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  1. Arturo

    Graywolfslair blog site open

    Awesome. boy, That website is packed with knowledge.
  2. Hey guy and gals, it's been a while since I've been here, I'm really impressed with the new feel. Thanks to everyone who helped keep this community rocking. 

  3. Arturo

    Starting my grow again!

    I've been watching from facebook as this grow has developed. I'm very impressed. I hope it finishes as good as it started. Best!
  4. Arturo

    Yet another indoor grow. ~

    You sure have a green thumb,
  5. Arturo

    Some not so little sprouts

    I hope you get a female. Be fun to watch. Good luck!
  6. Arturo

    Holiday Contest Winners, Part 2: New Member Awards

    You guys have an awesome staff
  7. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Were here for you. ♥
  8. Beings this is in your strain reviews, and therefor "Public" does this deal extend to the general public?
  9. Ya'll sure have some great looking plants, Thanks for being here to back you're products. :)

  10. I got some of this today and got my discount just by using EK's name.
  11. Thank you OMMP-PIF & rolling paper depot for the free lighter @xRollingPapersx
  12. Arturo

    Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    I can't wait till I get mine at the event. I've been waiting for a good price. Mark me down for a few hundred.
  13. Arturo

    "Chernobyl" Strain Review by EK ~

    I got some today, although I did not get my discount.