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  1. Here's a Graywolf's Lair link to Erich Berkovitz's short path distillation article: https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/10-the-alchemist-resource/10-8-short-path/10-8-1-introduction-to-short-path-distillation-by-erich-berkovitz
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    Shortglide, REST IN PEACE.

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    RIP Feisty

  4. For those of ya'll medical patients with limited funds or where big brother is protecting you from yourself by proscribing ethanol above 150 proof, here is a way to make your own 190 proof ethanol for extraction and formulation from scratch: https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/10-the-alchemist-resource/10-19-190-proof-ethanol-from-scratch
  5. Hee, hee, hee, good fortune smiled upon the Tattered Old Graywolf and I had the opportunity to run another vacuum still like I stole it, this time a MedXtracts Essential. Here's a link with the details: https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/...ract-essential
  6. While I participated in beta testing Extract Crafts Turbo vacuum still back in 2016, alas I missed that opportunity when they were beta testing their EtOH Pro unit, so imagine my joy and amazement when I got a shot at testing their production unit. The opportunity came at a propitious moment, because we no longer have the skunk pharm research lab and it is now a Class B felony locally to extract using LPG outside a licensed and permitted facility. As a consequence, despite owning BHO extraction equipment, I again joined the ranks of home extractor seeking viable safe legal affordable solutions and reviewed this equipment in that light. “Is there an advantage to this over a simple countertop still like the Megahome still or a simple DIY pot still?” “Is this a unit that would serve my needs when serving as my own resource for meds?” My motivation was my need to extract this year’s C-99/NL harvest, as well as some Canna Gooey material I have been curing in jars since 2017, so I chose the still legal QWET process using 190 proof ethanol and the EtOH Pro allowed me to extract my two material lots in fifteen (15) half gallon runs. A reasonable trial……. Read more: https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/16-commercial-equipment/16-2-equipment-tests/16-2-6-testing-the-extract-craft-etoh-pro
  7. Here are some handy numbers for computing cooling requirements when extracting cannabis using LPG or QWET: https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/15-diy-equipment/15-32-cannabis-extraction-thermodynamics-101?fbclid=IwAR0URLVe2Szt5v4yktVzmKjikwU2RksYxkzjD1Ck5kp5NFOTJi5u8PsaOcc
  8. Graywolf

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    I recognize you are no longer in a position to check and see if your buddies overfilled the Whippet P8, and because I accept your veracity, I am going to infer that it played a major role. Primarily because of the math if it did not. Back to the moot part, excess pressure isn't required to see if the nitrous oxide laughing gas's presence during extraction improves concentrate's medicinal effects and I am currently setting up my next QWET run, so will set some aside to duplicate/emulate my last experiment with the Whippet. I did only use one cart last time and my unit only accepts the small ones, so will use two this time. Two won't actually double the pressure because even with a check valve, when you remove the first to install the second, you lose the volume of the first cart still at 14.5 psi. The Whippet headspace already contained one atmosphere, so adding two atmospheres of nitrous oxide, is still a relatively dilute atmosphere. The experiment might be better served by using a vessel that could be vacuumed first and then backfilled with nitrous oxide. If tests showed any improvement, that is where I would go next. That still leaves open the question of where we can get it tested beyond duplicating previous anecdotal testing where three testers agreed that it was "primo shit" extracted from primo bud.
  9. Graywolf

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    Let's scheme on how to destroy a brand name Whippet, so as to sidestep any issues of quality. Based on gas laws, the 0.6 in3 at 700 psi N20 cartridge that produces 14.5 psi when used in my 1 pint Whippet, would produce 700 psi if discharged into a completely full Whippet, with no headspace to expand in to. Even less than 700 psi might exceed yield in the formed concave bottom and relieve the pressure through distortion and elongating before blasting off the lid and turning it into a bullet and the can into a torpedo, which would happen before the vessel wrapper reached ultimate tensile and ruptured. is there any possibility that serious overfilling may have been a factor in your failure?
  10. Graywolf

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    Was it a whipper or a Whippet? How did they manage to exceed 304SS's 20,500 psi yield strength? IE: Under what conditions did that happen??
  11. Graywolf

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    My Whippet has a concave bottom and the lid is the weak link. Are you sure it was a Whippet? The moot point is that since there is no reason to pressurize beyond 30 psi, why would we bother?
  12. Graywolf

