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  1. popeye!

    Fishing in 2020

    If there stocked rainbows powerbait, worms and mini marshmallows is my favorite way to catch em
  2. popeye!

    Starting a new grow (indoor)

    My recommendation bro is ditch that fox farm if u haven't already got it yet and get some your soil from buildasoil.com best quality organic soil u can buy period! As far as reusing soil this can definitely be done successfully however I do recommend a few things a good quality compost and worm castings at a 1:1 ratio with a sprinkling of kelp meal and crab meal, no need to remove the roots u can pull a plant out and plant directly back into it I would cut the old stem as long as u can before the top dress and it will cover it up the roots will still have exudates that will help your new starts I always agree with the use of myco fungi can I ask which one you use currently??
  3. popeye!

    curing your medicine

    Depends on the strains u grew but sometimes the flavor doesn't really pop until it has had a little time to cure
  4. popeye!

    curing your medicine

    Lol u mean Popeye not Tumbleweed hahaha
  5. popeye!

    curing your medicine

    Yes this is normal @Tentoes1962 what your smelling is the chlorophyll breaking down keep the plants hanging for about 3 weeks or until you can pinch the buds and you smell the terps from the plants and not the chlorophyll when you get to that point then trim and jar it up if u jar it to early the chlorophyll will try to break down in the jars and then u will get that smell stuck in the buds I've seen it happen way way to many times I usually leave my plants hanging 3-4 weeks now days
  6. Happy Birthday  I hope you're enjoying a great summer. 

    1. popeye!


      Thanks buddy I appreciate it

  7. popeye!

    Fishing in 2020

    Yeah fishing sure will teach u some patience and appreciation hahahaha but its rewarding here's a couple custom painted lures I just got yesterday cant wait to get them on the water the bluegill one will be getting redone but he wanted me to have the first one as well!
  8. popeye!

    Fishing in 2020

    Unfortunately no luck that day
  9. popeye!

    Fishing in 2020

    Got oug recently for some fishing on the santiam river
  10. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. I will be doing some more progress updates on this garden space soon I did finish the space and had successfully grow out there this year so excited to share more about it