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    Medicinal cannabis concentrations, concoctions, and consumption thereof.
    Hobbies include art, reading actual printed books{which one day will only be found in museums as curiousities}, fishing, hiking, gardening, billiards, steel tip darts, video games, and others . . . You can ask me about them if you are interested.

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  1. k1ndz0n3

    cloning and flowering

    It has never happened in my garden, in five years of growing from clones. <KZ>
  2. One aspect not yet mentioned, that has been expressed to me regarding a potential benefit of the electronic digital ballast is that of the 'flicker effect'. By this I mean that the digital ballast maintains a steady constant stream of light, where the magnetic ballast will actually be flickering although at a high enough speed that the human eye does not see it this way. Put another way, when taking digital pictures under lights run by magnetic ballast, you will get an eenly spaced set of black bars, that is the camera capturing the brief flicker of the bulb. The photo taken under a digital ballast has no lines at all. The argument for using the digital ballast over magnetic in this aspect is more constant light being produced, thus improving overall quality of the light being generated. In other words the digital ballast provides constant light, where the magnetic ballast provides an alternating on/off cycle. Ideas, facts, or experience regarding this is appreciated, as I have intentions of upgrading to digital ballasts at a point where I can afford them. Thanks ! <KZ>
  3. Droppin In To Say Hey.... You Should Join Us This Saturday @ Potlandia... :) Would be good to see ya my friend

  4. Your current doc is not allowed to circumvent the process for UA testing to federal standards given to the Oregon Medical Board to comply with, in order to receive federal funds as a teaching hospital. The short answer is, if you use medical cannabis while on a pain management contract, and the UA comes back positive for THC metabolites, you will lose your prescription medications, and likely any health care coverage you have. Keep your doc if she can keep your tests excluded somehow. <KZ>
  5. http://www.thelundreport.org/resource/chronic_pain_patients_face_medical_marijuana_trouble Please comment if you have any experience with this, or know someone who has ? thanks ! <KZ>
  6. k1ndz0n3

    Available Glycerine Tincture . . .

    Please close this thread, and pin it in either this forum, or the glycerine tincture forum, please. Thank You ! To all who gave this method of medication a try, and special thanks to all those who posted replies regarding the effectivess of the tincture for them. <KZ>
  7. k1ndz0n3

    How to know the war on pot has lost

    More people said pass me a joint, than pass the collection plate at church. 8 out of 100 random people gave the answer spontaneusly in response to "name something you pass". Social acceptance is growing by leaps and bounds. Too funny that pot can be more popular than "god" ! <KZ>
  8. k1ndz0n3

    How to take out a spider if they freak you out,,

    The brass knuckles were definitely 'overkill'. I think "Mom" will take them away from him. Lmao ! I guess he never heard of using a rolled up magazine, or newspaper for a bug swatter. I let spiders hang out as long as they stay off my body. They will leave when there is no more food for them, and I appreciate their 'cleaning service' ! <KZ>
  9. k1ndz0n3

    thanks again

    Thank you for being a part of the family ! <KZ>
  10. Waiting is the hardest part sometimes. I would wait to harvest those for quite some time. I like my trichomes to turn mostly amber before harvesting. I find my plants using up everything in their leaves, and dropping off like a seasonal fall in the forest. The flowers will shrink when drying to 1/3 or even 1/2 the size from when they are cut. Figure on closer to 1/2 since the cfl's tend not to produce very tight or dense flowers. I hope this helps them to decide on waiting as long as possible to harvest. <KZ>
  11. Happy to hear Cheri is back home ! Hoping for speedy recovery and an easy time of quitting the cigs ! <KZ>
  12. Glad you are back home to recover, and hope you get better quickly ! Try using an e-cig to quit the tobacco ? <KZ>
  13. k1ndz0n3


    This is the type of post that makes this site such a beautiful place. Thank you for accepting us as a family. <KZ>
  14. k1ndz0n3

    Blue Rhino Project (Halloween Gathering)

    I am doing my trial run of this strain this round. It has preflower sites all over the place. The leaves get fairly large. I will let you know what else I find out as things progress in my grow. <KZ>
  15. k1ndz0n3

    Available Glycerine Tincture . . .

    I have used the glycerine on top of biscuts lightly toasted. It could replace your maple syrup on pancakes, as it is sweet enough. <KZ>