safe extraction of excess trim and popcorn flower to create clean concentrates, such as "Bubble Hash" or "Dry Kief Hash". Requiring the use of a 3rd party processor decreases the value of the product by fifty percent or more, and is not cost effective for small growers. Additionally, most processors require a 5lb minimum to even start processing, or charge a rate of as much as $650 a pound to do processing. Finally, the $4000 cost to obtain a full processor license is too expensive for the small grower to absorb relative to the volume of material that they will process on an annual basis. Recommendation: Create a micro-processor license that allows growers and patients to self-process the flower and trim from their own harvests, using the "safe" methods available for making concentrates. License cost should be affordable --$200--, and allow the micro-processor to transfer their excess concentrates to the dispensaries (with the same lab testing requirements as regular processor licensees). Transfers to Dispensaries #2 Concern: Batch testing and lab sealing of products will make it hard to take excess product to the dispensaries for sales. Many small growers only have a couple of pounds to sell at a time, and may end up visiting dozens of dispensaries before a sale and transfer is made. At each dispensary, the buyer will want to smell the product as well as test it's density, and maybe even look at it under a microscope. This is impossible if the product is in sealed bags. Recommendation: Create a method that allows the dispensaries to open and reseal bags while allowing for the integrity of the batch to be maintained. Maybe have the dispensary add their signature to any bag they open and reseal. Informational_Bulletin_2016_11_Reminder_of_rulemaking_and_public_comment.pdf
  3. geotree

    Grandfathered Grow Site Petition ~

    Anyone who's been growing for patients since December 31, 2014 should look into submitting a Grandfathing Petition, before any rule changes move forward: https://public.health.oregon.gov/DiseasesConditions/ChronicDisease/MedicalMarijuanaProgram/Pages/Growsites.aspx
  4. Hi community! I am so grateful this forum exists, and that I can help spread the word about this horrible clinic that I recently went to. I am still in shock & baffled by the experience, but I am now clearer on what actions I am going to take. I want to warn everyone. Just a heads up to the Portland Oregon OMMP community. Please do NOT renew your OMMP card at Emerald Leaf Institute on NE Columbia Way. Dr Ronald Stallings is a FRAUD!! I just renewed through them back in November and after two months of waiting for my card, I just found out that the doctor at Emerald Leaf just called OHA to yank my card. The original appointment I had was super sketch & I was ushered straight from my appointment with the doctor, right into a dispensary, where my doctor was now my bud tender. I am certain that this is illegal and constitutes a Conflict of Interest. This doctor has also now stolen from me, as he has not returned my $118 clinic fee, and they wouldn't return my medical records to me after the appointment, and seemed to dodge my requests. And I've been put into an awkward situation where I have to come up with the money again to go renew through another clinic, as I cannot afford to have my & my caregivers' OMMP standing jeopardized. I will contact Dr Camacho's office on Monday to get my renewal done with them - I had seen her for the past two years but thought I'd be ok going with a new clinic.. I plan to file a complaint with the Oregon medical board & I will be submitting evidence with a complaint directly to OHA, stating that they must not allow things like this to happen. It is absurd that OHA is lying, stating that I submitted incomplete paperwork back in November, when that is incorrect. I submitted a SIGNED physician's form from Dr Stallings, the Change form and my fee. They are only giving me 14 days to re-submit the physician's form, which is absurd when I've waited over two months to find out that this has happened. I will also be notifying the local news media. People's lives are at stake here! I am a documented, legit patient and I have had my rights violated. I am really tired of this happening (this being, any abuse whatsoever) repeatedly with patients & I'm sick of there not being any avenues to holding people accountable. After researching the OMMP OHA website yesterday, I couldnt' find anywhere that states that doctors are allowed to rescind their decision on a patient's renewal application several weeks AFTER they signed it. If you go on their website, you will see that they are growers and they advertise free weed for your card spot. After some further research by my partner, it seems that this doctor looked back through their records and after two months, saw that I hadn't returned to get meds from their dispensary and I didnt' sign up for them as growers, so he called OHA and rescinded his approval. I am planning to go over to the office with my partner & will get information on why he rescinded his decision and will demand my money back. I've also been advised to get Dr Camachos' assistance with getting my records back from this doctor & possibly having her call him to inquire about why on earth he would reject a legit patient. **If you or someone you know has had a similar experience with this doctor/clinic, please contact me ASAP to share your story! If I can get more people together who this has happened to, it will be much easier to take this doctor down and to get help from OHA. Thanks everyone for reading and sharing. I really hope that this hasn't happened to anyone else. Whitney
  5. HeavyMicroGrow

