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    Just a few are, Learning @ ways to make medicine more "personal" by making crosses to treat specific illnesses. And now to share some of the things that I have documented over the years with my girls.

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  1. Happy Birthday. :) We miss you.

  2. Hi everyone here at OMMP. I recently began to post here, and your warm welcome made me feel right at home. I really am sorry that I have been un-able to post or answer your kind "Hellos". My Bother KAK knows that I have not been a well man and just when I thought I had the answer, Down I go. So please know that if I do not write back ASAP, it isnt because I dont want to, its because I cant. I hope you understand as I look forward to visiting with you all soon. Much Love and Prayers for your good health. BreezeMan
  3. BreezeMan


    Hey again everyone, Your kind words humble me as I work so hard on making sure my Girls are always as happy as they can be. Although the legal limit on plants here in michigan is 12, I rarely have more than 6 or 8 going at one time. If I am not working with something in the garden for at least 3-4 hours a day, things happen. I can sit for hours just observing the plants lifting towards the light in the morning. They usually will tell you what they need, you just have to know how to speak their language. I thought you may enjoy some pictures of the Original Purple Eve Female the KAK ATTACK came from. She was a pretty little thing. At time she amost appeared like she was bleeding her color was so vivid. So here are the pix, Breeze
  4. BreezeMan


    Glad you guys liked the Pix. I just about flipped EDDIEKIRK when I saw the link to your news page. What a nice thing for you to do. I gotta say that KAKS genetics take care of the hard part, all I had to do was pay attention to the little things and Bam. As for the quality and buzz goes, This plant has a slight funk odor when in final stages of flowering but after a 2 week hang and another 2-4 weeks curing and you have some nice firm nuggs that smell sweet and a bit earthy. The smoke is almost menthol like and its sweet smell carries thru to the smoke. The way I test how strong weed is, is by smoking it as my first medicating of the day. and as with all the KAK strains, I am lucky if I can get thru 1/2 a joint before I find myself up and busy with anything that needs to be done. Not sleepy time weed, Just a nice daytime or anytime medication. Even the seeds are black. Thanks again for the promo of KAK ATTACK. You sure have a way of makin a guy feel right at home. BreezeMan
  5. Hey everyone, Like I said, I hardly know where to start when it comes to posting pictures. After being gifted some of KAKS BlackJack x PlushBerry, I was lucky enough to get 1 small female that I hit with 2 different males.I then grew the BJ x PB beans from my little purple goddess and found a nice female to who I crossed with another male from the same group of plants. To make a long story shorter, Both times I have grown the offspring of the second batch, they have been an almost chocolate brown to Dark Purple-Black. I was bustin a nut tryin not to tell anyone about it until the KAK Man had a chance to get a first look. And with that WE bring you KAK ATTACK. Oh, for the record, I grew this in a 2-gallon pot filled with a soil mix I put together. Cant imaging it DWC or with some room to grow. And it makes the darkest Water Hash I have seen, just Black. Peace Always, Breeze
  6. BreezeMan

    Yesterday and today-a long strange trip its been

    Oh by the way SomeDude, Your right @ the beans. Man what a good eye. Over the years I have learned that I can compromise with a Sativa Dominant plant who towards the end of flowering tends to get light stressed or what have you and wants to start flingin balls. If I let the plant have what ends up usually to be a pollenated pistal near the very base of the new growing flower at only as little as 2-3 sites on a plant with as many as 30 seperate branches, and it (at least for me) seemed to satisfy the plants need to reproduce. Plus 95% of everything I have grown from these beans were female and showed no hemphodite traits. Just perfect matches of the parent plant. So at least for me, I dont automatically start wackin down plants that may be trying to tell me of another bigger problem I dont know I have. With all the hours I spend in the garden,( a perpetual system assures you have no life! Ha Ha , Just kiddin, I have learned to pay attention to the little things. In the end it can mean the difference between having good medicine and fantastic medicine. Thanks for pointing the beans out so I could let you know what I do. Trust me, it wont be the last bud you may find a single seed pokin it head out. Peace, Breeze
  7. BreezeMan

    Need some help w/plants leaves

    Thanks Professorpotsnob for the P.H. Testing devices. And also Dutz for your suggestion Talk about ingenuity, a pool tester, who woulda thunk it. I do believe MM grower are some of the most creative, problem solving people in the horticulture world. Yes its classified as a weed, and should grow good all by itself. But anyone who has grown todays wide range of genetics from the many different growing regions and climates @ the world and there are alot of mistakes that can be made. I should know I made um all.! Oh well, looks like I have a new instrument to look forward to in my future. Thanks again all for your great advice. peace out, Breeze
  8. BreezeMan

    Yesterday and today-a long strange trip its been

    I was really lucky to get a purple pheno when KAK gifted me some of his BlackJack x Plushberry beans. I was able to cross his" Purple Eve Female to both a BlackJack x Plushberry male and also a BlueBerry x Critical Mass male that ended up a tru tri-latteral plant. Keep hopin that trait will show up again sometime.
  9. BreezeMan

    Need some help w/plants leaves

    Thank to all for your quick replys. I have a feeling it has something to do with Nuet Lock because I am so careful about everything else. Just goes to show ya that you can think you have all your bases covered while someone is stealing home. I am going to have to break down and buy a good P.H. meter. I wasted enough money on the cheap ones years ago and have not had faith in the cheap ones since. Only thing is a good one cost 2-300 bucks . thanks again for everyones help. I really appreciate the input Breeze
  10. Being new here I thought it might be good to share with you some of the plants I have grown over the years. Without spending way too much time debating the merits of yesterdays VS Todays weeds, I always thought the more the merrier right? so here are some of what I have been lucky enough to share time with. and now some more current shots: The last 4 are crosses I did using beans from KAK1963. I still have many more that I will do grow threads on including a back-Crossed Purple Eve I am going to call KAK ATTACK as this cross shows the possibilities waiting to be un-locked in this mans beans. Please forgive if the pictures are screwed up like way too large or something. Truly, This is the first post I have made with pictures attached so anything could happen. Oh Lets see what happens, BreezeMan
  11. BreezeMan

    Need some help w/plants leaves

    Well this is my first post here on OMMP and the problem I am having is also a first. O.k., heres the deal, I recently changed out one of my dirt cycles,( I have 3 large amounts of dirt that I plant each new run I do in) That way I can let the soil I used previously rest for a month or two with the new nuets and extras I use to re-vitalize it before using it again. That out of the way, This time I purchased Fox Farm Ocean Forest medium to try as I have up until now just used standard soil and then add the other things to it until i got it right. In any event, I each 5 gallon smart pot the same way when transplanting my babies so all the plants I re-potted that night started out life with exactly the same everything. Then, 2 of the 4 Blue Berry CheeseQuake started to hold back as the plants went thru weeks 2-3. They started to get this weird gold coloring all along the leaves spine. On closer inspection, it is tiny gold dots real small and close together. The underside of the leave looks like it has some small scale type residue caused by the spots on top. I am absolutely sure I dont have mites or any other pests. every other plant in my perpetual garden is doing great and is receiving the same nuets and water. Since I have never owned a P.H. or nuet tester this one has me a bit stumped. Hope someone can get it a guess and I would appreciate any input anyone has. Thanks, Breeze
  12. Hi I see you on the site. Thanks for joining us. If you would like to make an introduction in this forum by starting a new topic, the rest of the site will open. Thanks for looking. If you need help just ask me here. EddieKirk http://freemygreenpdx.com/index.php?/forum/33-introductions/