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  1. popeye!

    Fishing in 2020

    Yeah fishing sure will teach u some patience and appreciation hahahaha but its rewarding here's a couple custom painted lures I just got yesterday cant wait to get them on the water the bluegill one will be getting redone but he wanted me to have the first one as well!
  2. popeye!

    Fishing in 2020

    Unfortunately no luck that day
  3. popeye!

    Fishing in 2020

    Got oug recently for some fishing on the santiam river
  4. popeye!

    Instagram photos?

    We recently started a Instagram account for the forum and want to share pictures from all the people who would like to share photos not all photos will be shared but some photos will be chosen to be posted each week if we can get enough participants but if pictures come in kinda slow we might only post the best photo of the week! So looking forward to seeing anything you guys got even if it's a old picture doesn't have to be anything current! For those of you with Instagram accounts follow the page @Freemygreenpdx
  5. I will be doing some more progress updates on this garden space soon I did finish the space and had successfully grow out there this year so excited to share more about it
  6. Hey guys how's it going I decided to start a new thread because this year I'm changing things up! Last year I planted in pots and my root space was restricted so this year I'm digging out my garden space which is 6x6 and I'm gonna be digging it 1 foot deep. Today I got some progress made so here's a look at today's progress! Getting started! VID_65220123_113611_212.mp4
  7. popeye!

    White Rhino

    Um gonna create a thread with all the white rhino pictures I can find I've grown over the years to compile for future pheno hunting cuz at this rate it's looking like my white rhino cut might be gone I still have hope but the leads are definitely narrowing!