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  1. Difinitive Facts On The ONLY 100% Organic And Cheapest Cloning Method Known To Mankind If YOU dont see the sugnificance to my research and experiments....... To each thier OWN....... yes? Hope you don't feel it's a "waste" of time.....I assure you the time I spent in these "projects" is a LOT more then it takes to view these videos so presenting THIS info to the collective as a gift. NOT many individuals have had clones at day say 80+........with NOTHING BUT TAP WATER THE ENTIRE TIME......lol Least NOT that I have seen/heard. As far as I know this is NEW information/ideas that NO ONE IN THE WORLD HAS EVER POSTED/PUBLISIZED NOT that I am aware....so....anyhow my gift of knowlge....... Bless All good people with clean hearts! Dj FarrOut First.... water only clones and the adults from them Now the clones...... FORGOTEN ABOUT WATER ONLY CLONES DAY 7 FORGOTEN ABOUT WATER ONLY CLONES DAY 14 DAY 56 Water ONLY Cloning (propagation) of high grade Matter Propagation The ONLY 100% Organic Marijuana Cloning Method At Day 87 THE ONLY 100% organic cloning method there is plus 100% success every time AND if further info to my methods ...with THIS.....Here is a 45 min video where I may not be 100% on EVERYTHING as I have no formal background or schooling in this shit.......I'm NOT stupid though and have done YEARS of indipendent research.... These are the things I believe at THIS time. If I'm wrong about something feel free to point it out...I would actually appreciate it as I want to "KEEP IT REAL"....... Period....... 45min on water/matter cloning And if after ALL this your still board....... play,like,share a few of my songs..... would be appreciated... ;-) Bless - Dj FarrOut http://www.reverbnation.com/djfarrout
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    Whats Your Nutrient Recipe?

    If your water supply uses chloramine, that doesn't do any good. Chloramine doesn't dissipate like regular chlorine does. Removing chloramine from water Chloramine can be removed from tap water by treatment with superchlorination (10 ppm or more of free chlorine, such as from a dose of sodium hypochlorite bleach or pool sanitizer) while maintaining a pH of about 7 (such as from a dose of hydrochloric acid). Hypochlorous acid from the free chlorine strips the ammonia from the chloramine, and the ammonia outgasses from the surface of the bulk water. This process takes about 24 hours for normal tap water concentrations of a few ppm of chloramine. Residual free chlorine can then be removed by exposure to bright sunlight for about 4 hours. Source: http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Chloramine So, basically you have to "shock" the water via superchlorination (like you would do to a hottub) to remove the ammonia component of the chloramine, and then you can get rid of the chlorine in the usual fashion. I don't know which type of sanitizer my tap water from EWEB has in it, but I don't do any of that. My plants drink straight from the tap after being ph'd down to an appropriate range. My tap water's ph runs in the 7.5-7.8 neighborhood. This was my "fix" that I came up with a few years back.....like3-4.... Walmart these are like $3.49 If I recall Tetra TB605W Ammonia Clear Tank Buddies, 8 Count One step conditioner that neutralizes ammonia and chloramine. Can be used for fresh and salt water. Reduces ammonia stress in fish. Reduces high ammonia levels caused by overcrowding or decayed food. 8 tablets. ..... says it doesnt hurt plants or fish on the box..... seemed to work...... but NOW I use nothing....... I dont PH either these days........ everything just keeps growing....... JUST AS POTENT JUST AS SMOOTH JUST AS TASTY .... 1000% LESS WORK THESE DAYS THO... ;-)
