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Found 6 results

  1. Caedmon Michael

    My First Visit: Nectar on 122nd Ave

    I travel past this dispensary regularly, it looks really nice on the outside, and they had a good website. On the day of my visit, the dispensary was as nice to visit as it was to pass by. The grounds were well maintained with lush grass, pruned plants, and a cute fence. My service dog really enjoyed the trees and lawn.The waiting room was clean and large enough for a half-dozen people to wait comfortably, if necessary. The receptionist was friendly, efficient, and polite. She made me feel welcome and at ease. Nectar was cash only at the time (and may still be), though the signage made it seem that might be a temporary condition. There was no ATM, but the receptionist pointed me toward two. One was easy walking (two blocks). The shop was nice, with lots of room to wander and look while others are being helped. Even though I was the only one there, I asked for a moment to look around before asking for help. Here's where things got weird. The guy helping me was either clueless, misinformed, or deceitful. First, he tried telling me that high CBD is for pain, indica is for everything else, and sativa is for recreation. What!? When I called him on it, he didn't acknowledge what I said, but then started showing me sativa products. Then, he kept calling strains, "flavors." In his sales pitch, the only difference from one strain to another is flavor and you should pick the one that tastes the best. Then, he sold me vape products that didn't work together. I didn't think they would, but he promised and I was tired of fighting him. They didn't work, which pissed me off a bit, but it also gave me an excuse to go back and see if it was the shop or just him. When I went back, I was greeted warmly and sent back. There were three different employees behind the counter, but all were helping people. That was fine until the door opened and the guy from the day before came out to help me. He was totally confused about the vape. When I asked him the best way to solve it, he just looked at me. I suggested we swap batteries, which he agreed to. He didn't think it would work, but it was a good first step. I asked him if there was a price difference or if it was an even swap and he just looked at me. At this point, I knew they had to be within $5 of one another, so I just put it in my bag and asked him if we needed to do any paperwork. He shook his head and waved, so I walked out.
  2. Caedmon Michael

