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  1. Happy Birthday. :) 

  2. Happy Birthday, GrowGeek. 

  3. GrowGeek

    R.I.P. Lady Strider

    RIP Jazmine. Your smile and compassion was so dang infectious and could set the woods a blaze! This FITH is for you LS! Godspeed friend.
  4. :th_HBToYouSmiliesBounce:

  5. GrowGeek

    First time outside

    .50 update... Short but sweet. Client projects have me swamped... Slow go building the last two raised beds. Brie has seeded up. Probably going to cut her down. Not sure what would come of the seeds, or if they are viable at all. Some of the seeds.
  6. GrowGeek

    First time outside

    My Gigabit fiber got installed... That's what happened! Nerding it out in the data center trying to get all my stuff reconfigured and tuned. Updated pics soon I promise!
  7. GrowGeek

    Hawaiian Skunk (Outside 2017)

    Lookin' good EK!
  8. GrowGeek

    First time outside

    The greenhouse is getting too hot. I'm planning on them being uncovered until the rain hits. I have a plan for an umbrella of sorts for each bed.
  9. GrowGeek

    First time outside

    Glad to hear yours is doing the same flowery thing... Gonna let her ride just like you and TW say. I did trim the hell out of the lower branches. Anything that was too twitterpated or yellowish got the snip. Now she looks more like a lollypop with an arm sticking out! hehehe She will quite possibly go in the next garden box. Planning on building it this weekend. There will be a total of three. Lots of veggies this year! The third one is going to be kale and lettuces! I'm super stoked about my outdoor space this year!
  10. GrowGeek

    First time outside

    All filled up! One down, two more to go!!! SO VERY MUCH DONE for the day... Gonna go take a shower and crash out on the couch! hehe! FITH coming up like you wouldn't believe!! woot woot!!!
  11. GrowGeek

    First time outside

    It's like a giant smart pot! bahahahaha! Now all I gotta do is fill it up with dirt! Anyone wanna come drive the wheelbarrow? hehe Woot woot!!! One step closer! Loving how the pallet planter box turned out! Yee haw I love it when a plan comes together!
  12. GrowGeek

    First time outside

    Making my raised beds this weekend... They will be lined with landscaping cloth and filled with soil! 16 Square feet of planting surface each! hehe Planting mix got delivered today! 5 yards sounded a whole lot smaller when I was ordering it! bahahaha Ants are everywhere on my property! Going to have to do something more than my little bait stations! ugh! And to top it off... Brie is not doing as well as I would have hoped she would be doing by now. Hoping she gets to growing better when she gets transplanted in the raised bed. Might end up doing her own smaller planter. Not sure yet! Thoughts? Another pic of Brie Strawberries are starting to pop! Yeah!!!!! Can't wait! woot woot woot!
  13. GrowGeek

    ♥CONTEST WINNER♥ -20X Watch repair glasses ~

    357 for me please!
  14. GrowGeek

    First time outside

    I am planning on transplanting when I get my planters built this weekend. As for trimming, I'm not going to do too much other than the small stragglers once both gurrlz settle in to their new homes. I plan on utilizing the entire plant so extra foliage isn't exactly a bad thing! Hehehe I'm hoping I have to lift the tent at some point and have a solution already schemed up! ;) However I will try my hardest to convince her to grow sideways as much as I can. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  15. GrowGeek

    New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

    Those chickens are getting so BIG!