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  1. Where R U? Lets Play!

  2. Ronnie B


    would you like seeds instead?? bring 'em when you come next. K? ty ronnie see ya soon
  3. Ronnie B


    would you like seeds instead??
  4. Ronnie B

    2012 Garden

    TY everyone for looking in and the kind words
  5. Ronnie B

    2012 Garden

    WOW what a season it has been. the harvest has come to a close, and time for a break and faimly. My first grand daughter was born into the Bainbridge klan on the 15th at 8;57 pm, "" OOPs my sons harvest""" LOL Well back to normal hangin racked bagged a small looksee ty fer stoppin in this year See ya next season
  6. Ronnie B

    Dam Affy By Kak

    lookin great my friend ty for the growsho
  7. Ronnie B

    2012 Garden

    Guess it is time to rename this Harvest 2012 HEY STOP DRULLIN lol ty fer stoppin by
  8. Ronnie B

    Should I trim the leaves on my plants

    winner you had the easy job LOL
  9. Ronnie B

    Should I trim the leaves on my plants

    i only thin my outdoor plants and in the early veg stage as plants are growing through the wire cages a bit of fat leaf removal on the interior, and then again at harvest time. it's like how many solar panals would you remove to get more power ????????????
  10. Ronnie B

    First Grow

    SHMOKIN awesome grow BB lookin forwards to the final
  11. Ronnie B

    Quick Pollination 101...

    hek even a dummy like me could follow this big TY for the pictorial and post. Maybe one day
  12. Ronnie B

    Lemon Kush

    lookin great soul and she still has some streatch left in her enjoy and i never took her before 70 dayz
  13. Ronnie B

    2012 Garden

    ty for looking in a williez bud shot lovin the topz on the OG kush still in my jammiez
  14. Ronnie B

    Dam Affy By Kak

    HOT DAM lookie the frosting on them bro, kudoz