    Oregon Summer Greenhouse Grow

    Oregon Summer Greenhouse Grow Growing cannabis outdoors is something a lot of growers either wish for or can’t wait year after year to let the sun to bathe over their babies. This year will be my first “outdoor” grow although technically I am in a greenhouse that I had constructed so I will reward myself by calling it an outdoor grow. Looking around on social media I have seen some amazing outdoor garden’s from 5 gallon patios to 200 gallon monsters. It’s now early June and most outdoor growers have had their plants out for about a month now but I went a little different Being my first outdoor season and knowing the unpredictability of the Oregon weather I chose to go with a PVC hoop house to protect against any unforeseen storms. During the second week of May there was three days of rain and I was grateful for my planning. I transplanted my 2 ft high PineSol, Pineapple Chunk x lemon haze in a 50 gallon fabric pot I handmade. I used Down to Earth Pro Mix Soil for my vegging along with Down to Earth Bio-Live fertilizer mix. I got put on to Down to Earth product by my friend Dave at Everwood Farm in Brooks, OR. My plant was healthy right from the seed and I had topped my plant a few times and super cropped her. Along with the Down to Earth products I feed her compost tea and Epson salt along with kelp . With the PinSol transplanted I wanted to test out how a young seedling would do vegging outside in the greenhouse so I chose a mystery Indica I had gotten from my friends at Blackbird Indica Dispensary in Independence,OR. The seedling was suffering from over heating so I 10 gallon pots ready for some single colas.Mystery Indica I gave the plants a good soak with straight out of the hose water. I was worried about any bugs or larvae in the outdoor dirt so I was hoping the chlorine would help clean the soil a little. A few days later both PineSol and Mystery Indica were reaching and having some new growth. The bottom leaves felt the effect of the chlorinated water with yellow and drying leaves. After removing a half dozen leaves their were looking alright and recovering fast. A big mistake I made was super cropping days after transplant. The branch on the east side never fully reached up like I hope. The tops are pointing up but the branch is still leaning. I will be putting cages in this week to help it with the weight and rapid growth. Two weeks after test plants went out I wanted to add another plant to the mix so I transplant a 2 ft AK-48 into a 50 gallon fabric pot. This time I had 2 gallons ph water and a gallon of light compost tea. It’s been about a week and we have two new nodes on the AK. PineSol is on it’s 3rd new nodes and the bent branch has new tops coming from lower stem. My greenhouse is an open end and loose bottom hoop house to help with heat and ventilation . The 6 mil poly is not transparent and blocks about 30% of the light but I plan on going convertible later on in the summer. The heat gets up to 80’s and humidity around 60% but I think that’s ok especially by looking at the new growth. Plus the fabric pot will keep the soil temp low. I’m not planning on filling up the greenhouse right away. I am starting a total of six strains from seed so I have a lot of decisions to make. I have my plants about a month behind each other to spread out harvest and these later plants will be single colas and veg much faster. So far I have PineSol, AK-48, Blue Mountain, Big Skunk, Lamb Breath. and Mystery. The Mystery and Big Skunk seeds were normal so sex to be determined. I will be making updates later in the summer and maybe visit some other ommp grow sites and see how their outdoor grows are going. Please subscribe to my Youtube, Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and get some grow tips on Pinterest.
  6. Howdy folks, I just finish a page, that will save you time or money! These are some great services make sure you take advantage of the savings by saying you network with Cannabis Express Trim Team. Become a farmer in our group and get that many more advantages...
  7. Heavy GrowTv goes to The SCIA 710 Festival in Turner,OR Salem Cannabis Industry Association, SCIA, wanted to celebrate the underground holiday of 710, a date associated with cannabis extract because of hidden innuendo when the date is viewed upside down. Made up of dispensary owners, growers, patients, business owners, and activists the SCIA is focused on taking cannabis out of the it tarnished and misunderstood past and bringing out into the light as a respectable resource. Shedding the stigma of illegal drug operations and cold hearted drug dealers Salem's OMMP dispensaries set up their booths next to local businesses who proudly displayed their marijuana culture merchandise. Being from Salem, the small town of Turner wasn't that far of a travel but I managed to run into few festival goers cruising around trying to navigate the country roads. I helped a fellow traveler find his way to festival up the winding road through rural and agricultural properties into a remote neighborhood. I made my introductions to Brad, the motorist following me, as I unloaded my gear and started toward the entry gate. We were met by some familiar friendly faces, Joel Braun with NLP Secure an OMMP friendly credit card company, and local budtenders from 1st Choice Cannabis made most of up the staff and security for the day. At the ticket table a green wristband is put on us after providing our ID and OMMP cards plus three tickets for drawings throughout the day. After saying our hellos and getting out our things in order, my new friend Brad and I walked