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Found 1 result

  1. I Do Honestly Care About Everyone Here. Some Right Here Are Hurting And All I've Ever Wanted Was To Help/And Be Needed. I Feel The Vibes Of Those Deeply Hurting-Some Have Mentioned That I Can Sense It-Feel It. No Doubt Everyone's Having A Good Laugh Right About Now. Lastly, I'll Finally Be A Free Man-> No More A And B Felonies Ever And Now Freedom. My Only Crime---> Growing Two 1 & 1/2 Ft Tall Plants.No Sales. In Two Locked Rooms In The Basement-To Be Personal Use. {I Kept The Keys On Me} It Took A Long Time To Raise Close To A Grand When My Buddy Told Me He'd Do It All For Like A $100 Less. Criminal Defense Attorney Here In Town, When I Become Free In A Week Or Two... Who Knows What'll Happen ? I Have Felt SUPERBAD And Have Regretted It All These Years. I've Been Under That Bust Mentally Ever Since The 90's. They Railroaded Me {Bad Piglets} And Everyone Who Knows Me Will Tell You I'm Telling The Truth. It So Shattered Me That I Became A Recluse Right After My House Daddy Responsibilities Were Over. That And Other Events Not Only Shaped My Life But Left Me With A Large Amount Of Hate. Thankfully I No Longer Hold Anything Against Anyone-It Just Doesn't Pay. Super Bad Karma If Nothing Else That'll Build Up On Ya. Oh All The Subjects I Had In My Sights @ That Time When I Was A Younger Man... If Things Didn't Work Out I Think I Would Have Done Something Bad. Whe The A88wipe DA SAid I Want 8 Years Out Of Him About Me Almost Dropped To The Floor. Biy When They Have Ya, They Have Ya ! I Had A Life Once... But Many Things Have Happened Which I Can Forgive, But I Can NEVER Forget. So The Way I Look At Things... At This Stage Of Life, I've Lost All Hope And Help. It Sucks Bad When One Is In This Heavy Multifaceted Medical Dilema And Everyone Is Far Too Busy That They Can Barely Do A Thing For Me Or Don't Want To. See You In Heaven If I Make The List... Think Of It This Way---> "Ya Won't Have Nixon To Kick Around Anymore !" Much Peace And Love To You All No Matter What Path I Take-Yes ? Nobody Missed Me The Last Time Or Two I Was Here And You Won't Miss Me This Time... So Hey ! Think Of Me As A 'Blink' And Continue On With All You Do Here For Others. Most Sincerely, Brother Will...