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  1. teddys head


    kewl Pete thanks for sharing Health and happiness
  2. teddys head

    Southern Home Security System

    rotfl lmao goodin Vapeit Health and happiness
  3. a sad day :christmas pot 16: thanks Pete Health and happiness
  4. teddys head

    full extract cannabi oil

    hi ya higherpwr7 when I make the RSO, I add the coconut oil after all the bubbles have ended, and its at the final stage strength wise for functionality, mine is one part rso and two parts coconut oil ,then into capsules Health and happiness
  5. teddys head

    Heavy 16

    hi ya keoni sorry m8 I haven't used this line Health and happiness
  6. teddys head

    Hot Chocolate Flavor Spoons!

    scrummy Kirk Health and happiness
  7. teddys head

    Damn Blues

    wow that's a great read Pete no bother to you ,you just make it look to easy keep er lit ,enjoy your fine toke Health and happiness
  8. woot woot !!! thanks Eddie Health and happiness
  9. teddys head

    The My Girls <crossing fingers>

    girls are looking frosty good times are around the corner Health and happiness
  10. teddys head

    Anyone in Salem up for dinner or drinks?

    not a problem Health and happiness
  11. holy moley I think he needs to contact LEAP thanks Pete Health and happiness
  12. teddys head

    Thank You MxBrown

    MxBrown thanks for sharing MD Health and happiness
  13. teddys head

    Thanks Wired57

    Wired57 thanks for sharing this MD Health and happiness
  14. teddys head

    Gratitude to my Jedi Brother (Karr McDebt)

    Karr thanks for sharing,this MD Health and happiness
  15. teddys head

    Many Thanks to my Bro SINFUL

    sinful thanks for sharing this MD Health and happiness