into a huge clearing of what looked like an orchard at one point. The grounds where on a hill with the stage positioned at the bottom which made a natural amphitheater with beautiful old trees bordering the grounds providing shade and marking spots for the vendor booths. I learned Brad is an associate with Oregon Chronic Solution, a dispensary in NE Salem. He also introduced me to a wonderful lady named Denise and a gentlemen named Glen both co owners of the dispensary. Offering up delicious a sample of infuse chocolate chip cookies I couldn't refuse and started of the day with a nice medicated treat. I found a nice shady spot to the left of the stage in between the hot dog stand and the judges table. I figured this would be the best spot to survey the entry scene and not get burnt to a crisp in the hot summer sun. From across the way I see a familiar face on stage, DJ Gitdown of Legacy Productions. SCIA asked him to be the house DJ for the festival which isn't an easy job when the music bill went from afternoon to well into the night. Being the DJ, sound engineer, and event coordinator is Gitdown's day to day operations. He has his own BoomBox in da BoonDox Festival every year at the end of summer and is a favorite in Salem's nightclubs and bars. The days music ranged from MC's like Skitle To da E, Kamal Shamayleh, Mista Chief and RBT too the acoustic stylings of Dawna Crooker, The Smile Junkies, Ben "Wilderness" Campbell, and Fahari and BYOI. DJ French Connection was on fire spinning some phat beats giving Gitdown some time to enjoy the festival for a few hours. In between sets dispensary operators and SCIA members were throwing out prizes into the crowd and calling out tickets for some pretty cool prizes from t-shirts, too tinctures. Also winners in the best medible and best concentrate contests were announced. 420eats from Eugene won best medible with their Pumpkin Popper and Foundation Holistics won best concentrate. My old friend James from Jimi Rigged Catering should have won for best pull pork sandwich but unfortunately there was no category for him. The folks at Smokeys BBQ Sauce made it out with samples of their BBQ Dipping Sauce but the big hit of the day was Singing Bird Family Farm's Raw Honey Tea. Some important issues were brought up by Lindsey Rinehart of the 45th Parallel Dispensary in Clackamas County. Due to a moratorium her dispensary can no longer operate and provide patients with thier medicine also taking away all the hard work Lindsey and the folks around there have put in. She is fighting back with a petition to put the moratorium in Clackamas County up to a vote, the first of it's kind. Michael from Oregon SweetLeaf Revival and Youtube's The Druid Show put on a passionate speech about the rights of OMMP patients, growers, and dispensary operators. Michael and The Ganja Goddess are wonderful people keeping the OMMP community strong and bringing positivity to patients in need. Being a weekday and a family man I had to call it an early day leaving the festival around 8 o'clock just as the headliners were making it up on stage. After being zapped by the sun all day and taking a crazy amount of pictures I was on the road heading back into town as the sun began to set. I think back on the Festival now and I realize that the OMMP community here in Salem is much like a family and we can thank SCIA for that. Years ago we would have been outcasts or looked at as outlaws but SCIA has giving us pride and a foundation for doing good things with cannabis. Whether a self sufficient patient grower or a dispensary operator we all have the same goal of making marijuana a respectable resource and show the world the benefits of cannabis. HeavyMicro Grow Heavy GrowTv https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005960658466 https://plus.google.com/u/0/112317969997015932619/posts https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjMLwUF2Ze7Fz9rdTaGJG9Q
  8. Heavy GrowTv Visits The Holistic Choice in Salem,OR In the capital city of Oregon life can be tough and definitely unfair to the people in need of a hand every now and then. Different faces from all walks of life live and travel to this city daily; whether heading toward white government buildings that dot the downtown landscape or just visitors from neighboring rural towns. You could call The Holistic Choice a little oasis, hidden away for the weary traveler to find and replenish for life's long and sometimes unforgiving journey. Although sometimes hard to find on the one way Commercial street heading south out of downtown Salem The Holistic Choice is worth the effort. Familiar with the small parking lot, next to a record store named Harvest Music, I decided to park around the block giving disabled patients room to park close. I don't exaggerate when I say disabled patients either. Salem is home to a many hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities so the time I've spent at The Holistic Choice I witnessed the good people cannabis helps. Entering the frosted marijuana leafed glass doorway you are greeted with bright vibrant morals on the walls and a potted plant garden next to the corner waiting area. At the front desk is usually a young knowledgeable gentleman helping with the registration and an questions you may have. You see this oasis is like entering someone's home because The Holistic Choice is a family run operation that prides itself on professional but friendly customer service. I had a chance to sit down a speak with "Mom" for a little while and had a few patients join us as we shared our smiles and gripes. I won't get into their stories because I protect