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Found 1 result

  1. Purple Power

    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

    One of our Staff members needs your help, Help me not only to save this young puppy's life but free her from the agonizing pain of arthritis. The sooner she gets the surgery the better her outcome when it comes to arthritis. It'll take an adult dog 2-3 months to heal from this type of surgery, but since Chloe is still a growing puppy it may take less time, 6-8 weeks. If you would like to donate to help Chloe get her much needed surgery, please click on the link below or a picture. On Nov 9, 2018, I adopted a 6-month-old puppy named Chloe from the pound AKA Jackson Co. Animal Services. She had a limp on her front right leg, and I was told it's just growing pains. When I got Chloe to my vet as soon as I could a month later, I had them check out her leg since it was getting worse. The pound was wrong. Chloe isn't dealing with growing pains, but Ununited Anconeal Process (UAP fracture). This is one of four types of elbow dysplasia. She needs surgery that costs $3,400 to $3,600. The pound wasted last month with first offering me to bring Chloe back and pick another puppy/dog. This is a death sentence to Chloe and I found it very insulting. I took it as there's a problem with your kid, bring the kid back and we'll put her down, and you can pick a new kid for free. Then they said they'll have the vet clinic they contract with to do the surgery. This took 3 long weeks to find out once everyone was on board, the pound's vet wouldn't do the surgery once he finally saw the x-ray and said it must be done at the specialist. At first, the pound refused to pay anything towards the 3400 to 3600 for the specialist, but I was able to get them to commit a measly $500 towards the specialist. Under my vet's recommendations, Chloe is restricted from all exercise. She's in a crate (48" long) at all times unless on a leash to go out to do her business. She's also on 100mg Carprovet (pain pill, $1.50 per pill). She and I hate this. This is no life for a growing puppy to be locked up 24/7. The sooner the funds can be raised, the sooner she can get the surgery she needs. If you would like to donate to help Chloe get her much needed surgery, please click on the link below https://freeanimaldoctor.org/campaigns/chloe/ I'm going through a charity call Free Animal Doctor. All money raised goes straight to the specialty center who will do the surgery. With a goal of $3,000 in 38 days, about $80 a day must be raised to reach this goal. Chloe's 1st Christmas. You can tell by her eyes that she's a bit drugged up