    My First Visit: Pure Oregon

    I walk past Pure Oregon a few times a week, but I never would have gone in if I hadn't been in need that evening. The shop is in one of those old, small, strip malls that run perpendicular to the main road and the shop was in the inside corner of the "L" where the lighting wasn't all that great. I never would have seen it if it wasn't for a small A-board sign by the sidewalk. Outside appearance matters to me. This shop didn't look bad - like something to be avoided - but with so many options with better curb appeal, I kept walking by. I'm glad I stopped in. The exterior isn't much and the interior is more utilitarian than posh, but it's a well-stocked shop with a good variety of products and staff who work well together. I had some specific questions about concentrates and edibles. No one person is going to be an expert in all areas and the staff were good at sharing the questions around. The shop felt like the community market that was around for years before the big box and boutique shops came in. They talked about "donations" instead of "prices," were friendly and informal (even coming out on my side of the counter to help when it made more sense), and made me feel like family. They were eager to answer my newbie questions and appeared to enjoy helping me. I only have one complaint. Their online (Leafly) menu hadn't been updated in months. As I write this a week after my visit, their Leafly menu says it was updated two days ago and certain products I was looking for that weren't in stock are no longer listed. That would be great if they're updating again, but I'd recommend calling ahead if you're looking for something specific off the menu. I really like Pure Oregon. Lots of product. Room to breathe in the shop. Great, great staff. If I wasn't moving next month, this would easily be my regular, neighborhood dispensary. P.S. I appreciate the thought behind the free pre-roll that many shops offer to new patients. As a non-smoker, I really like Pure Oregon's "free gram to new patients" promotion. They gave me a gram of my choice to use however I like. That was a real treat.
  3. Howdy folks, I just finish a page, that will save you time or money! These are some great services make sure you take advantage of the savings by saying you network with Cannabis Express Trim Team. Become a farmer in our group and get that many more advantages...
  4. Heavy GrowTv Visits The Holistic Choice in Salem,OR In the capital city of Oregon life can be tough and definitely unfair to the people in need of a hand every now and then. Different faces from all walks of life live and travel to this city daily; whether heading toward white government buildings that dot the downtown landscape or just visitors from neighboring rural towns. You could call The Holistic Choice a little oasis, hidden away for the weary traveler to find and replenish for life's long and sometimes unforgiving journey. Although sometimes hard to find on the one way Commercial street heading south out of downtown Salem The Holistic Choice is worth the effort. Familiar with the small parking lot, next to a record store named Harvest Music, I decided to park around the block giving disabled patients room to park close. I don't exaggerate when I say disabled patients either. Salem is home to a many hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities so the time I've spent at The Holistic Choice I witnessed the good people cannabis helps. Entering the frosted marijuana leafed glass doorway you are greeted with bright vibrant morals on the walls and a potted plant garden next to the corner waiting area. At the front desk is usually a young knowledgeable gentleman helping with the registration and an questions you may have. You see this oasis is like entering someone's home because The Holistic Choice is a family run operation that prides itself on professional but friendly customer service. I had a chance to sit down a speak with "Mom" for a little while and had a few patients join us as we shared our smiles and gripes. I won't get into their stories because I protect the privacy of those just wanting to communicate on a human level but I can tell you the patients were in no hurry to leave our little pow wow. Full introductions were made and I played the fly on the wall as business ran as usual. I could sense a strong family value and great parenting in action. "Dad" worked in the back office portioning out dabs from a stack of wax paper slabs and was busy with to the day to day in constant communications with "Mom" and the many sons that work the dispensary. From left to right a son would ask approval of something or telephone would ring or questions being asked. It was a well oiled machine all for the purpose of patients getting their medicine. All this effort day in day out with the people they love right next to them together fighting the good fight and always trying to help those travelers get through their pains and struggles. With a youthful flare but sometime older clientele The Holistic Choice is a melting pot and much like the diversity coming in the doors the flowers and concentrates are just as wide a variety. Jars upon jars of beautiful buds line the back room walls highlighted by amazingly colorful morals a luscious purple back drop. Plenty of new vape products, a few edibles, tinctures and dab set ups dawn the display case. Concentrates and dabs have become a favorite product of The Holistic Choice. Ask around town to any veteran dabber and they will nod their head in approval when The Holistic Choice is mentioned. A word of mouth reputation and a patient focused dispensary has The Holistic Choice on most OMMP patients stop list when the hit the capital city or as The Holistic Choice may put it "Dab City". Heavy Heavy GrowTv HeavyMicro Grow https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005960658466 https://twitter.com/HeavyMicroGrow https://plus.google.com/u/0/112317969997015932619/posts https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjMLwUF2Ze7Fz9rdTaGJG9Q/feed
  5. Heavy GrowTV Visits 1st Choice Cannabis in Salem, OR Heavy GrowTv Visits 1st Choice Cannabis located at 4142 Liberty Rd. S. Salem, OR. 1st Choice is not only a fully stocked medical marijuana dispensary with everything a patient would need but also a boutique offering the latest fashion for women, purses, jewelry, and accessories. It doesn't stop there either. Located in south Salem, nestled in the corner lot next to a convenience store, 1st Choice keeps cool in the shade and enjoys its suburban surrounding. Across the street a community garden has sprouted up offering up a soothing comfortable neighborhood vibe. When you first entering 1st Choice you may think you walked in to the wrong place unless you are greeted by the roaring torches in the glass studio. Yes, the glass studio. 1st Choice invites local artists to create custom pieces for the dispensary or special orders for patients. Kenzie's Closet is the name of the boutique located in the waiting area. Dawned with plush leather chairs, surrounded by beautiful garments, and glass displays filled with smoke accessories, the rare times patients do have to wait, it's never a dull scene. The receptionist is always friendly and registration is quick and easy. Don't forget to ask for a punch card and a Leafly review card for your special discounts. 1st Choice is a female run establishment and they have taken medical dispensaries to another level. Along with Kenzie's Closet, Legal Baked Goods in another in house brand that specializes in infused edibles and custom orders if dietary restrictions apply. With all this going on under one roof one may think 1st Choice may be slacking on there medicine but they would wrong. Always updating their inventory on Leafly, 1st Choice keeps close ties with their vendors and offers a wide variety of flowers. Vap users and Dabbers aren't left out because 1st Choice also has great concentrates like, BHO, Hash, Shatter, and more. For patients who prefer smokeless meds there are plenty tinctures, pills, oils and medibles to choice from. A refrigerator, freezer, and racks full of delicious infused treats from Legal Baked Goods and others are temptingly displayed at every turn. The budtenders in the backroom are always welcoming, knowledgeable, and very helpful for first time visitors. 1st Choice is always doing special offers with the punch card, Leafly review card discount, and daily specials. Make sure you find them on Facebook to keep up to date because they offer clones as well so if your looking for that certain strain they may just have it. 1st Choice Cannabis is a member of Salem Cannabis Industry Association an organization of local businesses, dispensaries, and activists that are focused on the legitimacy and benefits of marijuana. The women at 1st Choice Cannabis in Salem,OR turn cannabis into Cannabiz. Heavy HeavyMicro Grow https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005960658466 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjMLwUF2Ze7Fz9rdTaGJG9Q https://plus.google.com/u/0/112317969997015932619/posts