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    HELL YEAH.....Check this out.....this last Fourth Of July we were moving out of our last rented house and into our first home that we bought. My cousin was going to move in THAT weekend to the house we rented...And wouldnt get the keys to the home we bought for 2-3 more days..... So.... we were driving to Ken Babbs ranch to film a Merry Pranksters Fourth Of July.... And I still had two clones that I just couldnt kill........or abandon.... so I brought them with and breathed air into the tubes with the airstones every few hours or so....We got a flat tire on the hwy outside Salem and slept in our car at a Les Swab..........sucked ass....but the clones made it just fine....lol - Dj FarrOut - UGS Productions - Chronic Monkey Productions - Team Irish Yardies
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    More "modern"?...... certainly NOT more "organic",effiecient,or cost effective.... THATS for certain......so all this "modernazation" gets you what??? 3 days.....perhaps 4 days quicker turn around cloning? .... which costs time and $$$ with all the "modern" stuff..... I just chop a piece and throw it in water....done.... ;-) Suppose I'm just Old School.......and on year 7 Im finding less time spent "in my garden" is better......for "me"..... got myself down to perhaps two hours a week in my veg/bloom rooms..... music music music....lol - Dj FarrOut
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    For sure.......I LOVE sharing real truths that go against the "norm". Sooooo much cooler then the alternitive... ;-) The "experimenting" for such knowlege is also quite ....fun.....when an experiment produces something unforseen but bad ass that is....lol
  7. CLONING THE EASIEST WAY WHITE TRASH GHETTO GROWING $10 OR LESS - PROOF HEREv.avi THIS IS THE "MISSING" VIDEO WITH FOOTAGE OF ROOTS @ LIKE 6.5-7 DAYS CLONING THE EASIEST WAY NEVER HAS THIS NOT WORKED FOR ME.........NEVER (full details below) THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO THIS THE EASIEST AND CHEAPEST WAY WITH BEST RESULTS: You will need: 1. A pan/pot/vessel to hold everything 2. Something to suspend your cuttings above and in the water (NETTING,PLASTIC GRID OF SOMW SORT OR EVEN A TRASH BAG PULLED TIGHT WITH HOLES...JUST CUT THEM OUT VERY CAREFULLY AFTER ROOTS HAVE FORMED) 3. Air pump 4. Air stones 5. Water (tap water is fine unless yours is seriously fucked up) a. Something real quick about tap water...it has a minute amount of damn near everything...my thoughts are that it kinda helps..at least mine where Im at. 6. a piece of a plant AIR STONE IN WATER...PIECE OF PLANT IN WATER...KEEP OUT OF DIRECT LIGHTING ADD WATER EACH DAY OR SO TO KEEP APX THE SAME LEVEL NO NUTES......NO CLONING POWDER....NO JELLS.....NO SPRAYS...JUST WATER YOU WILL HAVE ROOTS STARTING TO SHOW WITHIN A WEEK OR SO DEPENDING ON THE STRAIN ALSO...AS YOU SEE....I DONT EVEN COVER THE CONTAINER....LIGHT GETS RIGHT IN IT...BUT NOT DIRECT LIGHT....GET IT? One last thing....I DO on occasion hit them with a very very light flowering nute ...like1/8 to 1/4 what general feeding would be...and i just add it to a lil fresh water then pour right in with the old ...so like something say 1/32 to 1/64 what "normal" would be is what is in the entire vessel. which if you dont put too much the new cuttings will use it all and there is very little "moss" from light exposure to solution I will do this from day 3-5...only once during those days ...depending on how they are acting determines when NO NEED FOR A HUMIDITY DOME WHATSOEVER BTW....THIS IS FACT....9 STRAINS THIS HAS WORKED 100% FOR......FACTS YOU CAN PAY HALF NEXT WEEKS PAYCHECK TO USE SOME "SYSTEM"...OR SPEND $10 AND FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS AND BE AMAZED ........ IM NOT TRYING TO GET ANYONE TO BUY A THING FROM ME....JUST TIRED OF ALL THE LIES AND GREED OR YOU WORK SELLING ALL THE LIES TO PEOPLE TELLING THEM THEY NEED THIS OR THAT TO CLONE WITH........NO MATTER.....MY FEELINGS ARE NOT HURT IN THE LEAST EVERYTHING STATED HERE ARE FACTS....PERIOD....BELIEVE WHAT YOU CHOOSE
  8. Hi I see you on the site. Thanks for joining us. If you would like to make an introduction in this forum by starting a new topic, the rest of the site will open. Thanks for looking. If you need help just ask me here. EddieKirk http://freemygreenpdx.com/index.php?/forum/33-introductions/

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  9. Dj FarrOut's White Trash Ghetto Fabulous Methods And Such