the privacy of those just wanting to communicate on a human level but I can tell you the patients were in no hurry to leave our little pow wow. Full introductions were made and I played the fly on the wall as business ran as usual. I could sense a strong family value and great parenting in action. "Dad" worked in the back office portioning out dabs from a stack of wax paper slabs and was busy with to the day to day in constant communications with "Mom" and the many sons that work the dispensary. From left to right a son would ask approval of something or telephone would ring or questions being asked. It was a well oiled machine all for the purpose of patients getting their medicine. All this effort day in day out with the people they love right next to them together fighting the good fight and always trying to help those travelers get through their pains and struggles. With a youthful flare but sometime older clientele The Holistic Choice is a melting pot and much like the diversity coming in the doors the flowers and concentrates are just as wide a variety. Jars upon jars of beautiful buds line the back room walls highlighted by amazingly colorful morals a luscious purple back drop. Plenty of new vape products, a few edibles, tinctures and dab set ups dawn the display case. Concentrates and dabs have become a favorite product of The Holistic Choice. Ask around town to any veteran dabber and they will nod their head in approval when The Holistic Choice is mentioned. A word of mouth reputation and a patient focused dispensary has The Holistic Choice on most OMMP patients stop list when the hit the capital city or as The Holistic Choice may put it "Dab City". Heavy Heavy GrowTv HeavyMicro Grow https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005960658466 https://twitter.com/HeavyMicroGrow https://plus.google.com/u/0/112317969997015932619/posts https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjMLwUF2Ze7Fz9rdTaGJG9Q/feed
  9. Heavy GrowTV Visits 1st Choice Cannabis in Salem, OR Heavy GrowTv Visits 1st Choice Cannabis located at 4142 Liberty Rd. S. Salem, OR. 1st Choice is not only a fully stocked medical marijuana dispensary with everything a patient would need but also a boutique offering the latest fashion for women, purses, jewelry, and accessories. It doesn't stop there either. Located in south Salem, nestled in the corner lot next to a convenience store, 1st Choice keeps cool in the shade and enjoys its suburban surrounding. Across the street a community garden has sprouted up offering up a soothing comfortable neighborhood vibe. When you first entering 1st Choice you may think you walked in to the wrong place unless you are greeted by the roaring torches in the glass studio. Yes, the glass studio. 1st Choice invites local artists to create custom pieces for the dispensary or special orders for patients. Kenzie's Closet is the name of the boutique located in the waiting area. Dawned with plush leather chairs, surrounded by beautiful garments, and glass displays filled with smoke accessories, the rare times patients do have to wait, it's never a dull scene. The receptionist is always friendly and registration is quick and easy. Don't forget to ask for a punch card and a Leafly review card for your special discounts. 1st Choice is a female run establishment and they have taken medical dispensaries to another level. Along with Kenzie's Closet, Legal Baked Goods in another in house brand that specializes in infused edibles and custom orders if dietary restrictions apply. With all this going on under one roof one may think 1st Choice may be slacking on there medicine but they would wrong. Always updating their inventory on Leafly, 1st Choice keeps close ties with their vendors and offers a wide variety of flowers. Vap users and Dabbers aren't left out because 1st Choice also has great concentrates like, BHO, Hash, Shatter, and more. For patients who prefer smokeless meds there are plenty tinctures, pills, oils and medibles to choice from. A refrigerator, freezer, and racks full of delicious infused treats from Legal Baked Goods and others are temptingly displayed at every turn. The budtenders in the backroom are always welcoming, knowledgeable, and very helpful for first time visitors. 1st Choice is always doing special offers with the punch card, Leafly review card discount, and daily specials. Make sure you find them on Facebook to keep up to date because they offer clones as well so if your looking for that certain strain they may just have it. 1st Choice Cannabis is a member of Salem Cannabis Industry Association an organization of local businesses, dispensaries, and activists that are focused on the legitimacy and benefits of marijuana. The women at 1st Choice Cannabis in Salem,OR turn cannabis into Cannabiz. Heavy HeavyMicro Grow https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005960658466 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjMLwUF2Ze7Fz9rdTaGJG9Q https://plus.google.com/u/0/112317969997015932619/posts
  10. PIF Preamble What you will find after you join: Seasoned cultivators will share secrets to successful harvests. Retired Scientists/Patients who are willing to share their medication, Mentoring by experienced growers. Read scientific reviews of the latest cannabis products. Tips on how to produce quality medication every harvest. Grow room tips and DIY advice by our professional installers. Oregon carded members will gain access to our private forums. You’ll find cannabis legislation and more. OMMP Pay it forward is a community of compassionate people willing to offer help today. All free!
  12. Strider555

