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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. PDX503Kush

    Hydro nutrients Contest WE HAVE A WINNER

    lol glad your having fun, I hope your able to come to our party on the 20th. Yeah, I think I might be able to just stop by for a bit. I already had a commitment to go to that day, but I will escape for a bit as KarrMcDebt has a few ladies for me. ;-). Can't wait to meet you guys!
  3. PDX503Kush

    Hydro nutrients Contest WE HAVE A WINNER

    626 for me please! Thanks for the fun!
  4. PDX503Kush

    hydro - made the decision, now what?

    I suggest you look up HygroHybrid on YouTube. The man just revamped his room up to run a kickass RDWC system. And he shows you how he did it step by step. By far the best build I've seen on YouTube. Check it out! Highly recommended if you are new to DWC hydroponics. That mans got me convinced... I'll soon experiment with hydro as well.
  5. Happy Birthday, thanks so much for your participation on the site. I llook forward too another year with you.

  6. PDX503Kush

    Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    Yeah, I will definitely be shopping there for some organic amendments for this years outdoor season. Now I just have to compile a nice list of what I will be getting.. I've got some nasty clay soil that definitely needs amending. Lol. I wish I could afford an excavation and a nice dump truck of a rich loam soil. Lol.
  7. PDX503Kush

    Retarded dawg

    Those flowers look amazing BrownBear! I just love when the flower gives off those purple hues. I am just a big fan of the purps... Well done bro! Hope you enjoy that smoke!
  8. PDX503Kush

    First grow in coco first run with cns-17

    Awesome AT! Doing way better than I am that's for sure! I am just fighting an uphill battle with coco... I thought about trying the CNS 17 nutes, but went with GH Flora series instead. Can't wait to see the results bro! Keep up the good work and keep us updated!
  9. PDX503Kush

    Upcoming Raffle by SoulReaper

    Maximus Decimus Meridius? From "Gladiator"?
  10. PDX503Kush

    Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    Too involved? Depends on your level of dedication/ passion I guess. Cannabis is my passion. Its what I love, its what we need. The only passion I have with an equal flame outside of my family and growing food, is Fungi. IMO equally as amazing with potential to change the world as well. Internship? Nah, Im a student at the University of the Universe myself, just trying to share what Ive gathered along the way. Still a long ways from a professor heck even a graduate. Im still an embryo. Yeah, that is what I meant... Too involved for me as of right now. lol. I am only a Newb, and I can barely keep my plants alive! lol. And about the internship, yeah I was just messin' with you bro. lol. Just keep up the awesome work and feed us your widespread knowledge please! Take care n Jah bless mon. ;)
  11. PDX503Kush


    Wow, what a nice list of topics! For sure it will help many. Ill peruse throught it more thoroughly once I get the chance. Thanks AnotherTime!
  12. PDX503Kush

    Baby Name Contest

    Thanks for the fun Soul! My guess: Isaiah
  13. Lol. Most definitely brother! Yeah, as long as you are getting great results with using just the base nutrients and one or two additives, the better, and cheaper! Seaplex is omri listed and is from the best source of sea kelp (North Atlantic). I'll definitely think about picking those products up! Thanks again, AT. Take care brother!
  14. Much thanks for the info AT! I've also had my eye on Seaplex from the organic Botanicare line, Organicare. It's also a seaweed product... Have you any experience with that? How about Fulvex? Humega, or Huvega? Yeah, definitely bro! I'll try to keep you all updated in my thread in "Grow journals."
  15. PDX503Kush

    Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    Interesting and involved readings H.O.! Maybe too involved.. Lol. Man.. We need to work out some sort of internship. LOL! Teach me your ways! Great work as always bro. Keep us updated. Thanks!