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  1. Oregon Organic Elites

    I've seen some really nice kosher phenos for sure
  2. Oregon Organic Elites

    Jew Gold is the clone only OG cut that was used to make kosher kush basically they just reversed the mom and hit it to itself and renamed it kosher kush
  3. Living soil, vermiculture - Indoor/Outdoor

    Everything is lookin killer man
  4. Oregon Organic Elites

    Last one is a double and it's San Fernando Valley OG back Left and OG Just straight OG front right you can see similarities and differences both great plants both day 56 of flower as well two weeks to go
  5. Oregon Organic Elites

    Next is Fire OG day 56 she's a very gassy, kushy girl reminds me alot of my Hells Angel OG cut in the sense of tepene profile. She's a solid yeilder for a OG variety lots of good branching as well
  6. Oregon Organic Elites

    Next up we got some shots of Jew Gold day 56 of flower as well the aromas from this girl are like a burnt rubber, gassy, kush with a slight hint of pine as well pretty nice funk to her
  7. Oregon Organic Elites

    Week 8 is here boys and girls that's day 56 of flower this run isn't perfect by any means but still have some pretty nice flowers coming out. First up wanna show you guys my belived white rhino many of you im sure have heard of this strain or tried it before, I even use to hand out some clones around the community so some of you when grew her before. Well she has made a come back and man am I glad I threw her in some living soil in getting more complexity in the aroma then I ever have before. Keep in mind it's been over a year and a half since I last ran rhino in flower she's just been chillin on veg and I've only been doing notill for about a year so haven't had a chance to try he's this way pretty excited with her the outcome im sure will be fantastic, it's hard not to enjoy this girl
  8. Midnightberry #1 and #2

    How long till flower karr?
  9. Living soil, vermiculture - Indoor/Outdoor

    Woot woot hell yeah glad to see a new thread up
  10. Oregon Organic Elites

    Fire OG cola getting chunky at day 47 of flower
  11. Hell Yeah lookin like a plentiful harvest there man
  12. Midnightberry #1 and #2

    I have a couple bottles I can give u that will help I don't use them anymore one is a fish and kelp thing and another is for foliar sprays
  13. Oregon Organic Elites

    Thanks but thriving isn't exactly the word I'd use hahha this was a experimental run with smaller pots and I have learned a few lessons this run lol
  14. Midnightberry #1 and #2

    Any updates?
  15. Oregon Organic Elites

    707 headband day 35