    The Party Was A Blast!

    Just wanted to Sat Thanks To Carla For Hosting Another Great Gathering For Us all, You are most AWSOME! I loved the costumes and all the great food i am sooo stuffed. Lots of great new faces sorry i didnt get time to meet you all And Old faces too.. Great Times For Sure Cant Wait To Do it Again.!! :christmas pot 16:

    From: Mission Statement

    <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <title>Welcome to OMMP pay it forward</title> <style> <!-- body { background: #FFFFFF; margin: 0px; padding: 4px; font-family: arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 9pt; } --> </style> </head> <body> <p><b><font color="#000080">Welcome to OMMP pay it forward; (PIF)<br> <br> Our Goal here, is to provide you with a welcoming and helpful community . In which all members feel free to express themselves in any way they like so long as it does not infringe on other members enjoyment of the site, Also we simply ask that you treat each other with the respect we all deserve . Any issues may be brought up to a staff member. Ommp Pay It Forward is a OMMP community, and therefore abides by all OMMP laws, and we DO ask that you do the same, as per our (TOS) As staff here we work for you , to keep things clean, and running smoothly. We accept suggestions and constructive criticism. We hope that you find our forums helpful and informative, and that we can help you learn and then you in turn, can teach someone else. This is how we really pay it forward, by teaching others. Driving, talking ,being here to support other's, are all ways to pay it forward. Our goal is self sufficiency, and we would like to see each patient achieve that, thank you for choosing Freemygreenpdx.com and enjoy our forums.</font></b><br> </p> <p><b><font color="#0000FF">What you will find after you join:</font></b></p> <ul class="bbc"> <li><b><font color="#1c2837" size="3">Seasoned cultivators will share secrets to successful harvests. </font></b></li> <li><b><font color="#1c2837" size="3">Patients who are willing to share their medication, tips on how to produce quality medication every harvest. </font></b></li> <li><b><font color="#1c2837" size="3">Mentoring by experienced growers.</font><font size="3"> </font></b></li> <li><b><font color="#1c2837" size="3">Grow room tips and DIY advice by our professional installers. </font></b></li> <li><b><font color="#1c2837" size="3">Oregon carded members will gain access to our private forums.</font><font size="3"> </font></b></li> <li><b><font color="#1c2837" size="3">You’ll find cannabis legislation and more.</font><font size="3"> </font></b></li> <li><b><font color="#1c2837" size="3">OMMP Pay it forward is a community of compassionate people willing to offer help today. </font></b></li> <li><b><font color="#1c2837" size="3">All free!</font></b></li> </ul> <br> <p> </p> <p> </p> </body> </html> Source: Mission Statement
  14. Maintaining Memories with Marijuana Can smoking marijuana prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Published on July 14, 2010 by Professor Gary L. Wenk, Ph. D. in Your Brain on Food Research in my laboratory has demonstrated that stimulating the brain's marijuana receptors may offer protection by reducing brain inflammation and by restoring neurogenesis. Thus, later in life, marijuana might actually help your brain, rather than harm it. It takes very little marijuana to produce benefits in the older brain; my colleague in France, Dr. Yannick Marchalant, coined the motto "a puff is enough" because it appears as though only a single puff each day is necessary to produce significant benefit. The challenge for pharmacologists in the future will be to isolate the beneficial effects of the marijuana plant from its psychoactive effects. © Gary L.Wenk, Ph.D. author of Your Brain on Food (Oxford, 2010); http://faculty.psy.o...state.edu/wenk/ Also see: Marijuana and Coffee are Good for the Brain @ My link<BR style="CLEAR: both"><BR style="CLEAR: both"> Source: Maintaining Memories with Marijuana

