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Found 2 results

  1. So I moved wrong, and a vertebra slipped out of place, along with the attached rib. That and the accompanying muscle spasms were all the excuse I needed to review TrueTerpenes "GRANDDADDY PURPLE" concentrate enhancers. I had already been impressed with TrueTerpenes "Super Lemon Haze", so I jumped at the chance to try out the effects. I mixed a portion of a drop out by dipping the dropper and touching it to 4 or 5 good dabs in a petri dish and warmed it until they liquified, then mixed thoroughly. I set the dish in the fridge for a few moments so it would set up and took a good dab. The GDP has a very intense flavor, but I really enjoyed the way it painted my tongue. It has a nice earthy/spicy kinda thing going on. Within a couple of dabs I was starting to feel my muscles relax and the spasms fade till I was finally able to find a comfortable position. The infamous GDP couch lock set in and I spent some time just watching a video game. By the time I was wanting to get some food I had nearly no pain except for the occasional twinge when I turned wrong. I have to say I'm convinced that the Entourage Effect is a real thing, and I couldn't be more excited that we can now customize our flavors, and even more importantly, the effects of our concentrates.
  2. Ok so I been at this hydro stuff since the late 80's. GH nutes , simple and easy as 1 2 3 or 3 2 1 For years I have never been satisfied with the finished product ( GH flora series) as it always seemed brittle and taste never really lasted through the end of the bowl or the end of the joint. This happened even though correctly doing flushes this that or other way. I have tried more flushing systems then the worlds children populations have eaten candy. Growing in dirt (organic) under the same dryng conditions, humidity conditions, temperature, and wattage the product always had a soft texture and smoked in bowls flavor down to the last hit and joints the flavor even got bettr towards the end. I usually am always running a dirt set up and hydro setup simultaneously. So iI finally think I have figured out ( This was by pure accident) a way to transform the plant at the end from using synthetic nutes ( hydropinic ebb and flow) through veg growth until a week before harvvest. During this time really providing the plants with the max amout in correct ratios for finishing up strong with large bud swell ( synthetic nutes )and then covert ,"flush" , finalize the finish to perfection organically the last week to 10 days.( Depends on plant) On a 9 week plant - Here is what I have been doing. After 1st month veg I run two days with 500 ml/40 gallons CLEARX. I pH to 5.5-6.0. This bascially adds sugars and some "wetting" agent and really cleans up the system preparing the plants to really take in the nutes on the next fresh batch. Hydroponic growing is not sterile. Bacteria, fungi, algea all get established through the system. SO the sugars help that population. When i am ready to start the conversion ( The plants will be ready in 7-10 days) I use bat guano and worm casting ( Fox Farm Big Bloom). I also make a tea with jamaican bat guano. 300 ml big bloom/40 gallon, I add a few tablespoons of j bat guano to a 1/2 gallon water and let steep a feww days. The first day i use 250 ml clearx/40 gallons and run 24 hours on normal watering schedule (4 - 15 minute flows daily. 4 30 minure flows daily) I drain refill with water I add the Big bloom as per above and very carefully pour tea at 100 - 200ml in along with FF to 40 gallons fresh. I will run that till the end. Now here is what I discovered i will expain below after this. Each day I eliminate about 2 feeding cycles. (This may vary on different plants a bit.) That means no water flowing for those two times - IN 3 days you are only watering 2 times. I feed the one just beore lights come on and try to time it so the plant will begin to wilt on the bottom half on large leaves and even try to push it to main leaves on buds.before feeding second time. ( Again this can vary based on potter size and plant as to how it will wilt) SO for about 4 days with mentioned solution I make the plants wilt aggressivily before watering second time. On day of harvest she gets nothing and wilts and at lights closing she is harvested.. The harvest will be at an all new level of flavor, production, and texture. Nutrients are inexpensive, high quality, and easy to mix. I discoverd this by accident whren I had a pump issue. I forgot to plug them in and two trays ran off these timers. I left town for three days and when I got back two trays were dead. One tray was being clearx'd at the time and got that treatment for two days feeding the other tray was in full sythetic nutrient at 7 weeks. The tray that had been clearx as normal 8 watering day 1, 6 waterings day 2, then left town for three days no water seeemed to have used it last bit of energy and moisture, there at the end, and there was a dramtic yellowing of big leaves and the big leaves on the buds. The buds looked shiny and beautiful. The other tray in synthetic tray was crispy dead. I just dryed the clearx'd stuff and noticed the texture improvement and when smoking noticed the flavor and smokabiltiy was superior.So I just taylored the feeding as mentioned above, staggered the wattering schedule down gradually, and improved on the accident by 4x. If you use Gh flora ebb and flow or other sythetic nute ebb and flow you are invited to give this a try and report back the improvement you noticed. Hoiped this jarred the ol noggin for some one