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  1. popeye!

    curing your medicine

    Yeah we need to get this thread active again!
  2. popeye!

    Room setup

    Or use your 3x3 for veg and get a 4x4 for flower
  3. popeye!

    Room setup

    My opinion would be set up two 4x4 tents side by side and use one side for veg and one for flower then you will have 4x8 of open space for a trimming space and drying lines I ran 2 4x4s for a while and it worked out great just used 4 foot t5s in veg tent and HPS in flower tent
  4. popeye!

    Are you interested in growing organically??

    Fungi! Fungus! Fruiting bodiesn mycelium! mycorrhizal fungi! So if you haven't figured it out this one is gonna be all about mushrooms in living organic soil and how they benefit your soil, the plants, and the overall soil food web! Let's start with Mycorrhizal fungi or Mycorrhiza! So this is a fungal species generally associated with the root zone of plants and trees and there are tons of varieties of Mycorrhizal fungi and different one's associate and colonize better with certain plants and certain soils! So education about what Mycorrhizal fungi is best for you isn't a straightforward answer because a Mycorrhizal fungi that might be fantastic for your cannabis plants might not be as beneficial to say a pepper crop which prefers a bit of a different soil environment then cannabis! Also, the exudates of the peppers are gonna be different than the exudates from the cannabis roots! (Exudates are secretions from the plants root system to mediate positive and negative interaction between plants to plants and plants to microorganisms and fungi it's a means of communication Essentially from the plants roots to the soil) This is a reason I try to practice having diversity in the rhizosphere (the region of soil in the vicinity of plant roots in which the chemistry and microbiology is influenced by their growth, respiration, and nutrient exchange) Glomus mosseae is one particular species of Mycorrhizal fungi that have a positive interaction with cannabis roots and you will likely see it listed in almost all Mycorrhizal products on the market at grow stores. However, I do encourage practicing diversity! Decomposition Fungi! Often times if your decomposition layer for your living organic soil is thriving you will often see flushes of mushrooms coming up from your containers or even outside in the garden area primarily the mushrooms you will see fruiting will be species of decomposition type fungi that is helping to break down that decomposition layer to help deliver nutrients to the plants quicker when the fungi and Microorganisms work in harmony this will greatly help things to get broken down quickly so it's available to your plants when they're ready for it! I do not recommend removing any mushrooms from your containers or gardens as they all help to play a roll in the garden and soil food web. A very commonly seen mushroom in the mulch layer of the garden is usually what most people refer to as Ink caps but you will likely see some others pop up here and there! Fruiting bodies and mycelium! Let's start with Mycelium since that's where it all really starts! Spores are spread by air and water and then the spores take hold and the Mycelium develops as the Mycelium grows it will spread out and try to extend its reach and when it's doing this it will create basically a mat of fungal webs under the soil where it can stay protected from the elements! However, when the rain comes and soaks into the Mycelium this causes a chemical reaction change in the Mycelium which then will start to produce the fruiting body's to help spread spores to help the Mycelium spreading more helping the species survive! The fruiting bodies are of course the actual physical mushroom that you see above ground the fruiting bodies are like a survival technique for the fungi!
  5. popeye!

    Starting my grow again!

    Couple shots of the Hell's Angel OG wasn't able to finish her as much as I'd like but that's ok was fun to grow her outside! Looking forward to next run with her inside!
  6. popeye!

    Starting my grow again!

    I just cut the area of botrytis out and a little below it so it doesn't infect the other buds by it
  7. popeye!

    Are you interested in growing organically??

    Flushing! So here's a topic that's somewhat foreign to people now alot of people think about flushing typically from a synthetic nutrient sense. When you have salt build up you flush the salts from the nutrients out of the growing medium to prevent nutrient lock out issues! Typically this consists of flushing large amounts of water through your containers allowing sufficient run off. While doing this you are leaving out the salt, now while this is a practice that should absolutely be implemented in any bottled nutrient growing regimen this is not necessary in a living organic soil environment. The reason Flushing is not Necessary in Living organic soil is that there is no salt build up from bottled nutrients. When your doing living organic soil your roots are communicating with micro organisms in the soil and fungi to sequester water and nutrients for the plant. The micro organisms respond to the communication from the root exudates and deliver the food the plant needs in a plant available form after it has been processed by the micro organisms. The fungi also help with transportation of nutrients and water for the plant roots to help with overall plant health. When everything is in balance you will have a beautiful soil food web with all kinds of life including soil predators, worms, fungi, and depending on where you live you could have a variety of different soil life. This balance of life and death within the soil and decomposition layer will provide your plants with everything they need! The plant also signals when it is nearing the end of it's life and even without flushing the plants will naturally fade out by themselves because of that communication between the roots and microorganisms in the soil. Also if you did flush your plants you would be washing away some of the microorganisms your trying to help thrive and survive, usually you want as minimal runoff as possible when watering living organic soil containers. So let the plants do there thing they will fade out by themselves and you will be reusing the container again anyways so you want to have all the nutrients and soil life ready for when you transplant after you harvest.
  8. popeye!

    Starting my grow again!

    Well I got hit with two small spots of botrytis today only lost 2 buds but it's only beginning so I'm keeping a eye on the rate of this growth and gonna likely be harvesting within the next 5 days
  9. popeye!

    Starting my grow again!

    Here's the other Oregon Pines phenos this one is Oregon Afgani dominant which is great I got a Pakistani expression and a afgani expression which was exactly what I was hoping for from this line! This pheno shows off the more Afgani type bud structure and smells. These were found out of only 5 seeds with 100% germination rates and now we're just about to the end of the road and harvest is super close now!
  10. popeye!


    I personally prefer to hang my plants and let them dry before I start the trim and then do a manicure and then into jars for curing I used to wet trim but don't do that anymore and haven't for a while dry trim is best in my opinion
  11. popeye!

    Organic grow with super soil

    Doing great man those buds look great if you have enough to spare a little I'd love to try your jager x widow and the future they looks tasty
  12. popeye!

    Starting my grow again!

    Here's a few updates for ya guys this is the Jurassic pheno of Oregon pines she's coming down next Sunday! VID_20181004_181621.mp4 VID_20181004_181621.mp4
  13. popeye!

    Are you interested in growing organically??

    I'm trying to keep things rolling I got a few more good topics coming up soon so definitely stay tuned guys
  14. popeye!

    Are you interested in growing organically??

    Alright Tea Time! This one is a crucial tea in doing living organic soil with success and is one of the first teas you should do after you mix up your soil and plant your plants! The tea I'm talking about is a neem and kelp tea very simple tea just like the alfalfa tea your gonna want Per 5 gallons of water 1 cup neem meal 1/4 cup kelp meal Aerated for 10-12 hours Apply as is no need for dilution Also, this tea is great for both veg and flower cycles I apply this tea once a week for best results Neem meal is a key roll in a well balanced living organic soil and applying the teas will help with control of aphids and gnats as well as help provide some nutrients for the plants. This tea should be utilized to help maintain a healthy balance in the soil food web so nothing can get out of control. The kelp we have covered plenty about its uses and it's rolled in the garden but the main part of this tea is the neem meal! Another thing I have noticed when brewing this tea is you can tell when it's ready by smell and that's kinda hard to explain but early in the brew there isn't a lot of smell and then when the brew is getting close to ready you can start to smell the neem meal a lot more but it's a really good smell. The Topic of Neem will be a discussion in itself for a future post but trust me it's coming because I would love to share the importance of the neem tree with all of you!
  15. popeye!

    Organic grow with super soil

    Coming along nicely man