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    Love. The Love of My God. The Love of my life. The love of my wife, and last but not least, the unconditional Love of our dog. All of these loves are part of the same whole that is God. I praise him with song and joyful noises that are shaped in love to testify to my Love for all Gods children.

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  1. Happy birthday, old man, I love you. 

  2. Happiest of Birthday wishes. 

  3. Happy Birthday, Oldtimer. We love you. 

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. kindred

    Prayer's for our own,

    Father, i pray a prayer of healing. You know the hearts and hops of your children, And, I pray that your will be done concerning this child of yours that is a child with us. Amen
  6. kindred

    Guide ME.

    Up until recently, Whenever I'd ask the Lord for guidance, I'd ask in my thoughts. I'd ask in secret for rear that Satan would hear and sabotage my hopes and plans. What I didn't understand was, that satin didn't need to be privy to my talk with God. He had an inside man the whole time, ME. I had adopted Satans opinions and attitudes Even to the point that I new I would suspect myself of being insincere and hypocritical. even just plain critical of myself and my foolish efforts to be a true child of God. I was the devils advocate in all that I attempted to do. With myGod for me, then indeed whoe shall I fear? NO one !! Including me. I was my own worst enemy and never had a clue. I was blind. Now I see. When i ask my Father for guidance, I include that trained bear that I hear in my head. The only one who still thinks that I'm worthless and weak. ..
  7. kindred


    It is written that whosoever shall ask anything in Jesus' name, it will be given thee. Now, keep in mind that God may have a different version of an answer than you do. Regardless, if you pray from your heart,,,Gods will will be done in your life.
  8. kindred


    No gifts can be given if it is not received. Our God has lain our gifts at our doorsteps, A ll we must do is open the door and receive them into ourselves.
  9. kindred

    A word of prayer for Moore, Oklahoma

    Amen. , . God bless.
  10. kindred

    A word of prayer for Moore, Oklahoma

    Bless My soul !! May Gods grace go with them all.
  11. kindred

    Emergency Prayer requests,

    Father, See me as I send the healing that flows freely through me,to your child . Allow her to receive it and welcome the healing. My prayer is for healing, my petition is to You. Amen.
  12. kindred


    There was an anique hat stand standing next to an old oval stand up mirror. Noticing something, the hat stand says to the mirror, "is, something wrong ? You seem,. . .distant somehow". To which the mirror said "oh, just reflecting". .
  13. I don't think that the end is near,
  14. I cry. I pray. This is unthinkable. I pray for the souls who made this happen. .