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  1. xbrpete

    Blue Dream ~ Lush "Luminator X2" test

    Very nice run Karr, ima really liking the performance of the Lush in your grow,, nice run, thanks for letting me know! Rock on!
  2. Sorry I did not see this post llynn,,,, The smoke report would pretty be what I wrote on the 15th post above I never sat down and did the total reporting after cure,,, smoked heck out of it though! She grew easy, finished in some cases in 35 days from flip,, super fast and potent, pretty plants! I grow a lot of F-1's when I am active and with my home situation,, any mothers tend to ,,, go away? I held Hot Damn for a few years and C3PO in cuts. but generally the gear I have is good enough, my eye for pheno selection keeps things in the jars interesting Buush for most is or was overpowering, my tolerance to smoked, oils, hash is pretty high, what I toke in the am for my joint pain might send a lot back to bed Ask Kak ,,,, ROFL
  3. xbrpete

    Thanks Dear Friends

    Hello my dear friend! Fantastic~~! ,, but the Grape Skunk crosses were made by JM420
  4. "It is acknowledged that significant research needs to be conducted to reproduce these results and that in vitro studies cannot always be reproduced in clinical trials and the human physiological microenvironment. However, the numerous research studies and this particular clinical case are powerful enough to warrant implementing clinical trials to determine dose ranges, cannabinoid profiles and ratios, the methods of administration that produce the most efficacious therapeutic responses and the reproducibility of the results. It is tempting to speculate that, with integration of this care in a setting of full medical and laboratory support, a better outcome may indeed be achieved in the future." Schedule I narcotic with no medicinal value, our neighbor Canada does not think so,,,Hey Barry and Congress stop this damn prohibition!
  5. Gracias for the kudos amigo mio! Log Update Punta Roja x Plushberry F-1 by KaK 16 days from flip Had to pull the flower girls out to change my light rail motor so took a couple freestanding shots of the pair #2 #3
  6. xbrpete

    Damn Blues

    hehe.... got legs? Log Update Damn Blues F-2 Had my light mover motor go out this mornin, so hadda pull all the girls out and decided to take shots of em free and clear,,, prolly won't be able to pull em out when they start seriously filling out. #2 #3 This girl is still in veg state, ima hoping for a male from my next group of 4 beans that fits the bill, #3 is HD dom by a long shot and would be a fitting candidate to make F-3 #4 #5
  7. xbrpete

    Copies of the Bible

    A young Monk entered the Monastery and after some acclimation to the life, settled into the duties of the order. The Father in charge led the young Monk to a room filled with other Monks Their duty, explained the Father was to make hand printed copies of the Bible The young Novice questioned where was the original they took the copies from Father said that the Monks copied another copy and so on,,,, so there were no Brothers waiting and the hand printed bibles would be made The young Monk asked " Father, you say we are to make copies of the copy, what if a mistake was made? Has any of the Brothers checked against the original?" Thinking a minute, Father said " Brother, you have made a good point! " And he grabbed one of the copies and headed to the room where the original was kept to do his research into the accuracy of the centuries of copies they had made. A day went by, then two....three, six days without a word from Father On the seventh day the Father emerged wide eyed clutching the original book and exclaimed.... "Celebrate, celebrate..... WE FORGOT THE R! "
  8. Seems since they control the water in most western states, they will stop the flow or prosecute if used for growing cannabis,,,, the latest from the mighty Obama clan leaving us alone like they said,,,,,,, What do you wanna bet they are yet another armed part of the Feds new police force Released today, the following is the actual directive http://www.usbr.gov/.../pectrmr-63.pdf Reclamation Manual Policy TEMPORARY RELEASE (Expires 05/16/2015) Subject: Use of Reclamation Water or Facilities for Activities Prohibited by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 Purpose: The purpose of this Policy is to provide a clear statement of the Bureau of Reclamation’s intent to operate consistently with the CSA with respect to the potential use of Reclamation water or facilities for the production of marijuana. Authority: Reclamation Act of 1902 (ch. 1093, 32 Stat. 388); Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (Pub. L. 91-513, 84 Stat. 1236; codified as amended in various sections of 21 U.S.C.) Approving Official: Commissioner Contact: Director, Policy and Administration 1. Introduction. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (CSA) and its implementing regulations prohibit the cultivation of marijuana, as defined at subsection 102(16) of the CSA (codified at 21 U.S.C. 802(16)) 1. Reclamation’s obligation as a Federal agency to uphold Federal law prohibits it from approving the use of Reclamation water or facilities to facilitate activities prohibited by the CSA. Although the CSA’s relevant prohibitions have not changed, the legalization of marijuana’s cultivation and distribution under some state laws necessitates a clear statement of Reclamation’s obligations under the CSA. 2. Applicability. This Policy applies to Reclamation staff involved in the administration of Reclamation water-related contracts. 3. Definitions. The definitions cited in PEC P05 apply to this Policy (see especially the terms “Contract Water” and “Water-Related Contract” at Paragraphs 3.D. and 3.R.). 4. Responsibilities. A. Commissioner. The Commissioner will ensure that appropriate Policy on compliance with the CSA and other laws is issued and kept current. B. Director, Policy and Administration (Director). The Director will issue D&S as necessary to provide additional support for implementation of the Commissioner’s policies. Spelled “marihua na” in the statute. (495) 05/16/214 TEMPORARY RELEASE Page 1 C. Regional Directors. Regional directors are responsible for the implementation of this Policy within their regions in accordance with authority delegated to them by the Commissioner. Along with complying with relevant laws and delegated authority, regional directors are responsible for ensuring that contracts are administered in a manner that protects the interests of the United States and ensures Reclamation’s compliance with applicable law. Regional directors are responsible for the reporting required in Paragraph 5.A. of this Policy, and for designating the Reclamation employee responsible for compiling and maintaining the record described in Paragraph 5.C. Policy. Reclamation will operate its facilities, make available contract water, execute and administer its water-related contracts, and otherwise perform its contractual and legal duties in a manner that is consistent with the CSA. Specifically: A. Reclamation will not approve use of Reclamation facilities or water in the cultivation of marijuana. B. Should Reclamation employees become aware that Reclamation facilities or the water they supply are being used to facilitate cultivation of marijuana, they will, through their line management, bring this to the attention of their regional director, who will report such use to the Department of Justice and document the reporting action(s). C. Throughout this process, a designated Reclamation employee will compile and maintain a record documenting all activities and communications regarding known or potential uses of Reclamation water or facilities to cultivate marijuana. These records will include all relevant memos, emails, letters, records of telephone conversations, etc. about known or potential uses of Reclamation water or facilities to cultivate marijuana, including responses by Reclamation employees. D. Reclamation does not have a responsibility or designated role in actively seeking enforcement of the CSA. 6. Commingled Water. This Policy does not apply to non-contract water commingled with contract water in non-Federal facilities. (495) 05/16/214 TEMPORARY RELEASE Page 2 7-2522A (2-08) Bureau of Reclamation Reclamation Manual Transmittal Sheet Effective Date: _______________________ Release No. ___________________ Please ensure that all employees who need this information are forwarded a copy of this release. NOTE: This Reclamation Manual release applies to all Reclamation employees. When an exclusive bargaining unit exists, changes to this Reclamation Manual release may be subject to the provision of your collective bargaining agreements. PEC TRMR-63 Use of Reclamation Water or Facilities for Activities Prohibited by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970
  9. xbrpete