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  17. Alchemy and Potion making Making absolutes Cannabis Esters Isomerizing and acetatates Washing extractions HAO Holy Sh*t Cannacaps Cannapops Cannabuttons Alcohol extractions QWISO Isopropyl QWET Ethanol QWME Methanol QWDE Denatured Ethanol reflux and soxhlet Other Log in and join in the conversations,
  18. Monster sunspot poses threat of significant solar storms - Capital Weather Gang - The Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/post/monster-sunspot-poses-threat-of-significant-solar-storms/2011/11/04/gIQA825KmM_blog.html

    From: OMMP Fee Changes

    I sent this letter in response to the new OMMP fee increase the fees which will be $180 for no FS, SSD, SSI. FS SSD $80, SSI $40, Grower $50 Change request $25 Replace card $25. Flood her with emails voicing your feelings of injustice and backdoor dealings. Thank you for your comments and for your participation in the rulemaking process. I will pass your comments along to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. All comments will be considered and responded to before the rules are finalized. -Brittany Brittany Sande____________________ Administrative Rules Coordinator | Legislative Assistant Public Health Division, Oregon Health Authority 800 NE Oregon St., Suite 930 Portland, OR 97232 (: (971) 673-1291 | 7: (971) 673-1299 | *: brittany.a.sande@state.or.us www.oregon.gov/OHA "Life is not merely being alive, but being well." --Martial, Latin poet >>> <eclecticdreamsunlimited@gmail.com> 9/22/2011 6:29 AM >>> Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division Brittany Sande, Administrative Rules Coordinator 800 NE Oregon St., Suite 930 Portland, OR 97232 Dear Ms. Sande, I am just adding my voice to a controversial proposal. There are numerous reasons why this increase is unacceptable to us, especially those that are low income, sick and terminally ill on SSD or SSI. As it stands with the new schedule I personally have to pay $80 for my card and then another $50 to continue with the same grower that I have right now. On a fixed income where do I get $130.00? It is wrong and unfair that those on SSI get a better price break, What about people that are not on low income? I'm still confused as to why this increase is even needed as the OMMP is a self supporting program (how many programs can say that?) I hear you want to use this extra to fund "pet' projects". Are these projects going to say "This program is brought to you by medical marijuana"? It should be since we will be funding them if you continue with this price increase. I still can't understand why if something isn't broken that you want to change it. The saying goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it. Isn't that what you are doing fixing something that isn't broke? I am shaking my head over the shame you are bringing upon yourselves. I'm sure my letter won't mean squat to you. It seems that public opinion doesn't seem to matter in this case. I'm curious why you even bothered to have open meetings in regards to this proposal if our voices don't count. More and more our voices are being silenced all the time and this is another prime example of that. "I strongly recommend these proposed amendments to administrative rules in chapter 333, division 8, which increased OMMP registration fees, include a sunset clause that would effectually return the OMMP fees to its pre-October 1, 2011 structure on July 1, 2013 or whenever the revenue for the 'other' programs has been raised, whichever comes first. SB 5529, the impetus for this fee increase, is a spending bill for the current biennium, ending on June 30, 2013, with no requirements or provisions beyond this date. Because the fee increase is a great hardship to many low-income and seriously-ill cardholders and potential cardholders, and because there is no legislative direction or requirement to charge these exorbitant fees, and because there is no need for the excess revenue, and because an administrative rule changing process to lower the fees would cost the OMMP tens of thousands of dollars, it would be highly irresponsible to not add a sunset clause." (by Todd Dalotto ommp card holder) I would appreciate a return to my email directly answering the questions I have raised along with a proposal. As a member of the public and a patient on the OMMP, I deserve to have this answer. Thank you for you time Source: OMMP Fee Changes