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    I asked to reopen this thread to clear up a misunderstanding about pressure. My information was also incorrect on cart pressure being at 30 psi. It is more like 0.6 in3 of gas at 700 psi. The whippet is designed to operate at 30 psi and is all over at least the US dispensing whipped cream. As an ASME Section VIII pressure vessel, it must be capable of 3x its maximum operating pressure, or 90 psi to be rated at 30 psi. That doesn’t mean it can be operated at 90 psi, for that it would have to be capable of 270 psi. My 1 pint Whippet holds four cups of water, so when full at one pint, it has room for another pint or about 48.125 in3 head space. One 8 gram N20 cartridge raises that head space pressure approximately 14.5 psi, so it takes one 16 gram cart, or two 8 gram carts to reach 30 psi and three would put it at about 45 psi. My Whippet is robust and will clearly hold 45 psi, though I don’t recommend operating one above its design pressure of 30 psi. More to the question, as I stated previously, 30 psi pressure is not going to have significant effect on the EtOH extraction, if there is any benefit, it would ostensibly lie with any catalyzing action from the nitrous oxide, because after purging it is gone. That leaves the issue about using extra carts to achieve higher pressures moot.
  13. Graywolf

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    The cartridges are 30 psi, which is not high enough pressure to discharge three cartridges into a mostly full Whippet, nor enough to over pressure the Whippet itself. The whippet is greater than one atmosphere (14.5 psi) so is a pressure vessel and is therefore required to hold at least 3X the maximum operating pressure, or about 90 psi. How will you get the Whippet above 30 psi even with 10,000 30 psi cartridges???
  14. Graywolf

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    Ummmmm, there is not enough pressure to warrant any great concern. Why would it be more dangerous than just using the Whippet for whipped cream??
  15. Graywolf

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    2. Load the Whipper before freezing the material and don't let it thaw before extraction. 5. At dry ice sublimation temperatures (-78.5C) extraction will take longer than two minutes. More like 15/20 min. 6. It isn't the pressure that we seek, it was effects from the N20 laughing gas. The Whipper will only hold one cart at the pressure it operates at.
  16. Graywolf

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    That's a good question and the answer is that I haven't rerun the experiment and no longer have a lab. The above lab also closed and my first partner in this experiment committed suicide, orphaning his poor Dobbie female. I don't attribute any of that bad luck to the concentrate and everyone who tried it, liked it, but I have no empirical analysis showing any effects from the N20. I do still have the whipper and some N2O carts and could run it through my Extract Craft vacuum still in my kitchen, but no way to analyze it. If any of ya'll readers have access to a GC for the analysis part, I will run the first part again, using my own material and provide you with samples for GC and personal anecdotal testing.
  17. Graywolf

    My Tincture is my dregs bottle..

    Stop putting it in water. Try milk instead, so there are fats present to absorb the essential oil. The plant waxes, as well as the cannabinoids are non polar so they are not as attractive to the alcohol as highly polar water. When you mix them, the polar alcohol divorces the non polar elements in favor of the polar water.
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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    I usually throw away the seriously rotted buds and salvage the balance.,
  19. Graywolf

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Botrytis produces no known aflatoxins and its spores and filiments can be removed from a concentrate by filtering at 0.2 microns with a syringe filter, which removes the odor and flavor. Botrytis is the same mold that is used to produce Grand Cru wines, but some people can have a Type I allergic reaction to the spores and mycelium.
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    The Mk III Evolution and ancillaries

    The Mk III and ancillaries: https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/15-diy-equipment/15-30-behold-the-mk-iii-evolution-and-ancillaries
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    RIP Speckles

  22. Graywolf's Lair blog site is now open and includes The Alchemist Resource. Check out 10.0 @: https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/home
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    Instructions on how to make hashish

    Amazon has books on the subject of vestal virgins, if that helps.......... https://www.amazon.com/s?k=vestal+virgins&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
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    Instructions on how to make hashish

    Hash of yore was made from Charas or pressed dry sieve. https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/diy-cannamed-production/9-4-extraction/9-4-1-hand-rub-charas https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/diy-cannamed-production/9-4-extraction/9-4-2-dry-sieve
  25. Graywolf's Lair, LLC cannabis blog site is now open and enjoyed over 1000 hits our first day. Oriented toward support to not only medical cannabis patients, but commercial processing as well, with guest authors. Bon appetite! https://graywolfslair.com/