    Dieselberry, Wreckberry by KaK...

    Yum......................................................... Lemme know how they toke bro! Let the good times roll
  10. DEA Chief Dials Back Drug War Bluster After Talk With Holder WASHINGTON -- Drug Enforcement Administrator Michele Leonhart and her boss, Attorney General Eric Holder, appear locked in a bureaucratic staring match over the Obama administration's attempt to reform the way the federal government approaches criminal justice and punishment. For Holder and for President Barack Obama, sentencing reform has become a critical, second-term legacy item, as they aim to bend the arc of incarceration policy away from a federal system well practiced at imprisoning drug offenders for as long as possible. But those efforts are colliding with institutional resistance from law enforcement officials with a single-minded focus and, perhaps, turf to defend. The high-level shift toward easing punishment for drug offenders, backed by public opinion, raises the question of whether any DEA chief who could win the support of rank and file agents would be willing to carry out White House reforms. So far, Leonhart appears uninterested, at best. She publicly distanced herself from Obama's remarks about marijuana's relative harmlessness. She griped about the Justice Department's failure to try to block marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington state. She clings to a comically outdated view of drugs, refusing to acknowledge a difference between pot and crack cocaine. And this week, her agency picked a fight with Kentucky over the state's purchase of industrial hemp seeds to begin a newly legalized agricultural test. For now, it's sentencing reform that raises the biggest questions. Leonhart's remarks before the Senate Judiciary Committee last month about mandatory minimum sentences caused people in top echelons of the Justice Department to ask whether she was on board with her bosses on sentencing reform, sources familiar with the tensions told The Huffington Post. Leonhart was responding to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who asked about the importance of mandatory minimums. Some law enforcement groups oppose the Smarter Sentencing Act, a bipartisan bill that would roll back the length of certain mandatory minimum prison terms. Leonhart emphasized the importance of mandatory minimums, leaving the impression she opposed changes to the current sentencing structure, which gives federal prosecutors huge leverage over defendants. Justice Department concerns about Leonhart were heightened when, after her testimony, a DEA spokeswoman would not say whether Leonhart endorsed changes mandatory minimums, telling The Huffington Post that the DEA administrator's testimony would "have to speak for itself." For the rest of the article... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/16/michele-leonhart-dea-sentencing-reform_n_5319085.html
  11. Yeah,,, sure.... Leonhart has her own agenda, Holder just putting on another show ..... When I see that no good waste of skin Leonhart tell her trolls in Washington to drop their persectution and prosecution of patients I will have hope Until then, Holder is a putz
  12. xbrpete

    Who knows Tom Leher

    LOL .. I remember Tom,,, funny math for sure,,, wish he would do one on this Common Core mess ,,,
  13. xbrpete

    Damn Blues

    Log Update 4/5 are up, one still helmeted