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Found 5 results

  1. CRONjohn

    DIY grow box and veg box

    Well, this is how I set up my personal grow "op" on a very tight budget. My motto for this set up was mainly if it's not around my house i am not buying it 8D. Picture 1) I built a small garden box for veggies and fruits last summer and I had a few feet of 2x4 and other scrap pieces of wood. Began to build support posts and a "bench" lower to the ground. Picture 2) built up the walls, made a lid and added viewing windows using the old plexiglass for the front of a poster frame. Walls built out of 1/2 inch corrugated board (under $10 a sheet). In retrospect, I highly recommend taking your time and making the walls as sealed as possible. I decided "I would want the air flow" and left gaps, whic later allowed pests in and caused me to cut out my window screen to protect my ventilation holes. Picture 3) in order to try and conserve heat, caulk was added to all corners, cracks etc. Then I layered the inside with emergency Mylar blankets ($1.99 at Freddie's) and cut holes for vent fan. ( later I added another to combat heat. Picture 4 and 6) inside and out. Box is about 3 ft wide 4.5 ft long and 4 ft high. A little small, but it fits 4 plants with some finesse and low stress training. Total cost not using items around my house was about $40 with screws and wood. Picture 5) I wanted to make a small box, like a nursery of sorts for future clones and or quarantine. I had a Rubbermaid tote and some PVC pipe ( from a jimmy rigged hunting kayak blind) and began constructing. I set up the PVC pipe to act as the light support and connected two small fluorescent lights I picked up from bi mart for $12. Side note, I have found bi mart to be less expensive than most grow shops with similar if not identical items. I then took the lid of the tote and cut it length wise into 3 pieces. This allowed for light to enter through the top. Cut a hole in the side for a fan or humidifier and then slapped on the emergency blanket. So far it works great. It has very low heat retention so I keep a heat mat underneath it too keep the box about 68 degrees at night. Well that was my jimmy rigging. It works and it's cheap. Cheers.
  2. Hello DIYers, I'm new to the group and to growing, but am hopefully embarking on a technology project that will peak your interest. I'm building a rdwc hydroponic system that will continuously measure water temp, water level, DO, ORP, eC, pH, air temp, humidity, and CO2. Through pumps and power switches a computer will then adjust the components back into the desired range. I'm sure a lot of fun tinkering and mistakes will follow, it would be great to get your expert help and advice! The ranges are what I'm most worried about. I have pieced together some figures, but don't have any experience to know if the number ranges are good or bad.
  3. RonVonWeeden

    Make your own water purification device

    I'm not promoting the berkey filter but for less then $100 bucks you get well over 6k gallons of clean water ! http://www.ultimatesurvivalskills.com/diy/mills-food-related/make-your-own-diy-water-purification-device-similar-to-a-berkey-filter.html I grabbed a few 5 gal food grade buckets at my local Doughnut vendor lol and grabbed the drill bits.. http://www.berkeyfilters.com/berkey-water-filters/black-berkey.html http://www.amazon.com/Propur-ProBlack-Berkey-Replacements-Set/dp/B00AYK76D0/ref=pd_tcs_subst_hi_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1MB6FN86N78Q7SF9C0P2 http://www.amazon.com/Berkey-Replacement-Purification-Elements-2-Pack/dp/B00BWIWW1Y/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1408034474&sr=1-1&keywords=black+berkey

    Wiring a T-105/104 120/240 volt timer

    content Read me about electrical Safety. My resources; Intermatic T104 and T103 and T101 timers water heater timer .org 105 water heater timer .org 104 Intermatic T105 What you'll need. Two good sets of pliers 3-4 good wood screws for mounting the box 2-4 conduit wire connectors #12 - #8 gauge Romex, (length to be determined) The largest Philips head screw driver you can find. These screws were dealing with have to be tightened as tight as you can so that you don't lose continuity. In a month recheck all the screws with another tightening because heat expands those connections. Enough 8 10 or 12 gauge romex to do the job with 12 inches left on each side, I recommend going straight from your fuse box, and even going as far as setting up separate 30amp breakers for this, (I did) You only need a number 12 gauge wire for 20 amps A timer 120 volt or 240. For this demonstration we'll be showing both 120 and 240 volt schematic's . Removing the clock from the case, (not necessary unless adding additional support.) Push the Tab inside at the top and lift the clock mechanism out. Mounting the Timer Place one screw in the wall into a 2 by 4 and hang your timer. Finish screwing it all the way in careful to not over tighten. inside the case on the bottom are two more places to add screws. (Use all three) You'll see a few "plugs" that have been pre punched out, choose two of them based on whether your coming in from the side or the bottom, or going out either or the other, Then I take a screw driver and a hammer and knock them out. You'll need two of these conduit wire nuts Your schematic may be different so please refer to yours. T104 240 volt wiring (Caution) The words "To Loads" means to the appliance you wish to time. PDF of the t-104 T105 120 volt wiring (caution) Complete PDF of the T105 "Setting the timer'' First you'll want to set the clock to the correct time. You do this by careful lifting the yellow timer wheel "Up" and turning it until the exact time of day is lined up with the silver arrow. See photo below: Mine came with four screw terminals by releasing these a bit you can slowly slide them to the desired time you wish your appliance to turn on or off. (represented by two gold colored screw terminals and two silver) they also have punched into the metal the words, "On" and "Off" There are four of them ( 2 sets) so that you can have something come on twice a day and go off twice a day. if you only need to have something go on and off once during the day, IE lights. then do take one set off entirely and save them somewhere where you can find them at a later time.
  5. Ronnie B

    2012 Garden

    the 6 fer the season 1 OG Kush [fire cut], 2 Silvertips and 3 Willies wonder