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  1. safe growing my friends.

  2. I am out of here my friend. I just can't deal with the politics. One thing after another, lol.

    1. Holistic Organics

      Holistic Organics

      politics seem like they are in every circle of anything. Its almost inescapable no matter how well put together or balanced the group may seem. At some level you have to play of do what you are doing, leaving. Hope you work it out and stick around. Best wishes and Blessings,

  3. Oregon Grown

    Aerated Compost Tea and Nutrient Tea

    Loving it. I want to make one.
  4. Oregon Grown

    Buush by Kak

    im in, lol.
  5. Oregon Grown

    Jilly Bean by TGA / Subcool Genetics

    I grew this out awhile back. Was pretty airy, low yeild, but the lady smelled great. She also tripled in flower on me, lol.
  6. Oregon Grown

    What should I do with this plant?

    WORD! Chop that hermie. Lesson learned, dont mess with bagseed. I think we went over this on the seedbank thread, lol. ;) Just sayin'. OG
  7. Oregon Grown

    Popeye's cloning method

    Good stuff. The thing about doing a side by side is the enviroments are different in each place. A side by side in my rooms may have different results in say your rooms. I know I take a ton of clones on a regular basis for the group here so I am down to try anything when it comes to rooting them, lol. We have like 26 strains in the mothers room right now, off the hook, lol.
  8. Oregon Grown

    Vertical Bare Bulbs Or Hooded Horizontal Bulbs?

    The strain is a Northern Lights #5 X DJ shorts originol BB. I have had this strain for close to a decade. ;)
  9. Oregon Grown

    Vertical Bare Bulbs Or Hooded Horizontal Bulbs?

    16, 4 oz plants in a 4x4? that seems crammed, unless you have a strain that forms buds like lead musket balls. I need that cut! "PIF Musket Kush' Well make a believer out of me. Lets see some pics, Ill get out my notepad and pencil. School me please. With Respect, Organics Yes, very crammed, lol. I'll have you over and we can take pics together, lol. I have done it topping the plants twice creating 4 colas per plant, plus the small stuff. The goal is to grow 1 oz colas.
  10. Oregon Grown

    L-Amino Acids and Plant Growth

    Is this stuff completley soluable? Possible to just top dress with it dry and water it in? Better to make a tea?
  11. Oregon Grown

    L-Amino Acids and Plant Growth

    Whats the price on this stuff? Im looking for quite a bit. ;)
  12. Oregon Grown

    Vertical Bare Bulbs Or Hooded Horizontal Bulbs?

    I see growing 16, 4 oz plants in a 4x4 under one light as a more efficiant technique IMHO. Thats 4 lbs per light. Or even 9, 4 oz plants in a 3x3 is still 2.25 lbs per light. Just my .02.
  13. Oregon Grown

    Vertical Bare Bulbs Or Hooded Horizontal Bulbs?

    Thats an average of of 2 lb's per light. Thats a great method for someone growing for themselves, but growing for multiple patients will require a ton of room.
  14. Oregon Grown

    Popeye's cloning method

    On a side note, I agree with Pete and think ur results r based on the health of the mother and cut you choose and cleanliness, also environment condition's. Mothers are the key!
  15. Oregon Grown

    Popeye's cloning method

    Lots of GREAT info posted up here. I honestly take all my cuts from the tops of the plants because they just root faster for me. I have rooted in every medium known to man with various results. All of them worked to some degree, and some were simply more consistant and had better results. I like the rockwool because they do not tip over, lol. and they hold enough water that I do not need to mist the plants or water them. I just put them in a dome and call it good. The rapid rooters, and the knock off versions work well, but they tip over. They do have a tray insert to hold them which is cool, but IMO, it is to tight and squeezes the needed moisture out of them when you put them into it. Hence, creating the need to water them. Another added step. I soak all my medium with a 5.5---5.8 solution. Why?, because that ph seems to work well. Even if the solution is just water, I keep it at a 5.5---5.8. I personaly use Power clone as a solution. The point for me is to have nutrients ready for those roots as they first appear. I chose that brand because I am happy with the rest of thier line up of products. But my point is having those nutrients ready when the plants need them. Nothing more. I have purchased and used every brand of aero cloner on the market. They all do the same thing. The point is to create 100% humidity in the rez at the right temp with the right PH. Creating an optimal enviroment will put on roots. In my experiences, a fogger is the best way to do it. I have ran them with every solution known to man in them down to just plain water. It is all about the enviroment IMO. I have a very nice top of the line E-Z cloner with a built in chiller and a temp, ph, and ppm monitor attached to it and it works very well, but so does the rockwool, lol. I do not have a degree in botany, nor do I have a labratory, but what I DO have is years of experience doing side by side tests under different controled enviroments and the results from that. There are alot of ways to get the same results and I feel a grower just needs to experience as many ways as they can and do what works for them. I know folks that swear by the aeroponic cloners, and I know others that had horrible results. Temp is the factor there. To warm of a solution or water, will cook them and or host a perfect enviroment for bacterial infection. I have had roots develop in 72 hours on an aero cloner. I have also cooked 3 runs in a row before too. One thing I want to point out is that anyone that is growing needs to have a PH meter. Some people say they are too expensive, but thats BS in my book. You can get them online for $50. IMHO, what is TOO expensive is purchasing soil, nutrients, paying for electricity and then gambling on the results and setting yourself up for problems. You will save alot more money by securing what you would lose in yeild and quality than the cost of a meter. Why not just dial in your method from the begining?